We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The other day....

While I got lunch ready, Marley says in a high-scratchy voice:  "Where's my brother?"

Me (laugh):  I don't know?  Where is your brother?

Marley same voice: I don't know?

Me:  WHO is your brother?

Marley thinks for a few seconds, sees Daddy and says in the same voice:  My brother is Daddylayna!

We all laughed.

Later that day he became Dadlayna.  We haven't heard of him since.  Yet a few days later we heard about Momlayna but not sure if that is Mom or a sister? 

Last night Marley was distributing Rumicub pieces to each of us as we all watched a TV show. She likes to play with those tiles, a lot.  During one of the rounds of distribution she put a stack on my leg and said quietly, "This is for sister."  I said, "Sister? Who is sister?" And she quickly and quietly corrected, "This is for mommy."

Marlayna is giving us small hints.  Don't you think?

Monday, December 6, 2010

I have to say....today was a good day.

Marley was sick (puking) most of last week.  She is feeling much much better!

I worked out this morning.  Yes, exercise.  I found a nice 30 minute workout in a magazine at the laundromat.  Yes, I ripped it out of the magazine and took it home (so naughty, I know).  Yes, I was there because Marley had thrown up on my beautiful comforter that makes me feel like a queen...but, not when it has puke on it.  (the huge washer was $5.00!!!!! the huge dryer was $.25 for every 4 minutes!!! Crazy huh? That was not such a good day.)

Back to the exercise thing....if you didn't know but are interested, I have a weight loss blog with my cousin. You can go check out our progress

The weather is BEAUTIFUL today.  Marley and I went for a two mile walk/stroller with blue skies and lots of sunshine and big white fluffy clouds.

Nathan had a job interview over the phone.  Any day he has a job interview is a GOOD day!  The day he is offered a position will be THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!  =) 

Nathan will start working for his dad in about a week.  It's just a part time merchandiser job (for Pepsi) but, it will be nice to have a little bit more income while he continues the search.

My sista Julie, is going to have a baby girl this week! She has been pregnant 8 times and this is only the second time she has been able to carry the baby full term.  So, this is a BIG DEAL. The other success....Sam will be 10 in May and he is so excited to finally have a sibling...a sister.....Lola Joy!  I can't wait to see her and hold her!  But, I'm probably not more excited than Julie, Matt and Sam. =)


Not such a good day....Nathan isn't feeling well.  He hasn't puked and Aunt Didi (diarrhea) hasn't come....yet.  But, his tum tum hurts. 

That's all.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

"How is your job going?"

A lot of people have asked me this, so I thought I would just answer everyone all at once.

So, impersonal!  I know! But a lot of people have asked me, "When are you going to start blogging again?" and I don't know?  But, you got the halloween costumes and now here's "How is your job going?"


My job is going great! The orthodontist I work for is so so nice. All the ladies I work with are really nice too.  I usually work 2 days a week but the past two weeks I've been able to work 3 days per week.  I also had my one month review and got a raise. 

In the job interview the Dr. was explaining how he would start the person out at $* and after a month he would have an interview with them and see how things were going for both sides and at that point he would most likely give a $1 raise. Then three months after that he would sit down with them again and have another interview and at that point he feels like keeping a person on at that point is the investment, and he would give another $1 raise.

When he offered me the job he said the wage was $*  ($.50 less than he said in the interview) and within about 5 seconds I had a huge debate in my head about whether or not to negotiate or just take the $8.50 as a blessing.

I just took it. 

I regretted not at least mentioning that he said $* in the interview.

The day of my one month interview I was so nervous because I wanted to ask for more than $1.00 raise.  I prayed that I would have help in knowing what to say and knowing IF I should say anything.  The interview came and he asked me a lot of questions about my expectation of the job before I started and how it actually is and about communication in the office and policies and procedures and stuff like that.  He asked for recommendations and asked me to be aware of certain situations so I could give more insight on how it could run better.

I gave him a lot of feed back and all my insights and then I said that I had just one regret. He made a sad face, he is so nice and caring.  I told him that he had mentioned $* in the interview and so I was expecting that if I got offered the job.  But, then when he offered it at $* I regretted not trying to negotiate and asked him if he would have negotiated with me. Sort of asking as a learning experience rather than can I have a $1.50 raise. I was also prepared to negotiate and ask for $1.25 this time and next time and then by the time I have been here 4 months I would be up to the pay I had expected and wanted.

He said it was an over site on his part to say one thing in the interview and then offer another and would be happy to put my pay at $* ($1.50 raise!!!).  He went on to say that he thought I would be a great worker as soon as he read my cover letter and resume.  He  is so please with my work and everyone in the office has commented to him at how quickly I catch on and what a hard worker I am.  He asked if that would compensate me enough.  I was so pleased I said, "Absolutely."  I didn't think he should back pay me for the "underpay" because I totally should have at least mentioned it or tried to negotiate. I think $1.50 raise is an awesome blessing.  The next time we sit down for another interview and raise, at the end of January, if I'm still here that's another $1.00! 

Part of me hopes I'm still here because it is a great place to work with really nice people, but a bigger part of me hopes we are somewhere else, making a lot more money than that!  ;-)

Update on Nathan's job hunt:  No update.  He is still working hard at applying to many many jobs, throughout the country.  He has had promising interviews, but no offers.  He has been told he was in the top 3 or top 5 or top 9 of 100 or more applicants.  That is encouraging, but it would be nice to be the top 1!  ;-) He will be...soon. 

Thank you for caring about our family and our life. We care so much about you and your family and appreciate your love and support.  All of you!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


 Marley was the cutest witch you ever did see.
 Nate was Jack Sparrow.  Again.
 Here is crazy Jack from PoCIII.
 Marley loves this pumpkin cat. And doesn't he look like he loves her!
 Grandma Nette put sparkles on the cutest little witch.
 I was black and red for halloween.
 Grandma Nette also painted the cutest little witch's nails, green!
 I was making hideous faces in the back seat and taking pictures of them.
 This is Marley's hideous face.
 Bobbing for donuts.  Marley's new favorite thing.
 She tried....
 so very...
 and wouldn't...
 No. Not her.
 So after we laughed at her efforts for a good ten minutes....
We told her she could use her hands. 
 She was very proud of herself for finding "Spider sucker!" on the table.
 She did a cupcake walk and had to eat her cupcake right away! Even though she had just eaten that whole glazed donut.
 I wanted her to pick the chocolate cupcake with candy corn pumpkins on top. But, NO!  She had to have the green one with a nasty sugary icky pumpkin on top.
 She waited patiently to go fishing!
 So cute!
 She got an itty bitty triangle.
 And a watch.
 Every time she found a new Halloween decoration she would look at it and whisper, 
"Mom! Spooky!"
 She was a pro at the bean bag toss.  She got a little 7up can from Grandpa Pete.
And at the end of the night, Marley was the messiest littlest cutest witch. 

Grandpa Alger and Marley have a strong tradition of saying, "Boo!" to each other. So, on Halloween Grandpa called to say "Boo!" to Marley. She was outside with Daddy so I told Grandpa that we'd call him back.  When Marley called him back the first thing she said was, "Boo!"

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I got a job!

So, last week I had that interview and it turned out it was an orthodontist and not a dentist.  Nonetheless, I found out this afternoon that I got the job at the orthodontist office!  I start tomorrow at 8:30am.  Booyeah!


Monday, September 20, 2010

We Share Our Bathroom with Ants

Anyone else have ants?  I hate them.  As soon as I clean the bathroom and sweep up all the dead and living ants....they are back in no time.  And the bathroom seems totally dirty and icky again.

Which is worse? 

Sneaky, sly ants that you don't even know they are there until you accidentally smash them and then you can SMELL them!?!?  Ewww!  I hate odorous ants!


Carpenter ants?  They have WINGS!!!  EWWW!!!!  But, the majority of them don't even know how to use their wings.  Idiots!  They pretty much stay in one half of the bathroom....not every sneaky, sly hiding place in the house.  And they are so stupid they usually end up drowning themselves in little puddles of water. 

So, I think odorous ants are the worst.  But, ants being ants, they ARE where they AREN'T wanted!!! 

"Go away ants!"  ~ Marley

And to any fly that buzzes near....

"Soo fy don boffer me!" ~ Marley  ("Shoo fly don't bother me!")

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yo! Here's a little update and a plug...

We are doing well.  All our fun trips of summer are done.  I will be posting about each, probably until next summer. So many pictures! 

Here's the update.  I am looking for a little part time job while Nathan continues THE BIG HUNT.  We are pursuing some promising avenues to get Nathan THE job in THE organization he really desires. 

The down-low on the part time jobs.  Places I applied (in order of where I want to work):  Dental office, Home Depot, Fresh Market, Walmart, Taco Time.  And wouldn't you know, I filled out the Taco Time application yesterday, she had me come in for an interview yesterday, and this morning she offered me the job.  I had to decline because they could only start me out at minimum wage - $7.25.  If it was in our town I would probably have done it, but since it's in the town about 15-20 minutes away....after taxes, tithing and gas....it just didn't seem worth the energy and time.  About 15 minutes after I declined, the dental office called and wants to interview me next Wednesday at 4:30!  I hope I get that! 

Our immediate families have decided to fast for us to help us in securing a job for Nathan.  We will be fasting too, of course.  If anyone else out there would like to join the fast we are doing it this Sunday (the 19th).  I love the law of the fast.  It's hard when you don't have a purpose in fasting, but when you do it is so rewarding! 

Ok, here's THE BIG PLUG.  My cousin Amy and I stared a weight loss blog.  It's mainly for us.  We hope to inspire others.  The blog is open to public viewing so if you want to check it out and show us support by visiting and commenting and sharing suggestions, please do!  Secret: If you wanted to join us, I'm pretty sure we'd let you.  But, I'll have to discuss that with Amy, after you fill out the application and send in your resume.  (hee hee!)  It's called The Weight Is Over.  Go check it out! 

PS - I've got the blogging bug again....I promise to post more often....lots of fun and interesting posts to come!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One day shy of one month...

Well, it has been nearly one month since I last posted; however, it feels like it has been MUCH longer than that, at least to me. I thought I would give a quick update.

We moved to Utah with very very little complications....in fact, we thought we were having a complication with our car carrier (the trailer that carried our car to Utah, on the back of our big ol' moving truck)in Dillon Colorado but, it was all in our mind. Having someone from Penske meet us and give it a thorough look at only set us back an hour. I highly recommend Penske. Least expensive for a lot of cargo space. The employees were all very kind and very accommodating and very professional.

We unloaded our belongings into a storage unit, took a few days to settle into the Freitas home (we are living with Nathan's parents) and then we hitched a ride with my parents and went up to Yellowstone!

I spent 6 years of my childhood, growing up in West Yellowstone so it was a wonderful walk down memory lane. I had forgotten how much I love all the wildflowers, especially the Indian paintbrush and blue bells. And I realized that I don't consider a forest a really forest unless it's full of lodge pole pines!

We left in '89, one year after the '88 fires that left a lot of Yellowstone black and barren. I can hardly believe it's been TWENTY-ONE years, but it was cool to see the thick growth of the lodge poles. Thick as grass and only a little taller than me. It was all SO beautiful!

I even got to go to the Playmill Theater one night with my mom. We saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Cute. Our one souvenir is a bag of Wyoming wildflower seeds. I can't wait to have a house with a yard so I can scatter those babies everywhere.

This weekend we are going to Ferron Reservoir for a reunion with Nathan's Mother's family. All her brothers and sisters and their spouses will be there....and some cousins. We will be the only cousins representin' from the Freiti.

Then Sunday after church we head to Park City for our annual Freitas reunion...that's Nathan's parents and brother and sisters and their families. We haven't missed one yet, since we got married and I hope we never do! They are SO fun. Well, except for the time we mountain biked and I flipped over my handle bars. But, I'm 93% sure I've told that story on this blog before.

Nathan continues the job hunt. We have had some nibbles and bites but no official offers yet.

He is working part time for his dad. Cleaning the Pepsi warehouse and then they will paint it.

We are so grateful for the help of our friends in Lincoln. We have life long friends there! I hope that where ever we end up, if they find themselves in our neighborhood, they will come visit! Even now in Utah, they are welcome anytime!

We are eternally grateful for the generosity of our families. It is so nice to be close to them! Check back for the continuation of "At Last...." and pictures from Yellowstone!

We love you all!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Movin' and Groovin'

Ok, maybe we're just movin' and not so much groovin'. Yes, next week (the 20th) we pick up a giant moving van, pack all our stuff in it and haul it back to Utah. We have stayed in Lincoln as long as our pocket book would allow. We are so sad to leave as we have truly considered Lincoln our home.

Nathan has been fast and furious in the job hunt and only a few nibbles so far. One of those nibbles was a big fiasco that made us BOTH a big ball of nerves. But, it is behind us now and we are moving ahead.

Nathan's parents have graciously opened their home to us, once again. And my parents offered space in their home, though I'm not sure much is left. We totally appreciate all the offers we have received. We are so excited to live close to our families again.

Living the unknown life (unemployment) is a tough gig. It messes with Nathan's mind. It messes with my spirit. It gives Marley the false sense that both parents belong at home nearly 24/7, and one stares at the computer a good portion of the day. At times it makes us second guess decisions we have made prayerfully. It makes us question the calm, peaceful answers we received.

And yet, those calm, peaceful answers are the anchors that keep us focused on the prize. The prize: A job! Self Reliance! Financial security! Growing our family! Buying a house, someday! Eternal Life! You know. We are always asking questions and seeking direction and I know more answers lie ahead. I have felt us being refined and purified. The Lord is blessing us with humility and teaching us patience. I truly feel that he is answering our prayers and molding our life to make it better than we can make it on our own.

One of the
many many many many many
things I will miss in Lincoln.
My beloved MocPac Trail.
Marley will miss it too.
But mostly we will miss the people. =.....(
Thank you for allowing me to interrupt your regularly scheduled post.
"At Last...." will continue.
Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

At Last.... (Part 1)

My friend copied an idea from her friend and I really liked it, so I'm copying my friend, who like I said, copied her friend. This is purely for posterity...and if you enjoy the story...it's for you too!

How I met your father:

The first time I ever saw your father, was at an institute class. It wasn't mine. It was his. I was on the regional institute council. It sounds like a high and lofty position, but it wasn't. It was just an honorable calling like all the rest of the callings in the church.

Well, anyway, I had an assignment to visit two institute classes, one in Highland and one in Lehi. I was to deliver information, do a very small training with the class officers and if I could, I was to attend one of the classes.

I decided to venture out to Highland first because I thought that building was going to be the harder of the two to find and I thought after finally finding it, I'd probably stay for that class.

I left American Fork early so I had plenty of time to get lost. But, I didn't get lost. I got there early and the class officers were there early too! So, I was able to do the very small training with them, deliver the information and then go and try and find the Lehi class. I was excited to get them both done in one night.

I found the Lehi institute class fairly easy and made it to the class just as it was starting. The teacher seemed excited for a new student and wanted me to introduce myself. I did and explained that I was just visiting.

I noticed a tall, dark and handsome man. He had an interesting and deep voice, which I knew because he contributed excellent comments during class. I was intrigued.

Let me interrupt this story to give you my state of mind:

I had recently turned 26 and I had decided that I wasn't going to yearn for marriage. I was no longer going to go out of my way to "put myself out there." I had decided that I was just going to participate in every aspect of church (church, activities, institute, etc.) and just be EVERYBODY'S friend. I was very content with this decision and how it was working out.

HOWEVER (back to the story)

I wanted to talk to Nathan. (I knew his name from when the teacher called on him.) As far as I could tell there were no refreshments so I was racking my brain for a way to "put myself out there" and casually talk to him.

As soon as everyone said "Amen" the girl sitting in front of me turned around and with a very excited face and voice said, "You served in the Montana Billings Mission, huh?" I said, "Yes." She proceeded to tell me that she entered the mission the same transfer I left so she had heard a lot about me. It was an awkward and long conversation. I kept one eye on Nathan who seemed to be milling about and chatting with people, but he didn't hang around long enough. I watched him walk out the door and down the hall. He looked back once and then walked out of the building.

I missed my chance.

Nathan's side of the story:

The first time I saw your mother was in my institute class in Lehi. I hoped she was new to the area or at least new to the class. She was beautiful and she shared excellent comments in class. Turned out that she was just visiting. I tried to hang around a little after class so I could talk to her but, some girl kept talking to her. I stuck around as long as I could, but I'm a shy guy so I ended up leaving before I could talk to her. But I knew her name was Becky!

Notice two things....

One: This is supposed to be about when/how I met your father and I started with the first time I saw him.

Two: Nathan's side of the story is much shorter than mine.

Conclusion: Women stretch things out to be longer than they need to be and they start the story before it even started.

You're welcome!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So, my mom wants this Bosch real bad!

Deals to Meals is giving this mixer away! My mom sent me the link for the give away.

This is exactly what she said:

"Enter to win this Bosch bread mixer. I have seen them and they are wonderful and very expensive. Follow the instructions. It looks easy enough to me. Then you can sell it to me at a reduced price if you don't want it."

Sell it to her!?!?! Why would I NOT want this mixer? She's loco!

But, mom, I'll let you use it...sometime....if we live close enough to borrow stuff. Which, I hope we DO!

Even though, it will make my chances of winning - LESS, you should go enter to win. Go ahead....I never win anyway. PS - Tomorrow is the last day to enter to win!

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Hairdo Dude

I've been M.I.A. because we surprised our families and showed up in Utah in the wee hours of the morning of June 3rd. We just got back on Saturday and here are the highlights and lowlights:

Waking Julie with a scare...on accident.
Surprising Liz (she cried)
Seeing Julie's baby move and see her heart beat (I'm convinced it's a girl!)
Baptism - nephew Austin
BYU - visit mom
BYU Creamery
Dinner in the canyon
Cafe Rio
Big ol' backyard/shed rummage
Skate Park
Heather Braley
Trying to remember Ginger's Mix Tape
A nap on Sunday
Andrena and Steve and new baby Carter
Taking an hour to blow up a kiddie pool which flattened in 15 minutes (there was a hole!)
A nap on Tuesday
Liberty Park with all of Nathan's siblings (except Hermana Freitas in Argentina)
Splash park - Marley's absolute favorite
Raiding my mom's food storage
Building shelves for Julie and Matt
Brick Oven

Marley was scared of Julie the whole time. (because we scared Julie and she screamed).
Funeral. My Aunt Mary's sister Barbara died of cancer. This was a lowlight because Barbara suffered so much, but a highlight because the funeral was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful woman.
Had to get a new transmission mount - BUT, better than having to replace the transmission
I got a ticket in WY. Oopsie!
Having to stay in Sydney, NE on the way home because of horrible wind and rain

Story Time:

After sleeping off our thru-the-night-drive, I took a shower and left my hair down. We stayed with my sister Julie and one of her first comments (with a discussed look on her face, including a scrunched nose) was, "Wow, you're hair is long!"

Me: "Um. Yea."

Then we went and surprised Liz my other sister and she said the same thing...same face too.

I defended myself by saying, "My hair is like Liz Lemon's. Everyday it's ugly but, when I do it, it looks GOOD!!!"

They both looked at me with a face that said, "Yea, right, whatever."

They new I was lying.

They were probably also annoyed that I compared my self to someone so awkwardly awesome as Liz Lemon.

So I got my hair cut last night.


Ewe no make-up.
Bye-bye hair.
hello Sassy!

Can I just complain about my hair line for one second. I'm going bald.
Yea, and I got a bunch of regrowth that showed up around 4 months after Marley was born so now I have long hair and a bunch of hair that is only like 3 inches long. So annoying. It makes my hair line and the top of my head look frizzy and out of control.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Graduation! Finally! (sigh)

Well, the day started out as any other...Marley trying all the hats in the house.

But, then again, she did have a new special one to sport.

Then with cap and gown we headed to the Roller Skate Museum.
Random I know, but it's free, we hadn't been and we needed to kill some touristy time before the ceremony.
I didn't get any pictures of the RSM, sorry.
We ate our picnic lunch in the car because it was ridiculously windy that day.
I don't know why, but I was super nervous all day. I was so relieved once we were finally in the Devaney Center.
Here are Grandma Nette and Marley keepin' it real while we waited and waited.
Here's Nathan's college banner thingy!
Here are Grandma and Grandpa Alger!
Oh, and the banners that were next to Nathan's banner.
Here is Nathan's name listed on the Jumbo Tron.
What? Can't see it?
Is this better?
Fancy huh?
Here's me and my million tear smile! (will blog that story! promise.)
Waiting and waiting.
Here's a Nebraska banner.
This banner was carried by a Marshall at the front of the processional.
They had a BIG OL' N banner! I wish someone had ironed it!
The brass trio. They played some pretty music while we waited.
We didn't get a picture of Nathan walking in the processional because he ended up walking right beneath us. But, we had a nice view of him once he got to his seat.
This girl was pretty close to where Nathan was.
What an appropriate exclamation!
My mom who works at BYU made sure to point out how red it was in there!
So, I got a picture of Nathan every step of the way, except when he almost got to the diploma pick up spot! I got so excited and put the camera down to yell and cheer for him! So, this is the last picture I got before he picked up his diploma.
And this is the first picture I got of him after he picked up his diploma. I'm sorry. I'm definitely an amateur photographer...or just a very proud wife....ok, both.
When I said he looked sexy in his regalia....this is what I'm talkin' about!
No? It's just me that thinks that...ok well, I like it that way anyway.
He's MINE!
Photo shoot in front of the banner!

Mother and son.
Pepsi holds a special place in the heart of the Freiti.
And we like to pretend Nathan is in the Husker Hall of Honor.
Here is how Marley kept track of Grandpa as we exited the building.
Tender right?
I didn't know where to tell this story because I didn't get a picture of it, but pretty much throughout the beginning of the ceremony Marley was pretty squirely. Grandma Alger got the great idea, about half way through, to pour water from her water bottle into the cap and give Marley little sips in the lid. Marley loved it and once she sipped the water she handed the cap back and eagerly but quietly demanded, "moor! peez!"
And once we got out into the open air, Marley was so happy!
And skipping.
And dipping and kissing.
Oh wait, that was me and Nate.
Notice when I dip and kiss it looks all awkward (above)....we need to work on that.
When he does....
PS - Nathan now has a Masters in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) so, if you know of anyplace looking for a GIS Technician or Analyst, let us know! He is applying everywhere!