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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Bunch O' Pictures

These pictures are all out of order but, what can ya do? We start with Marley standing up using the open dish washer. This makes me nervous because 1) though she is very steady when it comes to straight legs and a strong kung fu hand grip she still doesn't have the balance. And 2) she is getting into everything! Everytime she does something new I have mixed feelings. YEA! She can roll over, she can roll ALL over, she can crawl, and now she can stand. And then there is the saracastic YEA! Oh no! and BONK! or BANG! But, we keep a good eye on her and make sure we are constantly re-baby proofing our little apartment.

Here she is wedging herself between our big ol' pumpkin and a box...so she can look in the box. She is so nosey and she's always up in other people's bizness.

One last week I could hear the shrieks and yells and laughs that let me know when Marley is awake. I came in her room to find this...

Reminds me of that old 70's song by Otis Redding, Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay. I LOVE that song and it has the best whistling part! (Becky is singing now) Sittin' on the edge of my crib watchin the sun shine through my blinds. (Becky is now whistling).

These are the hot cocoa cup pj bottoms Nathan got me for our anniversary. We have a tradition of giving each other pj bottoms each year. And to think...I got him some boring old plaid ones. Oh well, I guess he has opened the door to getting wild and crazy ones. I love them! They are flannel too.

Marley has found a friend in the kitchen. It's actually her reflection, but she just thinks there is another baby that lives in the kitchen, whose life purpose is just to wait until Marley is in the kitchen so they can stare into each others' eyes.

Sorry, I went a little over board on the kitchen pictures, but she's just so cute! This was last Sunday, after church.

There is that kitchen friend again.

This is Marley's cupboard. It has the plastic-ware in it. She loves to pull it all out and drool all over it.

And when I get the camera out and she sees the flashes she likes to turn around and strike a pose.

When the debris she has caused, touches her she likes to push and kick it way from her. Far away, until her body is twisted, arm in cupboard, back against oven, and legs sprawled out. And THAT's entertainment.

This was laundry day last week. Marley takes a ride in one our various laundry receptacles.

Chillaxin' in the bouncy with a nice warm bottle of milk.

Nathan's effort to take pictures of me...because I'm the one always taking the pictures.

Another lovely sleeping position. Should I be teaching her to keep her arms and legs inside the crib at all times?

Kneeling position.

Ok, so I read most of the Twilight series. I'm struggling through the last book. I guess I'm not a HUGE fan, but they have been entertaining. The best part about reading the books is being invited to a Twilight party! My friend Amy organized a delightful evening with quotes, trivia, and food! It was so fun!
I brought these creme puffs and someone hollowed out apples and put candles in them, cute!
Here is Amy Trebek...ok, that's not her last name but, she made a Twilight Jeopardy game.
This is Megan and I think she GOT all of the Edward questions right. She was so funny!

Here's the group!

Here's another laundry day picture.

I put Marley in this bucket from the hospital, we keep her toys in it. She LOVED it!

Another Twilight Party pictures...sorry, these are out of order.

My friend Celeste got this idea from another blog, where they made werewolf and vampire cupcakes. She invited me over to help her make them and I thought we did a pretty good job.
These ones had been hollowed out and had strawberry jelly inside!

Marley never falls asleep while she is eating but, this day she was wiped out!

She looks like she is up on all fours crawling, but she doesn't do that yet. She just acts like she is going to and then goes back to her belly crawl.


We love you!


Julie J. said...

She is so cute!!! I think you should come early.

Shantell said...

Oh I loved that! It was like a slide you all about your cute family. I'm so glad you have been able to meet new and fun people. It looks like you guys had a fun twilight party. I never did finish reading the 1st book. ha!

Rach said...

okay she is getting so big and she is adorable!! and the twilight party i am SO jealous, i am obsessed with edward, who do you like more edward or jacob? i think i might just have to throw a twilight party now!!

Michael and Cherilyn said...

Oooh..that Twilight party sounds fun! I'm a big fan of the books, the movie--not so much! BUT, it was worth seeing and my friends loved it. I may just have to do a twilight party and copy you when the movie comes out on DVD! yeah! thanks for the ideas......AND, Happy Anniversary...a little late! :) Love ya!

Marlayna Wiley said...

I love my little baby!!

Natasha said...

Fun pictures. She is getting so big! I like the pj bottoms, such fun! (Did you see that I tagged you a while back...? :)) Love ya!

Reno Wells said...

Looks like it is time to lower the crib mattress before she gets any ideas (telepathically) from Aunt Julie to crawl down the side of the crib.

Brian and chelsea said...

ohhhh, so fun. Loved the catch-up. Great job recording her life.

And just so you know... you are lucky she POSES and SMILES when she sees the camera. Brianna (and many other babies I know) just go stiff and stare.