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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Need Your Help!!!

I know what you are thinking:
Nothing can help you Becky.
OR you are thinking....
No, I can't help you.

But, I CAN be helped and YOU CAN help me!

I'm calling on all the help of my blog readers, comment-ers, lurkers....ALL OF YOU!
(not sure how many of you are out there...but, if you're there...please help!)

First, a little update:
Nearly 35 weeks pregnant. 
Little girl #2 is healthy and happy so far. 

I am getting nervous about labor and delivery. 
The Soo is like 20 years behind the rest of the US in their child birthing methods, so it's going to be....
At least that's the word I keep using to delude myself. 

I am of course uncomfortable but I am trying not to think about that or complain.
Because from here on out...it just gets more uncomfortable. 

I am always HOT!
Nathan agrees, both in temperature and especially in physical appearance.
Physical appearance is beside the point right now though.
This incubation period makes me SO hot at night. 
I push Nathan to the far reaches of his edge of the bed (only queen sized, can't have him too far away) because heat seems to stalk me.
As a result it is very hard to sleep at night, as of late. 

That's the end of the baby growing update. 
Oh, here are some pictures...because my mom and sisters keep hounding me.
Tell me, which lighting do you like better?  And which pose?
The warm lighting?

 Or the cold?

 Of course, this one below is my favorite pose. 
You know you ALL love it, and it's your favorite too.

Now, have you heard of the show:
I love Niecy. 
And you know I love organizing. 

I tried watching two different shows about Hoarding.
Those sad, poor, sick people. 
It's too hard to watch.
My sister said, you should watch Clean House! 
She was so right. 

Netflix has some seasons of Clean House so, I have been watching them. 

One night when I couldn't sleep I planned a yard sale for my WHOLE BLOCK.
Since we live out of town and one little itty bitty garage sale out of town isn't worth anyone's time and travel, I thought a whole block sale would be worth it! 
I pictured myself going door to door on our block (because we do live in a small town) to see if others where interested. 
Finding out what they might have to sell (for advertising).
Finding out what summer weekend would be best.
And advertising!
I'm probably not going to do that, too much work. 
But, it was a nice way to "count sheep" one night. 

Last night I spent those quiet hours, thinking about how I want to make my house cleaner. 
Our living spaces are clean and usually tidy. 
But, we have a "Project Room." 
I've mentioned it before. 
I work on it pretty regularly. 
But like all projects...they make messes. 
And since the Project Room continues to be THE Project...
I need to get past that so I can do some actual projects in the project room.
Does that make any sense? 

It is also a multi-purpose room.
Here is where your help comes in, so let me start by giving you a picture of what I want this room to be:

Food Storage - right now it's one corner and will get bigger along a short wall
Office - bill paying and filing
Crafting - making hair bows, and homemade cards, etc. 
Hobbying - Nathan is teaching himself basket weaving, that kind of stuff...
Sewing - sewing machine has a table and is out all the time.
Small Library
Nathan's closet
A little bit of storage
Guest Room


I think the biggest problem is the "little bit of storage" and the filing. 

I have too many "memory" boxes. {storage}
I keep too much paperwork. {filing} 

I don't know what to keep because one day my kids might be interested in it.
I don't know what to keep because I might need that paperwork. 

But, with the inspiration from CLEAN HOUSE, that will be my mantra while I clean the Project Room.

Now here is my game plan and a picture.

Game Plan: One section at a time.
First, I need this nice long table cleaned off so I can sort through the "storage" and get rid of stuff!
Some of the stuff will stay on the desk, in the end, when the room is DONE.
But, for now, I should clean it ALL off so I have maximum space to sort and organize.
What do you think? 
This is a "before" picture for this organizing project! Don't you want a small piece of the "after" picture? I need your help!
 I'm serious. 
Comment away about this mess. 
This is going to BE my blog for a little while, so you can help me get this organized. 
Help me make stupid decisions I should be able to make on my own. 


eden said...

two unrelated thoughts (unrelated to each other, not to your situation) -

thought one -
SCANNING - i've been decluttering my mess of a room and i have a pile of old pictures, papers, etc. that i don't necessarily want to get rid of (at least right now) that i'm going to scan in to the computer. all those old things like that that you think your kids would want to see? SCAN them. (: if they're not scannable, then maybe taking a picture of them would be enough. cuts waaaayy down on what you're actually storing, but then you still have what you want. i think it could take care of all that paperwork too. if the amounts are huge, it might be worth having some type of kinko's place scan it all in for you. another option - a college-aged guy in my parents ward will take stacks of pictures (and probably documents too if we asked him) and scan them and put them on a cd. it's been really helpful.

thought two - is about your hotness (the one regarding temperature). (: when i lived in vegas we had this trick where we'd sprinkle (heavily sprinkle) sheets with water and then stick them in the freezer before we went to bed. when we were ready for bed, take the sheet out, spread it out on top of you, and magic would happen. okay, not really, but it did feel really, really good. (: it might be worth it trying. and you could even have two sheets so you could use them on a rotating basis so when the one you're using warms up, just sprinkle it a little more, stick it back in the freezer and grab the other one from the freezer.

that's all i've got. two pretty long thoughts. sorry about the length.

good luck with the decluttering! it's so much fun. (:

eden said...

ps - i really do mean fun. not being sarcastic. i love getting rid of stuff. i just don't do it often enough!

Julie J. said...

Okay, forget the poses, I'm loving the facial expressions!
I fear you have too much planned for one room, but I am going to send you some pictures through email.

Emily said...

Do you scrapbook? If you do, stop immediately. Give all that scrapbooking stuff away and magically you'll be 100% more organized.

Kathy said...

Love your pictures.

Good luck with your project.
I'll send an email.

Becky said...


EDEN: Scanning is genius! Eventually, some stuff I will be scanning. But, for the most part I think things need to be thrown out....I just need to let go.

Wet sheets from the the freezer!!! Sounds frigid! I might try that this summer. That may be a little extreme while there is till snow on the ground.

I agree with you, de-cluttering is fun! It's just hard to know, on my own what to keep and what to chuck.

JULIE: I agree, the facial expressions actually make the pictures...but the poses are what get me to make the facial expressions.


EMILY: I totally agree with you! I do not scrapbook for that very reason...TOO MUCH STUFF TO KEEP AND STORE. But, I do still like to do things with pretty paper and material and crafty buttons and ribbon and stuff. So, maybe those things give the same problem just on a smaller scale, hopefully.

PLEASE KEEP THE SUGGESTIONS COMING! I cleaned off that table tonight and started my first actual project. Pictures and info will be posted soon...in a couple days? Or tomorrow? Or maybe when the first project is complete? I don't know. Soon.

Sandy said...

Get a laundry basket, put it at the end of the table and to swish with your arm into the basket. Put the basket in the closet. If you don't use anything in it for three months throw it all out.

Tiffany said...

one really great idea I saw:

scan all of your kids projects that you want to save and then print photobooks for each year or couple of years. The kids can still look at their precious projects any time they want (which they wouldn't be able to do if they were all tucked away in boxes and you can store them nicely on a bookshelf.

Laurie said...

What sorts of paperwork are you keeping? you only need to keep certain things for 7 years for tax purposes, but other things you can shred right away. Do you pay bills online? if so, you have an electronic record of having paid the bill, so you don't have to keep the paper bills that you are sent. Anything older than 7 years you can shred.

pillingfamily said...

do you have room in your garage to store things that you can't part with but you don't use everyday, like old school work and projects your kids might enjoy when their grown? if you have another place for it get as much stuff out of that room that you don't use regularly but can't bear to throw away.

KordelandHeather said...

Becky My Love, You are soooo inspiring! When I was at your stage of pregnancy all I wanted to do was sit on the couch (well, I wanted to lay down, but then I'd get reflux, if I stood, I'd have to pee, and everything was uncomfortable), but I definitely did NOT want to organize! Good for you! I'm the last person to ask for organizing help, but I did check out a book by Welch? (guy with australian accent), can't remember his name, but he said to start by figuring out what you want the rooms functions to be. YOU DID IT already! Now make sure anything in that room that does not fit in your functions leaves! Now I don't know if that was helpful, but I tell ya, sometimes I'm stuck on that step alone because I want too much from a room too. Something that has really helped me with my paper clutter though, I got folders on my kitchen counter, one for each member of my family, and one for coupons, and one for taxes, and a "to file" one. They're all just stuck in a folder container (basically a narrow plastic box without a top). I don't know why, but this has really helped me and it doesn't take much space. let me know if I need to text you a pic. Anyway, about the heat: make sure you cool off before bed (take off shoes and socks and even dip your feet in some cool water or something. You don't want to be hot before you even get IN the bed. Now, no sheets, no PJs, just a t-shirt if anything, and I promise, you'll NEVER wake up cold so just don't put anything on, you might be chilly to start, but if you even so put on a sheet, you WILL wake up hot!
Boy I miss you! I just love reading your blog when I finally can get my kids to give me a chance to get on MY computer.