We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Bunch O' Pictures

These pictures are all out of order but, what can ya do? We start with Marley standing up using the open dish washer. This makes me nervous because 1) though she is very steady when it comes to straight legs and a strong kung fu hand grip she still doesn't have the balance. And 2) she is getting into everything! Everytime she does something new I have mixed feelings. YEA! She can roll over, she can roll ALL over, she can crawl, and now she can stand. And then there is the saracastic YEA! Oh no! and BONK! or BANG! But, we keep a good eye on her and make sure we are constantly re-baby proofing our little apartment.

Here she is wedging herself between our big ol' pumpkin and a box...so she can look in the box. She is so nosey and she's always up in other people's bizness.

One last week I could hear the shrieks and yells and laughs that let me know when Marley is awake. I came in her room to find this...

Reminds me of that old 70's song by Otis Redding, Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay. I LOVE that song and it has the best whistling part! (Becky is singing now) Sittin' on the edge of my crib watchin the sun shine through my blinds. (Becky is now whistling).

These are the hot cocoa cup pj bottoms Nathan got me for our anniversary. We have a tradition of giving each other pj bottoms each year. And to think...I got him some boring old plaid ones. Oh well, I guess he has opened the door to getting wild and crazy ones. I love them! They are flannel too.

Marley has found a friend in the kitchen. It's actually her reflection, but she just thinks there is another baby that lives in the kitchen, whose life purpose is just to wait until Marley is in the kitchen so they can stare into each others' eyes.

Sorry, I went a little over board on the kitchen pictures, but she's just so cute! This was last Sunday, after church.

There is that kitchen friend again.

This is Marley's cupboard. It has the plastic-ware in it. She loves to pull it all out and drool all over it.

And when I get the camera out and she sees the flashes she likes to turn around and strike a pose.

When the debris she has caused, touches her she likes to push and kick it way from her. Far away, until her body is twisted, arm in cupboard, back against oven, and legs sprawled out. And THAT's entertainment.

This was laundry day last week. Marley takes a ride in one our various laundry receptacles.

Chillaxin' in the bouncy with a nice warm bottle of milk.

Nathan's effort to take pictures of me...because I'm the one always taking the pictures.

Another lovely sleeping position. Should I be teaching her to keep her arms and legs inside the crib at all times?

Kneeling position.

Ok, so I read most of the Twilight series. I'm struggling through the last book. I guess I'm not a HUGE fan, but they have been entertaining. The best part about reading the books is being invited to a Twilight party! My friend Amy organized a delightful evening with quotes, trivia, and food! It was so fun!
I brought these creme puffs and someone hollowed out apples and put candles in them, cute!
Here is Amy Trebek...ok, that's not her last name but, she made a Twilight Jeopardy game.
This is Megan and I think she GOT all of the Edward questions right. She was so funny!

Here's the group!

Here's another laundry day picture.

I put Marley in this bucket from the hospital, we keep her toys in it. She LOVED it!

Another Twilight Party pictures...sorry, these are out of order.

My friend Celeste got this idea from another blog, where they made werewolf and vampire cupcakes. She invited me over to help her make them and I thought we did a pretty good job.
These ones had been hollowed out and had strawberry jelly inside!

Marley never falls asleep while she is eating but, this day she was wiped out!

She looks like she is up on all fours crawling, but she doesn't do that yet. She just acts like she is going to and then goes back to her belly crawl.


We love you!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

My husband is my favorite! "Your favorite what?" you say? My favorite EVERYTHING! He is my favorite person, my best friend, my favorite cook, my favorite handyman, my favorite student, my favorite teller of jokes...my favorite everything. He is the love of my life and I'm so grateful to be married to him for eternity!

We just had our second anniversary. It was wonderful!!! The past two years have flown by and I couldn't be happier, in the now. I feel like we are where we need to be and things are going smoothly. And I'm looking forward to the future.
My favorite food right now is pizza. We like to make homemade pizza and make it just the way we like it. This one we tried green olives as a topping...it was ok..but, not my favorite.
Something interesting...I used to REALLY not like onions. I hated them raw or in any way crunchy. I have been this way all my life and it wasn't just a food snob thing, they would actually give me a headache if I ate them. ALL through pregnancy, same. Then I had Marley and BAM!! I love onions! I still can't handle a TON of them, but who can?

I guess I would have to say that my favorite thing is looking out our peep hole. I look through it about a million times a day...ok, not that much. But, everytime I pass it, I like to look though it. And I pass it a lot because it's on the way to the kitchen. I don't know if it's an obsessive compulsive thing but, I just want to see if anyone is in the hall. We hardly EVER see our neighbors, ANY of them, so maybe I'm just trying to see the life forms that live around me?

My favorite baby is definitly Marlayna. Duh! She is the best! She has slept through the night since she was about 3 or 4 weeks old. She is a pretty happy and content baby. She has her moments but, that's just it, they just seem like little moments. She is definitley one of my best friends! We do EVERYTHING together...well, she doesn't help me clean the bathroom because I'm afraid she'll eat the cleaner...but, pretty much everything else.

Isn't she precious in these pictures? My favorite thing is to go in her room when she's asleep and just watch her sleep. She's always in crazy positions. Sometimes crammed head first into a corner or just totally spralled out or sometimes smashed up against the bars. This night she was in the cute little bottom-in-the-air position. If you look close at the first picture of her above you can see a wet mark on her back...yea, she pooped as she was falling asleep! I noticed as I was in there spying on her, but I didn't know if I should change her and wake her up. SO, I didn't. But, I'm thinkin I should have. In the morning she was a dirty nasty baby...I never want to see her like that again. Next time I'll risk it.
She went to the doctor this week and she is thriving, healthy and strong. She has been army crawling all over the place! And she even half stands when holding onto her car seat, bouncy chair or these pillows we have. I've tried to get a picture...I'll keep trying. It's only for a few seconds.
Well, some other random things....
I met this very nice old man named BOB. He's about 74 and he works at Nathan's school, semi-retired. He LOVED Marley, but unfortunately and for some reason she was scared of him. The only other thing she has even showed a sign of being scared of is my blow dryer and it might just be my hair flying all over the place? Not sure. Anyway, this guy was SO nice.
I made homemade chicken pot pies this week and they were SO good!
It's getting colder here, but we haven't turned our heat on yet. I wonder how long we can go without turning it on. My prediction is, sometime this coming week. I don't like the winter...there is so much less to do when it's cold outside.
I think that's about it, for now. We miss all of our friends and family in Utah but, we'll be there in about a month!! I'm getting excited!!
We love you!

Friday, November 14, 2008


We bought gas at Sam's Club for $1.96! Wahoo! I just hope it keeps getting lower or at least stays under $2.00 for a long time! Because I'm really tired of THIS!....

An interesting thing about the gas here in the Lincoln, the Plus is less than the Regular The Plus is 10% ethenol so that must be why it's cheaper than Regular. Interesting.

We hope all of your gas is going down too!

We love you!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Watch Out World!

Marlayna can get out of her car seat by herself! This is when I thought she was about ready to do it. But, she loves playing with her bottle once she is done drinking, so I think she was still preoccupied with that. About a minute later she did it. See below. She does it all the time.

She is such a smarty pants. And when she was 2 months old and already scooting herself across the doctor's table the doctor said, "She's athletic!" Nathan and I thought that was a weird descriptions for a baby but, she's been proving it ever since.

Ther you have it. Here's another video of her drinking her first orange juice. Maybe we should have started with apple juice. ( For some reason I've had a hard time getting this video clip to download to the post. Finally worked!)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Army Crawl

I mentioned that Marley started crawling on Friday. Sammy and Julie want to see it. Her she is...

Her prize in this video is a book and/or my phone. She will bust her way through blankets and toys to get to one of our books if we leave one down. She goes a little slower to get my phone but both are top priorities for her to get her hands on.

This one shows her more from behind so you can see her graceful movement. This video actually doesn't do her justice.

At the end of this video she gives up the phone and reaches for the camera's wrist leash. She's too cute. And scarily mobile.