We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Monday, November 30, 2009

I think I'm going to post everyday?

I have a couple of friends that took the blog challenge offered at NaBloPoMo, to blog everyday for the month of November. I have loved reading their blogs and getting to know them better.

I think I'm going to do my own blog challenge for the month of December. It's going to be hard, so I need a little encouragement. If you read this post today, November 30, 2009 then leave me a comment, letting me know if you think you might be interested in reading about my life, my opinions and of course, seeing lots of pictures of Marly, everyday, for one month.

Love you!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Marley P. Pants Shickadance!

The Lincoln Public Libraries had a book sale!

It was AWESOME!!!

A huge warehouse with thousands upon thousands of books!

For cheap!!!

When it came to the children's books... I didn't know what to grab.

We don't have very many and I have wanted more.

I should having been checking them out of the library but I had been scared that Marley would rip them.

First, I took what was familiar, which wasn't much. Just some Dr. Suess books.

But, I grabbed one book that "looked" cute. I thought it was going to be similar to Fancy Nancy, which I read at my sister-in-law's house...and loved it!

It's not like Fancy Nancy but,
it turned out to be a gem
that I highly recommend.

This is such a cute book with wonderful illustrations.

And the book rhymes...I love books that rhyme!

This is the perfect book for Marley because our family has come up with so many names for her!

Here is a list of all the names Marlayna Joy has been called.

(it started before she was born.)


because of Bob Marley and Baby On Board

Marley Parley

which evolved into

Parley Pants

which evolved into

Parley P. Pants
(similar to Parley P. Pratt, I hope he doesn't mind.)

which evolved into

Marley P. Pants

which evolved into

Marley P. Pants Shickadance

and that's where Nathan put his foot down on that evolution.



This is my personal favorite. We started calling her this because, before she could walk she would army crawl or just plain crawl over to our table and sit with her back up against one of the table legs. She could never quite get right up against the leg so it looked she was slumped like a gangsta or a punk! We didn't want to start calling her gangsta so we started calling her PUNKIE!

And this summer Nathan's mom called her Punkie quite a bit...which I loved!

My sister said I already blogged about all her names...but, I couldn't find it so, I'm blogging about it again...WiTh a book recommendation.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

MISSION: Post a picture of something unexpected that you have managed to stick to Marley's face.

My friend Anna is doing a blog challenge where she blogs everyday for 30 days!
I don't think I could do it.
But, I have loved reading her daily posts.

She did a post to request things that she would like for other bloggers who read her blog, to write about in their upcoming posts.
Her request for me was to (as stated in the title of this post) post a picture of something unexpected that you have managed to stick to Marley's face.

I think her request was inspired by THIS POST.

Well, that was back when I could do whatever I wanted to Marley and she was defenseless.
Not so today.
So this is my attempt to get a piture of a squirty frog bath toy stuck on Marley's face.

Nope, not havin' it.

But no.



And it's gone.

These frogs were so uncooperative.

But then, she didn't seem to mind these magnets, strategically placed to look like piercings. humph!

And a close up.

We love you all!

Friday, November 13, 2009

What's Your Dream Job?

Last night I had a dream that I worked at Home Depot.

I was new. I was learning a lot. My boss and the owner of Home Depot (in my dream) was our former Bishop. Weird, I know. It gets weirder.

I walked around Home Depot, putting items back, cleaning up isles and missing Nathan and Marley. When I came down one of the isles a blond woman was holding a belt sander, in the box and she was looking like she wanted to ask me a question, so I asked her if she needed any help. This was our conversation:

Lady: "Yea. The other day a guy said I could get this (holds up the box with the belt sander in it) for 50% off. Can I still get that deal?"

Me: "What was the guy's name?"

Lady: "I didn't get his name."

Me: "You didn't buy it that day at 50% off AND you didn't get the guy's name?"

Lady says sadly: "No, but I could describe him to you?"

Me: "Umm....Ok, I'll see if I can find him."

Lady: "Brown hair, about 6'4" and really big muscles."

Me: "Ok, I'll be back."

Then I proceeded to rush around Home Depot asking my colleges about this "promised deal" and seeing if any of them size up (big muscles). Never found the guy but another guy tells me that the belt sanders aren't 50% off, but the belts are! So, I go back to the lady and I pull a box of belts off the shelf and sure enough there is a red 50% off tag on the box of belts.

Me: "Well, maybe the guy was confused because the belt sander is not on sale but the belts are."

Lady: "Oh! I thought this was a box of belts!"

She put the box with the belt sander back on the shelf, took the box of belts from my hands, said thank you and walked away.

I thought that was weird...but, I felt very helpful. (In my dream I was VERY good at my job, which I'm sure I would be in reality too).

Next a foreign lady with a strong accent came up to me with a skill saw. The blade was half the size it should have been and looked like they tried to cut some hot steel. In broken English, this is how our conversation went:

Foreign Lady (FL): "Um, problem with this saw."

Me: "Oh! What was this used on?"

FL: "Wood board. Can I get replacement?"

Me: "Umm...let me find out."

I go to inquire with Bishop Christensen and he says that we can give them a new saw but if they want a different saw, an upgrade, they need to pay the difference. And he said I could throw in an extra blade for free. Basically he was taking them at their word that the saw just astonishingly malfunctioned and ate itself on a wood board. (In reality he is a very generous man, so this was not surprising.)

So, I go to find the lady and while I'm looking, the power goes out. And from my pre-Home Depot dream training I recall that when the power goes off we are to clear the warehouse of customers by kindly asking them to leave. This is confirmed by evacuation chatter on my walkie-talkie. (all Home Depot employees have a walkie-talkie, else why would I dream of working there?)

I ask a few customers to exit as soon as possible and they proceed to the exit. I come around a corner and notice someone is tossing a stack of 5 gallon buckets down the isle towards me. I turn off my flashlight because I don't think they saw me or the light. I realize it's FL!

What is she doing? I realize she is trying to steal the buckets in the dark and that she was probably trying to toss them to an accomplice so I turn to see if anyone is behind me and I see her husband lurking behind some shelving.

I turn my flashlight on and shine it in his eyes and yell like a police officer, "Put your hands up and exit the building immediately!!!" Another stack of 5 gallons buckets are tossed my way. While I keep the light in the man's eyes, in one fluid motion I stop the buckets that are sliding across the floor, with my foot, grab the handle of the top bucket and swing them as hard as I can back in the direction they came from. (I was trying to hit and hurt the lady. I felt threatened!) I hit her!

Right about this time, the big muscle guy the blond described, showed up and helped me with the perps. He said I did the right thing by slinging the buckets back at the lady while blinding the guy with my light. What can I say, I have great instincts.

It was a good dream.

However, even though I dreamed I was working at Home Depot....I still wouldn't consider it my dream job.

In reality, currently have my dream job.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Say It Ain't So!

Today I was slapped in the face with a harsh reality. C Jane enjoy it, one of my favorite blogs to read and check daily cut me to the very core. I am deeply saddened by the fact that babies grow! Why do they grow!?!? And why do they grow so fast!?

How does this little peanut:

Grow into this hysterical peanut?

I just don't know!