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Thursday, May 5, 2011


One of my *BBPhF's wrote about how she loves to make lists.
I am the same.
I write lists because I have a poor memory. I have found that I can only keep a list of three things in my head. If I get more than three, in the end when I'm ready to write it down or actually do them, I'm lucky if I can remember ONE thing. 

I also write lists because I'm 99% sure that crossing things off the list is addicting. Sure accomplishing things feels great, but actually crossing something or multiple somethings off your list is exhilarating. 

I'm so addicted to crossing things off, if I do something that wasn't on the list, I will write it on the list just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off. 

I also love seeing a list, at the end of the day, with a bunch of stuff crossed off.  

Today the only think on "my list" is:
be sick
trott to the bathroom periodically
spray my throat
get better

I didn't actually put the first one on my list but, being sick is one of those things that just shows up on the list.

And then usually, as you can see the rest of your list revolves around that one thing. 

 Of all the things that just show up on the list by itself, it has to be the rudest and most inconvenient and uncomfortable and unwanted and....

You get the idea. 

Since I have such a short and boring list today, I will share my list from yesterday, with a few comments and even a few pictures!

Go for a walk - it was sunny! and any day that is sunny, at the very LEAST gets "go for a walk". 
I will be blogging about "go for a walk" another day so here is just one picture to get you excited for that post.

Clean up the front and back yard - when the snow melted we found lovely trash.
several plastic eggs tied into our bush with curling ribbon, from who knows how many Easters ago!
4 pumpkin leaf bags, from who knows how many Halloweens ago!
a child's toy that had been smashed all to he** and scattered ALL over the yard, probably by the snow plow.

there were also a lot of cigarette butts and unidentifiable papers and what-nots and that is why I bought and used one of these:
I didn't take pictures of the backyard but lets just say it was worse because it was all trash absolutely left by the last tenants (no help from the snow plow or the wind) and better because there was a little wooden Princess chair, which Marley LOVES and calls it "The chair I found in my garden."

Clean out the car - anybody who really knows me, knows I love to clean out the car. I haven't REALLY done it since we drove here from Utah. Sure I've done little clean ups to keep the garbage from accumulating but I hadn't REALLY cleaned it out. The only thing we didn't do yesterday was vacuum it out...another day.  But, there's a great story to go along with this car cleaning venture...I'll have to share that story another day...but, here's a picture to get you excited:
Clean the kitchen and do the floor (still need to do all the floors)
Declutter the dinning room and do the floor
Finish folding laundry and put it away
Clean up living room and vacuum 
Make copies of marriage license and birth certificate - this has been on the list since we moved here. It will take a total of 5 minutes and I STILL haven't done it...I just keep putting it off. Maybe because it's not due 'til September, but I'd like to turn it in early...just so I don't forget. You know?

Welp, that's about it, for yesterday. 
It was a good day! 
I felt great, the weather was superb and so we got a lot done! 

So much for today.

*BBPhF - Best BlogosPhere Friend - I know her VERY well because I read her blog everyday. I imagine being her real friend, but in reality she has no idea I exist. 


Julie J. said...

I know how much you like lists and I have seen you crossing things off with great relish. I have also seen you clean out your car with great relish.
Now I have seen Marley go potty with great relish.

Anonymous said...

Guilty!! I write stuff I've already finished or bought just to cross it off!!! I love it! Dave has a shop-vac and I used it the last time we were down there to vacuum out our nasty car. It felt so good to hear all those pebbles go through the tube. Ah.

Jill said...

Love the potty picture!