We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Monday, December 6, 2010

I have to say....today was a good day.

Marley was sick (puking) most of last week.  She is feeling much much better!

I worked out this morning.  Yes, exercise.  I found a nice 30 minute workout in a magazine at the laundromat.  Yes, I ripped it out of the magazine and took it home (so naughty, I know).  Yes, I was there because Marley had thrown up on my beautiful comforter that makes me feel like a queen...but, not when it has puke on it.  (the huge washer was $5.00!!!!! the huge dryer was $.25 for every 4 minutes!!! Crazy huh? That was not such a good day.)

Back to the exercise thing....if you didn't know but are interested, I have a weight loss blog with my cousin. You can go check out our progress

The weather is BEAUTIFUL today.  Marley and I went for a two mile walk/stroller with blue skies and lots of sunshine and big white fluffy clouds.

Nathan had a job interview over the phone.  Any day he has a job interview is a GOOD day!  The day he is offered a position will be THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!  =) 

Nathan will start working for his dad in about a week.  It's just a part time merchandiser job (for Pepsi) but, it will be nice to have a little bit more income while he continues the search.

My sista Julie, is going to have a baby girl this week! She has been pregnant 8 times and this is only the second time she has been able to carry the baby full term.  So, this is a BIG DEAL. The other success....Sam will be 10 in May and he is so excited to finally have a sibling...a sister.....Lola Joy!  I can't wait to see her and hold her!  But, I'm probably not more excited than Julie, Matt and Sam. =)


Not such a good day....Nathan isn't feeling well.  He hasn't puked and Aunt Didi (diarrhea) hasn't come....yet.  But, his tum tum hurts. 

That's all.


My Everythings said...

What the heck? Did you chop off your hair? You are so brave. I have thought about that like 50 times in the past two months. Glad to hear you love your job. We miss you! PS can you email me your address?

Michelle said...

I ran (well, JOGGED, very slowly) 2 miles today, and thought of you. Especially the last .5, you were my inspiration, thank you!! I just kept thinking of a time at BYU when you were like, I just got on the track started running and I think I ran like 3 miles! (Or something like that, dont recall the exact #, maybe it was 5 miles) I was wishing that would happen to me, but apparently, long distances require a little more work on my part.

Jeanna said...

Girl, I am super excited for the birth of Lola Joy as well. In fact, just an hour or so ago I was thinking about it and got all choked up (at my desk, in my basement, by myself).

I know we aren't as stoked as M, J, and S, but we come in a close second!! :)

See you there chica!

(and good luck with the job hunt....your best day of the year is coming!)

Christina said...

I'm so excited for Julie and her family, and for you! New babies are so much fun.

I also love your haircut, and way to go plowing ahead with your exercise. You are amazing.

I really miss you. Let's talk again soon.

Jill said...

Yay for Julie!
I have a small favor to ask of you. Could you please make sure that Aunt Didi and the stomach flu aren't there when I come to visit for Christmas?