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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finally....the 100th post.

So back around January 2009 I was nearing my 100th post. 
I was preparing 100 random things about me.
I know a few people that have done this when they reach their 100th post. 
I never did it though. 
I think it was because I couldn't think of 100 things to share....
But I have now!

100 things you may not know about me.....

1. I was born in Utah.

2. I lived in Montana (ages 6 to 11) and then got called to be a full-time missionary there for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

3. Asside from babysitting a lot. My first job was at an Office Supply & Stationary Store (McWhorter's).

4. I have been married for 5 years this November.

5. I love roadtrips!

6. I like to cook....after I've watched an episode of Iron Chef America!

7. I am currently reading The Help...it's good! 

8. I am 5'6".

9. I have never had a professional message...but I think I would love it!

10. I have been to Japan....Booya! I've been ALL OVER that island/country! I loved it! (2006)

11. I want to travel to all 50 states (I'm about 3/4 done).

12. I didn't vote for Barack Obama. Love me. Hate me. It's your choice. I respect that.

13. All of the first born girls in my family have Joy as their middle name. They are named after my grandmother.

14. I have a lot of favorite colors...but I guess the most consistent one is blue.

15. I enjoy riding my bike.

16. I lived in Florida for one semester and worked at Walt Disney World.

17. My favorite drinks are water, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, root beer and dr. pepper.

18. I donated 10 inches of my hair to locks of love once.

19. My daughter Marlayna is named after a very good friend from my mission.

20. I have 3 nieces and 2 nephew....That was when I originally started this list...now I have 4 nieces and 2 nephews on my side. And on Nate's side I have 3 nieces and 2 nephews.

21. My favorite shows of all time are The Cosby Show, MONK, and LOST.

22. I love to floss my teeth, but don't do it as often now that I'm a mom.

23. My favorite shows to watch are The Biggest Loser, The Closer, and Psych.

24. I was on the Softball team in high school.

25. I was in the Color Guard in high school and one year they even tricked me into being the captain.

26. I do not like the taste or smell of Thanksgiving turkey.

27. Meadow Gold Tin Can Alley is my favorite ice cream (they don't sell it in Lincoln, NE....I'VE LOOKED!!!!) I should look for that in the Soo.

28. I have a fake tooth.

29. I own a Nikon D5000. Really really enjoy it.

30.Our black honda accord's name is The Black Pearl.

31. I wear size 7 1/2 or 8 shoe...depending on the shoe.

32. I have been to Hawaii and hiked Diamond Head. (2005)

33. I really would like to go on a cruise...someday.

34. Nathan and I have a Bucket List...it includes sleeping in a Castle.

35. I have an enhanced driver's license.

36. I am a member of facebook under Rebecca A. Freitas.

37. I have an alter ego.

38. I never thought I would only have 1 kid at age 31.

39. When people learn my age they often say they thought I was younger than I am.

40. I am allergic to horses....ok, I'm allergic to anything with fur but I get the worst reaction from horses....and cats.

41. I love Disneyland...who doesn't?

42. Nathan and I are 80 days apart...I'm older.

43. I have had glasses since 4th grade, contacts since 8th.

44. I would really like to have Lasik.

45.I have lived in 6 states.

46. I love breakfast but I don't like cold cereal for breakfast.

47. I was in choir for 7 years.

48. I peed my pants in the second grade (am I that desperate for things to share already? I'm not even to 50 yet!)

49. I peed my pants at girls camp a few times...all accidents, of course. One was early in the morning and I was trying to get all my stuff together for a shower so I wouldn't have to come back. I should have just made a second trip. The other was when my friend Elizabeth and I were trying to hike our bedding back up to our cabin after sleeping on inspiration point and we started laughing, really hard.  I got nicknamed the Peepee Monster.

50. I am half way done with random facts about me!

51. If I laugh too hard, sometimes I throw up.

52. We just signed up for Netflix last week and we LOVE it!

53. I wish we had a Wii....someday.

54. I am hungry right now. Oh wait, I'm always hungry.

55. I have stayed up all night playing barbies several times. Not recently.

56. I hit a deer once.

57. I used to hate to shop. Now I can tolerate it.

58. I feel in love with Nathan when he was dressed up like Jack Sparrow. 

59. I love being a stay at home mom.

60. I like trying new recipes for dinner.

61. When I lived in Lincoln, I was a member of a card group and that is when my creativity sprouted.

62. When I was a kid I used to down hill ski every Saturday during the winter. I do not remember the last time I went. So expense these days.

63. I would like to learn more about digital scrapbooking.

64. I lived in a motel for part of my childhood (Montana, parent's managed the motel).

65. I can triple roll my tongue. I'll show you sometime.

66. I love The Goonies.

67. I am the 3rd of 4 children.

68. I love to snorkel.

69. I have been Mount Rushmore.

70. My daughter often pretends that she is me...she says, "I'm Bicky." Then when I call her Marley, she says, "No, mom call my Bicky."And when she is Becky, I'm usually Sam.

71. I love to dance to music.

72. I love warm, sunny days and to drive with the windows down and music up.

73. My favorite holiday is Christmas.

74. I can't wait for spring when the flowers and trees begin to blossom:)

75. I used to love to exercise. Not anymore.

76. I suppose as a consequence of #75 I feel fat. 

77. I had braces when I was 23...it's a long story...it has to do with that fake tooth.

78. I love Disney movies...who doesn't?

79. When I was little my sisters and I often rode bikes that were too big for us...just because.

80. My favorite dinner is homemade pizza.

81. I love to clean my house.

82. Nathan and I enjoy riding bikes...did I already say that?

83. I love to be told, "I love you!"...who doesn't?

84. I want to buy a piano...someday.

85. I love children's books.

86. In Lincoln, I let our management know we had an inferior dishwasher and two days later we came home from grocery shopping and we had a brand new one!

87. We don't have a dishwasher now.  But, we have a washer and dryer!

88. I got my bachelor's degree from BYU.

89. I had plans to go to graduate school to be a Speech Pathologist.

90. I have become a little more crafty since becoming a stay-at-home mom.

91. Sometimes I have a hard time getting rid of stuff....I'm getting better though.

92. I'm a morning person and Nathan's a night owl...it makes our nights and mornings interesting.

93. I just saw Tangled for the first time on Monday. Loved it!

94. I know my Heavenly Father Loves Me!

95. My favorite Jelly Bellies are Buttered Popcorn, Bubble Gum, and Coconut.

96. I love the internet...who doesn't?

97. I know that Pineapple is a natural meat tenderizer...did you know that?

98. I love to hike.

99. I love to make new friends and have a hard time keeping in touch with old friends...even though I love them!

100. You are my best friend because you read all 100 Random Facts About Me!

So....tell me about yourself.


Anonymous said...

What a great list!! Did you write it all out first and then post about it? I miss you so much and since I'm an emotional wreck these days, I cried while reading your 100 random facts. You're welcome.

Alissa said...

I loved reading your list and I love feeling like I know you well enough to have already knew half of that. And in someways we are so similar other ways no way no how. :)
I totally understand the excercise thing, what happened? I find I loath it right now.
I'm doing the free trial with Netflix-I've been thinking I should do a post of the movies that I've liked so far-So look out for that post.
Well, this long enough! Good to hear from you!

Today's Gift said...

I have pictures for #18! Fun list.

Sandy said...

I love you. MOM

Chelsea said...

I thought you were younger than that....

=) jk. Totally fun to read! And educational too. I now know that pineapple is a meat tenderizer. Sweet.

Madison said...

I love that you want to sleep in a castle someday! I hope you guys are able to cross that off your list I know you will! I love you Rebecca!!! I may steel this idea for my blog...with no guys in the picture i need something to entertain the masses :)

Adam and Sarah said...

I was certain that #100 was going to say, "I'm pregnant" or something to that effect. That would have been a perfect ending to the list though ,eh? I had myself convinced it was going to be that and I was getting really, really excited. But alas, nope! lol I'm such a freak, right? We miss you guys!