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Friday, November 6, 2009

Say It Ain't So!

Today I was slapped in the face with a harsh reality. C Jane enjoy it, one of my favorite blogs to read and check daily cut me to the very core. I am deeply saddened by the fact that babies grow! Why do they grow!?!? And why do they grow so fast!?

How does this little peanut:

Grow into this hysterical peanut?

I just don't know!


Julie J. said...

Once she noticed you with the camera, she stopped laughing as hard. She is so cute and funny! I'm so glad for blogs so we can see her even whene she is so far away.

Corn Husker said...

I love that giggle. I really hope she feels better soon. VERY VERY soon. Tell her she's in big trouble, because I specifically remember telling her to be all better in 12 hours...and it's been 48.

Adam and Sarah said...

Hahahaha! I LOVE that! How freaking CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Oh man!! That was funny. What were you doing?? That little grin of her's is adorable.

Witten said...

I request a vid of what you were doing... :) I love her! She's so adorable!

vinestreet said...

Okay Becky....how do you know the Pillings???! When we lived at my parents house in Meridian this summer, they lived about 5 houses down the street and she was my VT!!!
Are you related??