We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easy Concept? Not For MANY...

I love this SNL skit. It's true. I really know there are people out there that just don't get it. But, I also know there are people out there that just don't want to get it...they know better but they still buy things they cannot afford. Blows my mind.

That said, we're not perfect with our money. I'm not trying to say we are...but really...this is an easy concept. Money buys things...not plastic....not paper....MONEY!

So, order your copy of "Don't Buy Stuff You CANNOT Afford." And don't forget its follow-up, "Seriously! If You Don't Have The Money Don't Buy It." And subscribe to "Stop Buying Stuff Magazine."

They should write another book, "Don't Buy A House You Cannot Afford." Then maybe there wouldn't have been so much BAILOUT money...that generations and generations will be paying back.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lazy Blogger?

Ok, I admit it, I've been a lazy blogger. I don't even have an excuse except that I've been lazy about it. There's plenty to blog about, lots is happening in our lives. My mom and sister both busted me. Julie said, "You need to blog, I'm sick of looking at your raccoon face!" And my mom said , (nicely) "Your raccoon blog is still up. When are you going to blog again?" I told both of them I would blog.....yesterday....and then I didn't. It's just a matter of getting into blogger and pushing the post button and then typing and posting pictures, right? I know it sounds easy...that's why... On my honor I will try to do my best to blog more often. I know that's vague but, I will do better...that's all I can promise.

So now you may think...she is so self absorbed if she thinks her blogs are SO important. Well, apparently my mom and sister thrive on it. Which I love. And it's not that I don't like to blog....well, sometimes I hate it when blogger doesn't work right for me; which, happens more than I like to remember. But, I love to read people's comments. I love getting comments from long lost friends who have stumbled upon our little family blog. And I love to get comments from friends that are regular readers. So, again, I'll blog more often...I promise.

Speaking of comments...I love to get comments so, you'd think I leave comments on people's blogs...nope...not really. Sometimes. But, I'm going to do better with that too. I read over 50 blogs!!! I love to read other peoples' blogs and recently I have even been reading a few blogs of people I don't even know. They just have very enjoyable blogs. I want a blog like that. So, I guess the first step is to blog more often. Again, I promise.

Here is what my mom and Julie really want. More pictures of Marley. Here is what Marley did today while I blogged.

She plays under the computer table, at my feet. I tried to get a cute picture of her peeking through or reaching her hand up to push as many buttons as she can, as fast as she can, but she wasn't cooperating. So, here is just the tip of the ice berg...I mean here is the top of her head.

She hangs out in the desk cubby. We try to keep the shelf up but she loves to take it out and sit in the cubby. She looks startled in this picture because I wanted her to look at the camera and smile so I said, "Marley!" and it startled her, so I got that instead.

And here she is trying to dominate the key board drawer, and hangin' onto mom's leg.

She was making a funny face in this one but, my camera was too slow.

And then she chillaxed in her bouncy, which she is getting too big for, and had a BLT (that's our code name for bottle or B-O-T-T-L-E). We don't want her to even know what that thing she sucks on is called. Oh and yes, she is using her foot to help her hold her BLT. I have no idea where her sock is....hmmmm.

This was not today....this was yesterday. I left my purse down, within her reach, and she took my wallet out and cleaned it out for me. Good news: I have $8 in cash I had forgotten about. Bad news: There is no bad news...she helped me clean out my wallet...I can't complain!

And now you can see how we move our couch right in front of our computer sometimes, so we can watch "our shows." And the wallet mess. She's SO happy to help.

We love you all!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm a Raccoon!!!

Is raccoon spelled right? It looks wrong.

Yesterday, the weather was so nice, it got up to 78 degrees Fahrenheit!!! Our friend Amy organized a picnic in her backyard. Shalantie and I rode our bikes to the picnic and we got SO hot! I was so surprised by how warm it was. We had a good ol' time visiting and eating our lunches...and an OH SO GOOD chocolate sheet cake Amy made. I started to worry that Marley's head might be burning in the hot sun, so we packed up and rode our bikes home. No sun burn on Marley but my face and arms are BURNED!!! And I was wearing sunglasses so...that's why I'm a raccoon. I'm not sure which picture you can see it better in, but here are two to choose from.

Now, here are the pictures you REALLY want to see. I like to stick theses star cereal baby food things on Marley. All you have to do is barely touch them with your tongue and they will stick.

It is most hilarious when I put one on her nose because she can kinda see it but she just can't get it. Sometimes she gives up and just leaves the star on her nose. The other ones all over her face could stay for hours because she can't see them.

"Mom, what am I doing that is cute right now? You have the camera out...do you just want me to look cute?"

"Hey, why are you taking a picture?"
"No reeaalllyyy mom what's the camera for?"

"TELL MEE!!!!!"


"Fine. I'm cool. I don't need to know."