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Monday, May 30, 2011

Missed a Day


But ya'll didn't even miss me did ya! 

One more day left...tomorrow. 


I can't believe it's nearly over. 

But, have no fear.

I will still blog regularly...

To keep it up though, I really think I need to get that whole picture problem resolved. 

I don't want to pay $5 a year.

Cheap right? 

I know. 

But, when does it end in another 3-5 years will I have to pay MORE!?!  

Because yet again I have run out of room? 

And what if I don't want to pay $5 anymore....in the future...what then?

Decisions. Decisions.
What if I just start a new blog...with a new email address....

Is that bad?

Is that dishonest?

Would you all follow me over to a new blog?


Don't forget to answer the last three questions above, I really want to know, but here's more....

The rain foiled our plans for Memorial Day....

Actually, we got hoodwinked! 

We were supposed to go to a lake that has a bridge

and then

to Tahquamenon Falls.

But, this morning when we woke up it was raining. 
We got online to check the forecast for the day and multiple sources said it was going to be rainy with thunder storms. 

We sent a text to our friends and mutually we decided it would be best to stay home.

Guess what!?!?

It was a beautiful day. 

I'm sad we missed out on a fun little day trip.

But, we hadn't been shopping for about 2 weeks and we really needed some food. 

So, we went grocery shopping instead. 

I love day trips but I really love food. 


Can I ask you one more question?

It's kinda personal, so you don't have to answer....
What do you spend on groceries per month? 

We spend $300 - $400 per month and I'm just wondering if that is normal.


Brittani said...

I was going to say just make a new blog before I read that it was your solution! I would totally follow you there too! Groceries is a tricky question since we live with my in-laws...but about $300 for 4 adults on a good month.

Emily said...

Yes, i would follow you.... but the 5 bucks a year gets you 20x more space so i doubt you would fill it up anytime soon.... it would buy you another 50 years worth

groceries, we spend probably about 400-500, but i have 3 sons. AND I live in California where everything is expensive.

Andrea Busath said...
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Andrea Busath said...

Yes, of course I'd follow you to a new blog =] But first, do you host your pictures on Blogger? Or do you use another site? (like photobucket?) If you don't want to create a new blog, try uploading a photo to photobucket, and then insert it into your post by copying the direct link that photobucket gives you, and then in your post, clicking the picture icon, then click URL, paste the URL, and your picture should show up, then hit insert and publish. That might solve your problem...maybe? It might be a bit more work, but it might be worth not having to start a NEW blog =]]

love ya!

Alissa said...

Hmmmm. I must have missed something with the $5 picture thing... but I would follow you on your new blog.

I tried budgeting $250 but found out that was not going to work. I budget $300-350 but I have NEVER stayed within my food budget, its a bit ridiculous.

Emily said...

Another tip:

You can keep the same blog, but post under different usernames. For example, make your husband an author and when you sign in with his account and post under his name, the storage goes on HIS google photo account and NOT yours. So guess what? ALL of my kids have their own emails and I've been posting under their names. I dont think anyone even notices ;)

My Everythings said...

Our food runs about 400 a month, some months closer to 500. But that includes eating out and food storage stuff. We like food. :)

pillingfamily said...

i'd totally follow you over, and no, that is not dishonest or bad. at all. groceries? hmm. i don't even know. is that bad? probably around $500, or more, but there's 7 of us and i swear gwen eats more than anyone else. plus we all like good steak, and good salmon, and unfortunately those are expensive. but i've always said that good food is one of the best things to splurge on.

Adam and Sarah said...

Just pay the $5.... that's what I've had to start doing. But if you made your blog into a book then you could back and delete some entries if it didn't make you too sad. Or delete some pictures anyway.
Also, as for groceries... we range from $250-$325 every month. But that includes diapers, toilet paper, toiletries, makeup, etc... It does NOT include eating out which we do once every week or two (often that's just cheapo pizza or something inexpensive). So that's that. :)

Lilianne said...

beck! I love you. we miss you. will we get to see you this summer? I hope so. If not, when will you be in Utah next?

We spend about $500 a month on everything. Food/diapers/formula, etc. But that doesn't include eating out either. But we do buy good meat and stuff and lots of produce. I don't know how people feed huge families on such a tight budget. I'm a terrible budgeter.

I'm having serious issues with my iPhoto and disk space. As soon as I get that all worked out, I'm going to post more pics so that you have something to read from our blog!

We love you!! And that Marley pants is so hilarious. What a funny girl!! xoxo

Chelsea said...

Have to agree with the comment above - just pay the $5! I'm as cheap as cheapo gets... I tried thinking of ways around the $5... but really - the effort's not worth it. You'll spend more on your electricty bill from using your computer extra long to shuffle around photos than you would to just pay the five bucks, and never ever have to worry about space issues again. 20x more space is HUGE! K, so there's my two cents. Continuing on with cents... man, I wish I knew exactly how much we spend on groceries. I don't really pay attention. I just never buy anything that isn't a great deal, and make sure nothing expires or gets lost in the fridge, and shop those clearance bins/racks/carts shamelessly... With 3 kids now, we're probably around $300. That includes a couple eating-out ventures each month. It would probably be less if I wasn't such a health nut.

Way to get your readership involved with good questions! :)