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Friday, June 3, 2011

Flashback Friday...Finally!

Marley would like nothing more than to be a baby again. 
Who wouldn't!?! 
Sleep on your warm and safe mom all day.
ALL of your needs are taken care of...by someone else. 
And you get to mess yourself in a diaper and nobody is trying to talk you out of it.

She asks me quite often if she can get back in my tummy. 
I explain that she can't go back to being a baby and she cannot and will not fit back in my tummy.
We have long conversations about all the fun things there are to do outside of my tummy.
Once I even explained that she cannot get smaller, she just has to keep getting bigger and one day she will have a baby in HER tummy.
She was WAY too excited for that and started asking how she would get a baby in her tummy and when.

I do not remind her that one day she will have a baby in her tummy....I don't have to. 
She asks quite often if she has a baby in her tummy.
Me: "No, you have to be big like me...and you HAVE to be married!"

When Marley's newest cousin got blessed this past winter, Marley became obsessed with wanting to be blessed too. 
I told her several times she was blessed when she was a baby. 
Marley: "I want to be a baby again! I want to be blessed!"
Me: "You ARE blessed!"

My sister suggested I show Marley the pictures we took of her on her blessing day. 

I did.
She LOVED them!

Then I got the great idea to pull her blessing dress out of the closet and show her. 

Great idea? I don't know. 

Marley: "Ok! I put that on!"

Me: "No. You're WAY too big."
Me: [holding dress up to Marley to show she is too big]

BUT, it looked like it might fit her so.....

I had to see....
She's our little peanut.

If her hair was done....not such a mess...she might look like a Queen.

Here's the flashback.
And the story behind her precious little blessing dress. 


Sandy said...

She is a queen. She is the peanut queen. Lynnette did a beautiful job on that dress. I really is a keepsake.

Madison said...

Oh Becky that is hilarious! She is such a cutie!!! I have the same temple dress and plan on having a blessing dress made out of it as well someday! Love it!