We're livin' it up on the U.P. - that's Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Punkie is 6 and LOVED Kindergarten! Isaboo is 2 and she's a smiley whirl wind. We also call her Busy-Isi. This year we welcomed little Lorenzo to our family.

Life is great!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cascade Springs

My mom and I have started a fun tradition. 
We randomly send each other emails with the subject:
"Remember when...."
Then we just write a line or so of rememberance regarding fun we have done together. 

Remember when....
We went to Cascade Springs!
That was so fun!
I think Marley had a blast too!

Isi fell asleep during the glorious canyon drive, so she and Grandpa stayed in the truck. 
Thanks Grandpa!

munching on Grandpa's sunflower seeds!
with crazy eyes, of course.

This little stretch was actually really steep. The pictures don't do it justice. 
Maybe if I rotate the picture. oh yea, I can't. Just tilt your head to the left. THAT's how steep it was.