We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Movin' and Groovin'

Ok, maybe we're just movin' and not so much groovin'. Yes, next week (the 20th) we pick up a giant moving van, pack all our stuff in it and haul it back to Utah. We have stayed in Lincoln as long as our pocket book would allow. We are so sad to leave as we have truly considered Lincoln our home.

Nathan has been fast and furious in the job hunt and only a few nibbles so far. One of those nibbles was a big fiasco that made us BOTH a big ball of nerves. But, it is behind us now and we are moving ahead.

Nathan's parents have graciously opened their home to us, once again. And my parents offered space in their home, though I'm not sure much is left. We totally appreciate all the offers we have received. We are so excited to live close to our families again.

Living the unknown life (unemployment) is a tough gig. It messes with Nathan's mind. It messes with my spirit. It gives Marley the false sense that both parents belong at home nearly 24/7, and one stares at the computer a good portion of the day. At times it makes us second guess decisions we have made prayerfully. It makes us question the calm, peaceful answers we received.

And yet, those calm, peaceful answers are the anchors that keep us focused on the prize. The prize: A job! Self Reliance! Financial security! Growing our family! Buying a house, someday! Eternal Life! You know. We are always asking questions and seeking direction and I know more answers lie ahead. I have felt us being refined and purified. The Lord is blessing us with humility and teaching us patience. I truly feel that he is answering our prayers and molding our life to make it better than we can make it on our own.

One of the
many many many many many
things I will miss in Lincoln.
My beloved MocPac Trail.
Marley will miss it too.
But mostly we will miss the people. =.....(
Thank you for allowing me to interrupt your regularly scheduled post.
"At Last...." will continue.
Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

At Last.... (Part 1)

My friend copied an idea from her friend and I really liked it, so I'm copying my friend, who like I said, copied her friend. This is purely for posterity...and if you enjoy the story...it's for you too!

How I met your father:

The first time I ever saw your father, was at an institute class. It wasn't mine. It was his. I was on the regional institute council. It sounds like a high and lofty position, but it wasn't. It was just an honorable calling like all the rest of the callings in the church.

Well, anyway, I had an assignment to visit two institute classes, one in Highland and one in Lehi. I was to deliver information, do a very small training with the class officers and if I could, I was to attend one of the classes.

I decided to venture out to Highland first because I thought that building was going to be the harder of the two to find and I thought after finally finding it, I'd probably stay for that class.

I left American Fork early so I had plenty of time to get lost. But, I didn't get lost. I got there early and the class officers were there early too! So, I was able to do the very small training with them, deliver the information and then go and try and find the Lehi class. I was excited to get them both done in one night.

I found the Lehi institute class fairly easy and made it to the class just as it was starting. The teacher seemed excited for a new student and wanted me to introduce myself. I did and explained that I was just visiting.

I noticed a tall, dark and handsome man. He had an interesting and deep voice, which I knew because he contributed excellent comments during class. I was intrigued.

Let me interrupt this story to give you my state of mind:

I had recently turned 26 and I had decided that I wasn't going to yearn for marriage. I was no longer going to go out of my way to "put myself out there." I had decided that I was just going to participate in every aspect of church (church, activities, institute, etc.) and just be EVERYBODY'S friend. I was very content with this decision and how it was working out.

HOWEVER (back to the story)

I wanted to talk to Nathan. (I knew his name from when the teacher called on him.) As far as I could tell there were no refreshments so I was racking my brain for a way to "put myself out there" and casually talk to him.

As soon as everyone said "Amen" the girl sitting in front of me turned around and with a very excited face and voice said, "You served in the Montana Billings Mission, huh?" I said, "Yes." She proceeded to tell me that she entered the mission the same transfer I left so she had heard a lot about me. It was an awkward and long conversation. I kept one eye on Nathan who seemed to be milling about and chatting with people, but he didn't hang around long enough. I watched him walk out the door and down the hall. He looked back once and then walked out of the building.

I missed my chance.

Nathan's side of the story:

The first time I saw your mother was in my institute class in Lehi. I hoped she was new to the area or at least new to the class. She was beautiful and she shared excellent comments in class. Turned out that she was just visiting. I tried to hang around a little after class so I could talk to her but, some girl kept talking to her. I stuck around as long as I could, but I'm a shy guy so I ended up leaving before I could talk to her. But I knew her name was Becky!

Notice two things....

One: This is supposed to be about when/how I met your father and I started with the first time I saw him.

Two: Nathan's side of the story is much shorter than mine.

Conclusion: Women stretch things out to be longer than they need to be and they start the story before it even started.

You're welcome!