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Life is great!

Friday, November 14, 2008


We bought gas at Sam's Club for $1.96! Wahoo! I just hope it keeps getting lower or at least stays under $2.00 for a long time! Because I'm really tired of THIS!....

An interesting thing about the gas here in the Lincoln, the Plus is less than the Regular The Plus is 10% ethenol so that must be why it's cheaper than Regular. Interesting.

We hope all of your gas is going down too!

We love you!


Brian and chelsea said...

It's funny.... being out here in Vernal (oil country), we hear more people being upset about lower gas prices than happy about it!
And theoretically, I was secretly happy about high gas prices because it encouraged more people to adopt environmentally-friendly habits... walking, carpooling, etc. Don't hate me - it's that dang Public Health background. They brainwashed me.

Michael and Cherilyn said...

My gas is going down, thank you... well, I mean to say that my price of gasoline is going down here in Mass too :) hehe. ISNT is GREAT?! I saw 1.99 last night!

Corn Husker said...

I totally agree! We filled up our car the other night for $16. I thought my eyes were broken when I saw it stop there. I almost cried a little.