We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Introducing....for the impatient

Talking about my sisters who have been bugging us to post pictures. 
Today has flown by...so sorry.
We were included in the impatience.
We couldn't wait for this little cutie to come out and make her appearance. 

Today Isabelle Marie was born at 11:07 am (EST)
6 pounds, 15 ounces
19 and a quarter long

 These beautiful flowers are from my mom and dad.

 She loves to suck. 

And she has hair. I thought I got a picture of her hair...but I guess I hadn't. 
I will. 
Don't worry. 
There are A LOT more pictures of this little beauty to come. 

We love you all. 

Thank you for all your love and support.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So Much...

I have too much to update you about. 

All my cleaning and organizing! 

We went Maple Tapping.

We went to Marquette, MI for Conference weekend.

Children's Museum.

Carnivorous plants.

Marley's fourth birthday was yesterday!

#2 (figgy pudding) hasn't made her grand entrance yet.
She is such a tease though!

Any day now. 

I always think it's funny when pregnant ladies are impatient before their due dates. 

Marley was three and a half weeks early, so I never got the chance to be impatient.

Since she was healthy and fine, I thought her timing was perfect. 

Well, figgy pudding is not due until the 18th.
(one week from today!)

But. really. any. day. now. 

She better not be over due. 

I'll die. 
(dramatized, don't worry)

I'll start with Easter....since....I don't know why. 
And maybe someday I'll get around to updating the other fun stuff. 

The weekend started off with Good Friday and it IS good because Nathan gets that day off every year.

We made breakfast bagels for breakfast...one of my favorites! 

We did laundry and worked in the yard...a little. 
The best part was just being together...the three of us.

Around 4:00 we took Marley to her friend Lil's house for her very first sleep over. 
This was a dry run for the big birthing event. 
Marley will stay at Lil's when we have the baby so we thought we'd make sure she was comfortable with sleeping over before. 
No problems.
Never asked to go home.
Never asked about her parents.
She's not that attached to us.
She just knows a good time when it comes along.

Nathan and I had a wonderful date. 

We went and saw the Hunger Games.

We were going to go out to eat after but neither one of us was hungry. 

So we took the long way home and enjoyed the sunset and talked about the movie.

We even saw our special sandhill cranes. 
There is a pair of sandhill cranes that live up here. 
Just two.
Actually, last year there were three, a mother, father and a baby.
We think the father got hit by a car and now it's the mother and child...though they look the same now.

Sandhill cranes hold a special place in our hearts because we lived in the midst of the sandhill cranes migration path when we lived in Lincoln.
We even went to their roosting grounds a couple of times and watched them land in droves.
It was amazing.

We often see these two on the side of the highway, just hanging out, waiting for us to pass so we can stare at each other. 
Sometimes Nathan and I make it a competition to see who will spot the cranes first. 

But, we had taken the long road home and they found us anyway. 
They love us.
And we love them. 
Someday I will get a picture of them.

Nathan and I danced in the living room.
Nathan hates to dance but he dances with me when we are alone.
He's a good dancer.
Slow dancing is wonderful when you are pregnant.

The next morning we took our time getting ready and eating breakfast and just chatting without interruption.

Around 10:30 we sent a text to Lil's family and said we were on our way and would be there in about 30 minutes.

When we got there, Punkie did not want to leave. So we just stayed and visited with Robin and Eric.
They are good friends!

Marley finally relented around noon.

We went off to a garden center and bought 7, 40 lb. bags of bagged manure/compost.

We hit up Taco Bell for lunch and headed to the park to eat it.

Marley played at the park while Nathan and I sat on a bench, ate and talked some more.
I love talking to that guy.

When we got home the Easter Bunny had come!
He left a basket of goodies for Marley on the couch.

Then we colored eggs.

 If you want really weird eggs that end up with a thin layer of color instead of being dyed.
Don't read the directions and just put the dye pellets in pure vinegar.
We ended up wiping the layer of color off and dying them again.
It was weird.

Marley wrote down the directions on how to dye eggs properly, so we wouldn't forget for next year. 

"Dad? Ya know? You should read the directions before you start."
Her favorite way to start a conversation these days is with "Ya know?..."

In the picture below doesn't she look like she thinks she knows everything?

Then we had nap/quiet time.
Marley refuses to take naps, planned anyway.
Sometimes she passes out on the couch.
So, she went in her room for quiet time.

I took a nap.
I'm no dummy!

Nathan went and hid all the eggs real and plastic in the back yard.

After nap/quiet time Nathan went in and excitedly told Marley that he had went out to the garden to work and found somethings! He told her to come and that she had better bring her Easter basket!

She was SO excited!

 Yea, we're hill billies and have rusting metal chairs in our backyard.

 Can't reach.
 I'll jump.
 I'll climb.
She loved hunting.

Though she never looked for anything close to her.
She was always looking across the yard or in the distance.
So, she was running back and forth, back and forth.
It was funny!

Sunday morning we got ready for church and had a wonderful Sabbath Easter.

Our dinners lately have been light and easy.
Seriously, I think last week we had stove popped popcorn for dinner at least a couple of times.
Popcorn is a super food, did you know?
Just a few of it's magical powers.
It's filling.
NO acid re-flux.

Thankfully these light easy dinners have been satisfying and even appreciated by all three of us.

Our Easter feast was the Bisquick Strawberry Shortcake recipe.

It was light, delicious, easy and thus perfect!

And for dessert on Easter...what else....blue Robbin eggs.


We love you all!