We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

"How is your job going?"

A lot of people have asked me this, so I thought I would just answer everyone all at once.

So, impersonal!  I know! But a lot of people have asked me, "When are you going to start blogging again?" and I don't know?  But, you got the halloween costumes and now here's "How is your job going?"


My job is going great! The orthodontist I work for is so so nice. All the ladies I work with are really nice too.  I usually work 2 days a week but the past two weeks I've been able to work 3 days per week.  I also had my one month review and got a raise. 

In the job interview the Dr. was explaining how he would start the person out at $* and after a month he would have an interview with them and see how things were going for both sides and at that point he would most likely give a $1 raise. Then three months after that he would sit down with them again and have another interview and at that point he feels like keeping a person on at that point is the investment, and he would give another $1 raise.

When he offered me the job he said the wage was $*  ($.50 less than he said in the interview) and within about 5 seconds I had a huge debate in my head about whether or not to negotiate or just take the $8.50 as a blessing.

I just took it. 

I regretted not at least mentioning that he said $* in the interview.

The day of my one month interview I was so nervous because I wanted to ask for more than $1.00 raise.  I prayed that I would have help in knowing what to say and knowing IF I should say anything.  The interview came and he asked me a lot of questions about my expectation of the job before I started and how it actually is and about communication in the office and policies and procedures and stuff like that.  He asked for recommendations and asked me to be aware of certain situations so I could give more insight on how it could run better.

I gave him a lot of feed back and all my insights and then I said that I had just one regret. He made a sad face, he is so nice and caring.  I told him that he had mentioned $* in the interview and so I was expecting that if I got offered the job.  But, then when he offered it at $* I regretted not trying to negotiate and asked him if he would have negotiated with me. Sort of asking as a learning experience rather than can I have a $1.50 raise. I was also prepared to negotiate and ask for $1.25 this time and next time and then by the time I have been here 4 months I would be up to the pay I had expected and wanted.

He said it was an over site on his part to say one thing in the interview and then offer another and would be happy to put my pay at $* ($1.50 raise!!!).  He went on to say that he thought I would be a great worker as soon as he read my cover letter and resume.  He  is so please with my work and everyone in the office has commented to him at how quickly I catch on and what a hard worker I am.  He asked if that would compensate me enough.  I was so pleased I said, "Absolutely."  I didn't think he should back pay me for the "underpay" because I totally should have at least mentioned it or tried to negotiate. I think $1.50 raise is an awesome blessing.  The next time we sit down for another interview and raise, at the end of January, if I'm still here that's another $1.00! 

Part of me hopes I'm still here because it is a great place to work with really nice people, but a bigger part of me hopes we are somewhere else, making a lot more money than that!  ;-)

Update on Nathan's job hunt:  No update.  He is still working hard at applying to many many jobs, throughout the country.  He has had promising interviews, but no offers.  He has been told he was in the top 3 or top 5 or top 9 of 100 or more applicants.  That is encouraging, but it would be nice to be the top 1!  ;-) He will be...soon. 

Thank you for caring about our family and our life. We care so much about you and your family and appreciate your love and support.  All of you!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


 Marley was the cutest witch you ever did see.
 Nate was Jack Sparrow.  Again.
 Here is crazy Jack from PoCIII.
 Marley loves this pumpkin cat. And doesn't he look like he loves her!
 Grandma Nette put sparkles on the cutest little witch.
 I was black and red for halloween.
 Grandma Nette also painted the cutest little witch's nails, green!
 I was making hideous faces in the back seat and taking pictures of them.
 This is Marley's hideous face.
 Bobbing for donuts.  Marley's new favorite thing.
 She tried....
 so very...
 and wouldn't...
 No. Not her.
 So after we laughed at her efforts for a good ten minutes....
We told her she could use her hands. 
 She was very proud of herself for finding "Spider sucker!" on the table.
 She did a cupcake walk and had to eat her cupcake right away! Even though she had just eaten that whole glazed donut.
 I wanted her to pick the chocolate cupcake with candy corn pumpkins on top. But, NO!  She had to have the green one with a nasty sugary icky pumpkin on top.
 She waited patiently to go fishing!
 So cute!
 She got an itty bitty triangle.
 And a watch.
 Every time she found a new Halloween decoration she would look at it and whisper, 
"Mom! Spooky!"
 She was a pro at the bean bag toss.  She got a little 7up can from Grandpa Pete.
And at the end of the night, Marley was the messiest littlest cutest witch. 

Grandpa Alger and Marley have a strong tradition of saying, "Boo!" to each other. So, on Halloween Grandpa called to say "Boo!" to Marley. She was outside with Daddy so I told Grandpa that we'd call him back.  When Marley called him back the first thing she said was, "Boo!"