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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Need Your Help!!!

I know what you are thinking:
Nothing can help you Becky.
OR you are thinking....
No, I can't help you.

But, I CAN be helped and YOU CAN help me!

I'm calling on all the help of my blog readers, comment-ers, lurkers....ALL OF YOU!
(not sure how many of you are out there...but, if you're there...please help!)

First, a little update:
Nearly 35 weeks pregnant. 
Little girl #2 is healthy and happy so far. 

I am getting nervous about labor and delivery. 
The Soo is like 20 years behind the rest of the US in their child birthing methods, so it's going to be....
At least that's the word I keep using to delude myself. 

I am of course uncomfortable but I am trying not to think about that or complain.
Because from here on out...it just gets more uncomfortable. 

I am always HOT!
Nathan agrees, both in temperature and especially in physical appearance.
Physical appearance is beside the point right now though.
This incubation period makes me SO hot at night. 
I push Nathan to the far reaches of his edge of the bed (only queen sized, can't have him too far away) because heat seems to stalk me.
As a result it is very hard to sleep at night, as of late. 

That's the end of the baby growing update. 
Oh, here are some pictures...because my mom and sisters keep hounding me.
Tell me, which lighting do you like better?  And which pose?
The warm lighting?

 Or the cold?

 Of course, this one below is my favorite pose. 
You know you ALL love it, and it's your favorite too.

Now, have you heard of the show:
I love Niecy. 
And you know I love organizing. 

I tried watching two different shows about Hoarding.
Those sad, poor, sick people. 
It's too hard to watch.
My sister said, you should watch Clean House! 
She was so right. 

Netflix has some seasons of Clean House so, I have been watching them. 

One night when I couldn't sleep I planned a yard sale for my WHOLE BLOCK.
Since we live out of town and one little itty bitty garage sale out of town isn't worth anyone's time and travel, I thought a whole block sale would be worth it! 
I pictured myself going door to door on our block (because we do live in a small town) to see if others where interested. 
Finding out what they might have to sell (for advertising).
Finding out what summer weekend would be best.
And advertising!
I'm probably not going to do that, too much work. 
But, it was a nice way to "count sheep" one night. 

Last night I spent those quiet hours, thinking about how I want to make my house cleaner. 
Our living spaces are clean and usually tidy. 
But, we have a "Project Room." 
I've mentioned it before. 
I work on it pretty regularly. 
But like all projects...they make messes. 
And since the Project Room continues to be THE Project...
I need to get past that so I can do some actual projects in the project room.
Does that make any sense? 

It is also a multi-purpose room.
Here is where your help comes in, so let me start by giving you a picture of what I want this room to be:

Food Storage - right now it's one corner and will get bigger along a short wall
Office - bill paying and filing
Crafting - making hair bows, and homemade cards, etc. 
Hobbying - Nathan is teaching himself basket weaving, that kind of stuff...
Sewing - sewing machine has a table and is out all the time.
Small Library
Nathan's closet
A little bit of storage
Guest Room


I think the biggest problem is the "little bit of storage" and the filing. 

I have too many "memory" boxes. {storage}
I keep too much paperwork. {filing} 

I don't know what to keep because one day my kids might be interested in it.
I don't know what to keep because I might need that paperwork. 

But, with the inspiration from CLEAN HOUSE, that will be my mantra while I clean the Project Room.

Now here is my game plan and a picture.

Game Plan: One section at a time.
First, I need this nice long table cleaned off so I can sort through the "storage" and get rid of stuff!
Some of the stuff will stay on the desk, in the end, when the room is DONE.
But, for now, I should clean it ALL off so I have maximum space to sort and organize.
What do you think? 
This is a "before" picture for this organizing project! Don't you want a small piece of the "after" picture? I need your help!
 I'm serious. 
Comment away about this mess. 
This is going to BE my blog for a little while, so you can help me get this organized. 
Help me make stupid decisions I should be able to make on my own.