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Monday, January 28, 2008



First of all, being on vacation with my loving husband is always a major highlight of every trip we take. Mostly because HE is a highlight of my life and being on vacation, I get to spend 24-7 with him! He is always so tender and shows much attention to my comfort and happiness. It was fun to mill about Disneyland with my best friend.

My favorite memory was when we rode all the way around the park and just relaxed and ate our lunch and discovered the Disneyland Railroad all over again. Why was it my favorite? Maybe it was because we were eating and I love eating? Maybe it was because it was the last day and we were sitting and my feet were REALLY tired? Maybe it was the magic of the Disneyland Railroad? But, I’m thinking it was my favorite memory because I was worn out with my best friend, just having a good ol’ time.

We were recipients of a "Dream". You know, Disney is doing another “Year of a Million Dreams”...well we got a dream! We got front row tickets to Billy Hill and the Hillbillies Show at the Horseshoe Stage! It was a great show. Not THE dream we would have chosen to have granted but, it was cool to have a "dream" granted before we left. And hey! They can’t let EVERYONE stay in the Castle Suite!

The Horseshoe Stage!

Me! In the front row!

Billy Hill!

Billy Hill was the funniest looking one....the most hillbillyish. He did the most talking and when he spoke or sang his adam's apple moved up and down a lot.

This is all four Billies (yes, they are all named Billy and they are brothers so they must all be Billy Hill) goofing off. They were SO funny and very talented musicians. I think they all play multiple instruments. They at least play multiple string instruments, because we saw them. The bass is in the back, then there is a guitar, banjo, and mandolin. In this picture they are getting ready to play each others instruments while they play their own instruments.

And here they are smiling away as they play each others instruments while they play their own! They each strum their own instrument while they play the notes on someone else's instrument.

Another highlight.... I made it the whole three days without having to rent a wheel chair. The last day I had super tired feet, especially my right foot. To compensate for the pain in my heel and on the side of my foot, I walked on my toes a lot which left my calves super sore as well. I made it though...ALL day. I hobbled around and at one point I think Nathan was very close to renting a wheel chair for me. He saw a slew of wheelchairs, stopped pointed and said "Wheelchair?" I shook my head, no, and he said, "Are you sure?" I wasn't sure but I didn't want to be a wimp.

Whenever we were with the rest of the fam they were asking if I needed to rest and telling me to sit down...they didn't really need to tell me. Every chance I got, I sat down.

Anyway, I made it. I may be damaged permanently but, outlook is good for a full recovery....and it was well worth it!

I also had to make a lot of stops for the bathroom. So many that Nathan felt it appropriate to take a picture of me just outside the lady’s room in New Orleans Square.

I got a Churro! They are like three bucks so it was a big deal to get one! I totally should have taken a picture of me and my Churro!

We got waffle cones! They were SO good and worth the money! (Nathan is thinking..."all I want to do is eat my ice cream cone and she wants to take pictures. I love you ice cream cone!")

These may sound like boring or dumb highlights, but, there were a lot of things I was looking forward to that didn't happen.


No Fantasmic! I don't know if they just don't do it anymore or if it's just a seasonal show, but there was a calendar for the month of January and it was nowhere to be found on there! I love that show...so that was a huge disappointment. It probably is seasonal…my Disney genius connection just happened to mention recently that each Fantasmic show costs $30,000!!!! So, maybe it’s not worth it when there isn’t a HUGE crowd to wow!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - there is no goat. They took the goat out of that ride! So, we didn't even get to find out what the goat trick was! Dang! (If you need help on why were looking for a goat to do a trick, see post below).

Of course it rained while we were there. It wasn't too bad though. It would rain for 5 or 10 minutes...sometimes less and then it would be nice for a couple of hours....nice as in...not raining. It was chilly at times but, we mostly just wore hoodies and we were fine. The good thing about the sporadic rain and chill is that there were hardly any wait times for the rides!

The first night, we tried to watch the parade...it got cancelled because of weather. But, we made up for it by going on Peter Pan and Snow White which we found to be very warm! (To see a really great slide show of our trip and the Main Street Parade go to, http://adamsarahamber.blogspot.com/)

The second night, we tried to watch the fireworks show...which I’m pretty sure we got to see most of it. All of a sudden, it was like someone flipped a switch and turned everything off. A few seconds later they announced that the show had to be stopped because of winds at high elevations.

What was funny was they had already made Tinker Bell fly...poor little fairy trying to fly around in those high elevation winds! Another funny thing about them abruptly stopping the show is that it seemed like it was almost over anyway...and they had already let off TONS of fireworks....can they not finish the show without triggering the rest of the fireworks? Probably not. It was a good show though, despite its abrupt stop…and I was really glad to see Tinker Bell fly. She flies VERY different than she used to!

The third night, we tried to watch the Electrical Lights Parade and it got cancelled because of the rain. Which was fine...it was kinda cold and it was sprinkling and we were super tired. Just disappointing that we didn't get to see any of the parades.

I was looking forward to going on the Monster's Inc. ride. They didn't have that in Florida when I worked there...so I was excited to see that...but, it was closed. I love Kitty (Sully) and Mike Zalwosky and Boo.

I hesitated even mentioning the disappointments because I had a really great time! It is impossible to stay disappointed in Disneyland. If you encounter a disappointment, whatever it maybe, around the corner there is a historic something (ride, character, etc.) to bring you magical joy!

More Highlights!

Back to us not having to wait in hardly any lines (mentioned five or six paragraphs up). Where in the world is waiting in line more enjoyable? Yes, it’s true that it is hard to be on your feet all that time but, think about it! Most of the ride lines are not just boring cement walkways and aluminum railing cues…they are decorated and get you in the “mood” for the adventure you are about to embark upon! Think about standing in line for Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Star Tours, Space Mountain, etc. I don’t need to list them all…but they are all so cleverly decorated and adorned with the theme of the ride! Granted there are a few rides that have boring cues and most of them are in Tomorrowland (Finding Nemo Submarine ride and Autotopia) but, there are always lots of things to look at and things going on in Tomorrowland, so I feel like that’s ok.

I felt like it was time for another picture! Here is my handsome prince pulling the sword out of the stone!

We got to go to California Adventure for the first time!!! My favorite ride there is Soarin' Over California! So Awesome!

I have been on the Tower of Terror at Disney's MGM Studios in Florida...but, couldn't ride it this time because of baby girl....but, that is one of my favorite rides! It was still fun to stand outside and see the creepy building and hear the people scream.

This is me in disguise at the Mission Tortilla Factory! That was a cool place!

There is a place in California Adventure where you can play on a bunch or rope bridges and stuff. There is a cave...and when you go in the cave and put your hand on the wall it shows you want animal you are. I am a Beaver and Nathan is a Bear!

Here is the Wilson Family high up on a rope net bridge!
Here is our niece with Flick! They were just hangin out strolling around the Bug land.
Yes! Those are Bug Eyes!!! This was us at the 3-D show "It's tough to be a bug."
Well, I gotta get this posted. As usual it is taking me forever because of all the pictures. Here are just a few more. Our favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean so, here are two cool pics I got in there.
Jack Sparrow hiding in a barrel.

And Davey Jones...he's projected on mist that the boat rides through. Cool!

And last but not least....Us on Main Street!

We had SO much fun! It was really hard to return to the daily grind on Monday. I think we have adjusted now though. Isn't it sad how you look forward to a vacation....you go, and no matter how hard you try to savor every moment and take it all in....when you get back it was like a dream. Thank goodness for pictures to remind us that IT WAS REAL!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm Goin' To Disneyland!!!

So! My in-laws bought us all Disneyland tickets for Christmas! The whole Peter Freitas Family is going to Disneyland for three days at the end of January! I'm don't know if anyone else is as excited as me! Sure, I'm pregnant and can't ride all the rides but, who cares!!! I freakin' love that place!!

I wanted to start a countdown on the side of my blog...but, I don't know how to set up a countdown. I have been counting down in my head since we first set the date to go! The great thing is...for awhile I thought we were going in February so, the count down in my head got MUCH shorter just by realizing we are going in January!!! Twelve more days!!!!!

I am a member of what is called the DPOTD which is a game called the "Disneyland Photo Of The Day." You have to know the game creator or know someone that knows the game creator to get into the game. Don't even ask me to get you in because I've only met the game creator once...so really, I got in by knowing someone that knows the game creator!

Ok, it's not really THAT big of a deal, but it is fun! This is how it works! This woman (the game creator) picks a theme for the week and then sends out an email each day with a picture relating to the chosen theme. All of the pictures are from Disneyland!!! They are so fun and she points out cool things in the picture that I don't even notice until she mentions them in her brief but cool comments! Also, she does a cute recap email of all the pictures for the week and then we get to vote on which one we liked the best! Like I said, it's not a huge deal but it's really fun to look at a picture from Disneyland everyday.

Here are just some of the pictures she has included in the game. These aren't in any theme order like she does them. I just wanted to share some pictures of the things I'm SO LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING AND DOING!!!!

I can't wait to see the BIG CHEESE all over the park with his lovely Minnie Mouse!

Check out the Disney Royalty. Can't wait to run around the happiest place on earth, with MY King!
I love the Characters!!!

Boo and Kitty!

The Handsome Lightning McQueen!

The wonderful thing about Tiggers!
They give HUGS!!!

The Disney Princesses are SO popular! (that mom thinks it's hilarious!)

I could use a swash-buckling afternoon with Captian Jack and Will Turner!

Or a jolly holiday with Mary...and Bert!

Jessie! What a cute pose!

There's always Merlin from Sword in the Stone!!!

She really is practically perfect in everyway!

Rides are great and there are actually quite a few rides I can still go on! Doctor said no rides that have g-force...so basically no roller coasters. So, I can go on Snow White's ride!

And Buzz Lightyear!

And The Underwater Nemo Adventure!
And many others!!!!!

I've never been to California Adventure! I'm excited to explore a new park!
I want to go on the Ferris Wheel, and Soaring Over California and go to the Tortilla Factory!! Oooooo! Fun!!!

I think this ride is called Flick's Flyers...looks fun and interesting.

Ok, so the DPOTD game creator told us that this picture depicts "The Goat Trick". On the ride Thunder Mountain there is a goat with dynamite in his mouth. The train goes right by him, as you can see. If you look back at the goat, after you have passed him the goat supposedly does a trick!!! This is one of the rides I can't go on....so Nathan's gonna go and tell me what happens. I am SO curious!!!!

Night scenes are so cool!!! Hope I can last all day, everyday, we are there because Disneyland at night is even MORE MAGICAL!!!

This is Frontierland! Where are all the people? I hope nobody is there when we go!!! Awesome!

Here is Ariel's Grotto...I don't even know where to find this in the park...but, I'm excited to search it out!

Many believe the best time to go on the Matterhorn is at night! I would agree...however, that's the only time I've ever been on it...I think. I only remember going on it twice! Every other time it has been closed when we were there. I hope it's open...even though I can't ride it right now.

Oooo! I love the castle! Especially at night!

This is the castle at night at Christmas time! I know we missed seeing it like this but, still so beautiful and magical!
Well, that's it for my Disneyland hype! Wait till we get back and you will see US in all the pictures!!!!!