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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

yarntastic! Wha!?!

My sister Liz is SO creative!
She can teach herself how to do ANYTHING!

To start out with she (and her husband) created 4 beautiful children! 
They are spunky, and fun and kind kids!
Allynn is SO helpful (the second mother) and smart.
Sydney is whimsical and so happy and friendly and cuddly.
Austin is handsome and knows what he wants.
Kelsey is most of the spunk and has a great imagination.

I love her kids!

Next, Liz has always been amazing at figuring out the computer...
When we were kids, my parents got a computer for the office at the motel. 
She schooled on LoadRunner!
For all I know she taught my parents how to run that computer and make the motel more efficient!

She also taught herself how to use an editing/graphic design software and has been a master at it for YEARS!
She made my wedding announcement, which I loved!
What a great talent to contribute to a family wedding!
Announcements can be so pricey.

She made an awesome visual aid of The Plan of Salvation for me.
I have been using it to teach at church for years! 
It is up in our primary room right now and will be all year!

She is a great cook! 
She makes delicious homemade bread!
The BEST homemade Macaroni & Cheese (I WANT some right now!)
She makes the BEST Chinese food dinner complete with homemade spring rolls, crab rangu, and fried rice!
(I WANT some of that too!)

She has moved a lot. Not a TON, but a lot.
I think that takes creativity!
All the logistics, packing, what to pack, how to pack, how to move, where to move, how to get the kids to help, how to get the husband to help, etc. etc. etc. 
She is in the midst of it right now! 
It's stressing her out but I KNOW she can do it!

She makes beautiful and cute and adorable homemade cards!
Sometimes all of those attributes are in the same card, sometimes they are in individual cards. 
They are ALL impressive!

I think it's been the past year or so that she has really gotten into crocheting. 
She is so good! 
I would venture to say that she creates things that are "yarntastic!"

here are just a few!
Remember this sweater?
Liz made Marley an adorable sweater and matching mittens for Christmas.
Julie (my other sister) made the hat and scarf.
They all matched.
I was SO jealous.... especially of the sweater.
It is seriously, so cute!
These cute slippers!
(Liz they are too small now...hint....hint.)
And flowers for hats and barrettes.
So, this post idea started out as just a chance to laugh at JoAnn's ridiculous yarn ad.
Did you see it?
Somebody crocheted or knitted this beach cruiser a sweater....a full body AND seat sweater!
I'm thinking this bicycle sweater is more yarndiculous!

 However ridiculous the creativity behind it got me thinking about Liz.
She could and probably would make a yarntastic bike cover for someone if they wanted it (Julie?!?!)
and then I pondered on Liz's amazing ability to learn and create. 
Liz thanks for being a good example to me. 
I love you and I love all the things you create.


The Wells said...

Thanks Becky! I love you too!

Kathy said...

hear, hear!

The Yuan Fam said...

I love everything about that post!! Well said!

Julie J. said...

Liz made the pink hat too. I only made the scarf. Liz... about that bike sweater...

Natasha and Jesse said...

Your sister is really skilled. How awesome! And that bike sweater...just wow!

The Klippel Family said...

I admire people like Liz so much. I can't tell you how many of those nice old women from church have tried to show me how to knit to no avail. I cannot keep the stitch on my fingers...ever. I want to learn to do all of this, maybe in another season.

A bike sweater, that's killin' me. some people have a lot of time on their hands I guess. :)

I was so glad to hear from you on my current post, I've missed you!!!! I loved answering the questions. Thanks for including me.

Love you too,


Anonymous said...
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