We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Memory Search

I totally wish I could search my memories and thoughts like I search the web. 

MEMORY: where did I leave my keys....SEARCH

THOUGHTS: spiritual inspiration I received during Branch Conference but didn't get to write down because I was distracted by the needs of kids around me....SEARCH 

Wouldn't that be so helpful!?!

In Harry Potter they have something called a ... (Julie fill in the blank).
It pulls important memories out of your head so you can preserve them. 
And then they have a thing called a Pensive (I think) where others can view the memory!
So cool!
I know.
Not real but So Cool! 

Wouldn't it be nice to remove awful things from your memory?
Or have saved a memory and then when you have a disagreement on how something happened you could SHOW the disagreeing party your memory!
Or to perfectly preserve major events in your life, in real color!
I've heard there is a debate "out there" as to whether or not Memoirs are fiction or nonfiction. 
Nonfiction because memoirs are true stories of an actual real person's life. 
Fiction because they can be considered skewed or exaggerated by emotion and personal interpretation.
I consider my memory horrible but then sometimes I surprise myself. 
I think the majority of the people I know consider their memory poor at best. 
Why is that? 

My sister Julie has a mind like a steal trap. 
It's ridiculous and sometimes scary.

I love to reminisce with Nathan. 
I love to talk about what we remember when it comes to 
the first time saw each other, 
our dating and courtship
our engagement
our wedding
our honeymoon
I guess I'm a romantic...or just a woman.
I love this because I want to remember every detail!
He doesn't like it because he doesn't remember everything I do.

Marley just said: "Mom! Phineas and Ferb are making a title sequence!"
She has a good memory!
Or we watch Phineas and Ferb a lot?
No, she really does have a good memory. 
I know she's young so her mind isn't cluttered yet, but really she impresses me with her recall.

This is all spurred by a relief society meeting we had about personal history.
My mom has been working on her personal history and each Christmas she gives us (her children) another chapter of her life.
I love it!
One of THE BEST gifts ever.
I'm working on my personal history now. 
I'm trying to do a little bit each day. 
I have been surprised by what I'm able to remember when I sit down and start typing. 
It's fun!

Though I still wish I could Google or Yahoo search my brain!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rut Row

Felt a little isolated this week.

Monday, Nathan's phone accidentally got thrown in the washer. =-(  So, we weren't able to text each other all week, while it was drying out...and our minutes were nearly gone so I couldn't call anyone (our minutes reset on the 23rd of each month).

Both of our friends were out of town this week. (yea, we only have two...but at least we have some!)

It started raining Tuesday and hasn't really stopped.

Can't wait for winter!  ;-)  I'm sure then it will be considerably more isolating.

Good News:

Nate put the battery back in his phone today and he said it's acting a little funny but working well enough.

That's a relief.

We are going to the Soo today! The Hydro Electric Plant is having an open house with tours and free food!  We are so there!  And it's Engineer Day at the Locks.  They open the gates and you can walk across the little bridges that go over the Locks....there is also a fair of sorts...not sure if there will be much of a fair with this weather...we'll see!

That's all I got for good news.

Peace out.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Flashback Friday...Finally!

Marley would like nothing more than to be a baby again. 
Who wouldn't!?! 
Sleep on your warm and safe mom all day.
ALL of your needs are taken care of...by someone else. 
And you get to mess yourself in a diaper and nobody is trying to talk you out of it.

She asks me quite often if she can get back in my tummy. 
I explain that she can't go back to being a baby and she cannot and will not fit back in my tummy.
We have long conversations about all the fun things there are to do outside of my tummy.
Once I even explained that she cannot get smaller, she just has to keep getting bigger and one day she will have a baby in HER tummy.
She was WAY too excited for that and started asking how she would get a baby in her tummy and when.

I do not remind her that one day she will have a baby in her tummy....I don't have to. 
She asks quite often if she has a baby in her tummy.
Me: "No, you have to be big like me...and you HAVE to be married!"

When Marley's newest cousin got blessed this past winter, Marley became obsessed with wanting to be blessed too. 
I told her several times she was blessed when she was a baby. 
Marley: "I want to be a baby again! I want to be blessed!"
Me: "You ARE blessed!"

My sister suggested I show Marley the pictures we took of her on her blessing day. 

I did.
She LOVED them!

Then I got the great idea to pull her blessing dress out of the closet and show her. 

Great idea? I don't know. 

Marley: "Ok! I put that on!"

Me: "No. You're WAY too big."
Me: [holding dress up to Marley to show she is too big]

BUT, it looked like it might fit her so.....

I had to see....
She's our little peanut.

If her hair was done....not such a mess...she might look like a Queen.

Here's the flashback.
And the story behind her precious little blessing dress.