We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Marley had a solo....

Marley had her first School Christmas Concert. 
Here are the pictures of that night. 
 The concert was in the Dream Makers Theater at the Casino. 
Weird to us. 
Sad for some kids I'm sure because it was easy for parents and grandparents to slip away and get drinks or gamble. 
There was a drunk grandpa behind us and by the end he was talking out loud and being pretty rude. 
Very interesting experience.

Dropped Marley off to sit with her class.

The Stage.
The Audience.

I look like a crazy person in both of these...I was excited!

The Traditional Drums started the evening.
The Principal.

The Music Teacher.
Marley entering stage right.
As soon as I saw her I started crying.
I have a kindergartner!!!!! 
Walking across the stands.

First, they sang "We Love Santa Clause."
I had never heard that song and it was a jumbled mess of music.
Sorry, kindergartners...it was.
So, I didn't upload the video here.

The second song they sang was "Christmas Candles."
And to our surprise Marley had a solo.
The first video is her solo and she sings,
"Christmas Candles,
All around the world,
Shinning soft and low, 
Spread a gentle glow." 
I always have bad luck uploading videos from my DSLR that are more that about a minute and then I was too much of a crazy mom to keep an eye on the timing, so I did it in two very uneven videos. 

But, you get the idea. 

This next video is the solo of the little boy in her class (same song),
and then the whole class joins again and finishes the song. 
(I'm not sure what his lyrics were?)

Anyway, it was a fun night!
And I would say a milestone for Marley and our family.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why I Blog....

Originally, I started my blog because I thought I was funny.
(still do.)
I also felt like I had stories and experiences to which people could relate. 
Originally, there was no focused or real reason.

When we moved to Nebraska and now Michigan I blogged for our extended families.
We live far, far away from them.
We miss them. 
I know they miss us. 
So, I would blog to keep them up to date. 

Also, in the past I have LOVED getting caught up or staying caught with old and new friends.

Sometimes I would get bitter that they weren't blogging (or commenting)...so why should I? 

I wanted to keep up with them. 
I wanted to laugh at their fun pictures.
I wanted to cry over their hardships or frustrations. 
And I wanted some feedback...mostly on how cute my kids are, how awesome my husband is and how totally hilarious I am!

I also used to blog because, again, I think I'm so funny....
and I have superior opinions...
and, again, I have stories that others can relate to...
and I like to try new things...sometimes...

Well, I still think all that and I will still blog about those things. 

But, I'm going to try to blog for our little family. 
I love that I have this record of our family. 
And barring a total web meltdown, where all blogs are lost into a cyber black hole, this is a permanent record with pictures! 

Where else do I have anything close to this kind of a record?
Sure there are holes. 
But, maybe there will be less if my focus is on my little family instead of focusing on all the other stuff. 
The other things still matter (extended family, for sure; comments, will always be welcome), I just think if my focus changes, I will be more consistent and the other aspects will just take care of themselves.

My goal is once a week...at least!

Why do you blog?
If you used...why have you stopped?
No judgments...just wondering if I can relate and for sure I could probably learn something from you about how to have better intentions or a better focus....not sure with which I am struggling.
Isabelle ~ we call her Isi.