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Monday, February 6, 2012

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your SHEET!?!?

When Marley graduated from the potty train (last April) she got to pick out a dress-up dress at Walnast.
It was a VERY hard choice but she picked Rapunzel.

Since then there are sightings of Rapunzel about our house. 
In the summer she was often outside...with no shoes....of course not! 
If she had it her way she would have been barefoot, but she compromised by wearing her sparkly shoes.
Ok, sometimes Rapunzel was barefoot....

Here is Rapunzel feeling the grass for the first time. 
That round thing on the ground next to her is a puff ball mushroom. 
SO good deep fried. Not good for the heart...but the tongue...mmmmm.....
These next few outside pictures were taken in October 2011.
 Below: "I'm FREEEEE!!!!"

Marley is very creative when it comes to costuming. 
These next pictures were taken January 2012.
(i know, i know, i spelled Rapunzel wrong on the picture. it's bugging me too. whatevers!)
(AND pay no attention to the mess in our living room.  that's were we live AND play AND make messes.)

Yes, that is a soft/fuzzy blonde crib/toddler bed sheet on her head. 
Nice! Right!?!
I love her smile/punkie face in this next one.
Do you see Pascal?
As you know Rapunzel and Pascal are dear friends.
And what would Rapunzel be without a tower?
 Marley got the movie from Grandma Nette for Christmas. 
So, now we have much of it memorized. 
 You can get a little bit better view of Pascal on the edge of the "Tower" in the photo below. 
Clearly a lizard.
Winter makes us very creative. 
Keeping busy inside.

And when it comes to costuming, Marley already knows what/who she wants to be for Halloween 2012.
She has known this since before Christmas. 
When she opened black corduroy pants on Christmas morning, from Grandma Nette, she said,
"I could wear these for my Halloween costume!!!!"

She has since informed me:
"Now all I need is a pointy nose,
a gray stripped turtle neck,
pointy black boots,
big fat shoulders,
a black coat,
a black and gray stripped scarf! 
And you and dad and our baby girl can be my cousins!!!!"

Do YOU know what/who Marley wants to be for Halloween?


The Wells said...

If she wants to be Gru...you will have to shave her head too.

Julie J. said...

WHEN SHE SAID COUSINS DID SHE MEAN MINIONS? I think she wants to be Gru from Despicable Me?

The Wells said...

ok, Julie and I were on the phone reading this together. Julie gets credit for guessing gru.

pillingfamily said...

gru. it's gru, isn't it? that's a hilarious choice for a little girl. hilarious! but very fitting it seems

Kathy said...

So fun. Love the pictures of her in the trees and on the grass. I love that she is in character while she is watching the movie.

I couldn't guess who she wants to be for Halloween. I'm glad others knew right away.

Shauna Klippel said...

Precious!!!!!! It doesn't get any cuter!!! Oh Becky, you're in for it with her. In a good way that is. From what I can see there is never a dull moment with her-so great. The Rapunzel pictures are great, my oldest daughter is laughing, my younger daughter is asking me if we can blog her doing that!! Hahahaha. We may be copying, as we have a Rapunzel costume waiting right upstairs. Excited to see your post! Take care,


Shauna Klippel said...

Becky-I tagged you on my blog! When you get a chance take a look. I hope you participate, take care,