We're livin' it up on the U.P. - that's Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Punkie is 6 and LOVED Kindergarten! Isaboo is 2 and she's a smiley whirl wind. We also call her Busy-Isi. This year we welcomed little Lorenzo to our family.

Life is great!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NaBloPoMo & Jill's wedding

I think this would have been my sixth year posting everyday in November, 
for National Blog Posting Month.
But, I forgot and my blog has kind of gone by the wayside. 

Even though it's already the 5th. 
Yes, I've missed 4 whole days. 
I'm still going to try it.
Probably won't get everyday...but, I'm making a strong effort to document our family, my thoughts and feelings, pictures, and things that I am thankful for.


I am so grateful for the opportunity we had to go to Utah in September. 
Nathan's sister Jill was married to her sweatheart Aaron Calderwood. 

Here are some pictures of our little family, Jill just sent me.