We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Friday, February 25, 2011


This job will necessitate a move. A big move. Someplace we have never even been yet. Crazy...kinda, I know.  But exciting too.

It's a job in his field of study that will give him great experience! It is full time with benefits!

Any guesses where? 

Well my WHOLE family already knows so I'll just post without waiting for any guesses.

Drum roll please......


Yes, right up at the border of Canada on Michigan's Upper Penninsula. See that town right between Lake Huron and Lake Superior - Sault Ste Marie (pronounced /ˌsuː seɪnt məˈriː/), that's where Nathan will work. Not sure what town we will live in yet, but it sounds like it's time to get my passport updated with my married name...and time for Nathan to GET a passport. 

Everyone we tell says, "Yea!!!!" and then, " Burrrrrrrrr!!!!!"

Nathan and I are flying there March 3 to look for housing. I fly back March 8 and he stays and starts work on March 9.

Not exactly sure when/how Marley and I and all our stuff are going to join Nathan....but, surely sooner rather than later. ;-)

We are in a whirl wind. We feel so blessed!

We love you all!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bryce Canyon

My parents came down to our neck of the dessert for Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.
All the parks in Utah were free for the holiday weekend so, we went to Bryce Canyon. 
I had never been there before and it was beautiful. It was a pretty nice day too. Blue skies with patchy clouds. A little windy and chilly for our tailgate picnic but it was fun and the food was SO good!
We saw 6 bald eagles and one golden eagle in one little area. There was a fresh carcass right by the road. See if you can find them in the following pictures. 
There is one in the picture below.
There is one in the picture below.
There are two in the picture below. Here I'll make it bigger for you.  Can you see them?
There were two more that flew across the road and far away when we stopped. Below is the golden eagle flying away. I also had a picture of the golden eagle gnawing on the carcass...but, I left it out because as I mentioned it was fresh.

Below we were at the little visitor center.

This is were we had our tailgate picnic.
Marley loves to be outside...even when it's cold.
The hole that Marley is in was already there...we put her in it and she thought it was hilarious.
The food: Turkey and avocado sandwiches, my favorite. I know, you're confused because I don't like turkey but, slices of roasted turkey breast is perfect on an avocado sandwich. I like the texture and I can't really taste it. It's perfect.
Oh and there were yummy chips. My favorite are the cheddar & sour cream ruffles.
So, Marley did eventually ask if she could get in the truck, too cold. Grandpa too, see him in the front seat? And as usual Grandpa rolls the back window down for Marley when she has free reign of the back seat.
Mom and the blue blue sky. AND her famous pink hat. I think that hat is as old as I am.
Dad and his camera and the blue sky.
Dumpster Chicken. That's what we call the ginormous crows that are often found in and around National Parks.

It got colder as the day went on.

Look at this crazy tree. It was in an area that had been burned. My mom spotted it as we drove in and said, "Oh! We just passed a tree that you need to take a picture of on the way out." Sure enough we found it on the way out. High Five.

Mom and daughter.
And mom and daughter.

Marley and her camera, which she got for Christmas from Grandma Nette and Grandpa Pete.

Marley asked if she could take a shower (in the run off from the roof). It was our last stop so I let her.

If you had a ranch, wouldn't you love to have an entrance arch like this one!?! I would!
I love blue skies and white fluffy clouds!

Here's a old abandoned mill or something. This was either just north or just south of Antimony.

I really like this one. The texture of the wood that was painted red. You can see the stairs in the windows. The corrugated tin awning at the bottom.  And the cylinder to the right.
I think that's enough pictures. Don't you?

Thanks mom and dad for another fun adventure!
The End.