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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

She let me sleep in...

I have to tell you the potty train has pretty much left the station a success. 

Marley is doing so well that she is on her last potty chart, 2 of 2. 

The first was a chaotic mess with stickers anywhere and everywhere.
Stickers were the exciting reward for going in the potty and in most cases it was just pee pee.

Because she was having a hard time getting twosies down and usually waiting until nap or bedtime to let it go in a diaper, I got 6-7 surprises for her at the dollar store.
I showed her the first one to get her excited.
Told her that when she went poo poo in the potty she would get it. 
It worked and each time she went she got a new surprise but those ones she didn't get to see until she had already done the deed

Each time she hoped out loud that her surprise would be a Barbi. 
She has played with Barbis at other peoples homes. 
I had no idea she wanted one until she was hoping for them as a doo doo prize.

Each time she got a little $ prize she loved it, even though it wasn't a Barbi. 

When the prizes ran out we decided if she wanted something big like a Barbi we had to be sure this was a habit. So, we made a chart with 20 boxes. Stickers are once again the exciting prize and now she only gets a sticker if she goes dookie.
When she has gone 20 times she gets...

A dress up dress. Rapunzel to be exact. Unless of course when we go to purchase her prize she chooses something else...like a little car seat for her babies since I always have to buckle them into the car seat belt.

She's too young for a Barbi. 

Yesterday, Marley and I spent an impromptu day in the Soo, sightseeing! 

Nathan found out, shortly after arriving at work, that he would be going out in the field with some of his co-workers. He texted me and told me and mentioned how he thought he was ill equipt with no boots and no coat. At the time the day was rainy and over cast.

I didn't want him to be uncomfortable and I was excited for an excuse to put off doing the laundry, so I offered to take him what he needed. 

We dropped off his stuff and proceeded to find excuses to stay in the Soo.
Avoiding the laundry. 
And hopefully making it til 3:00 or 4:00 so we could pick him up and take him home.

We went to several tourist/gift shops. 
We walked all over downtown.
We went to the Salvation Army and a another second hand store. 
We went to a used book store.
And we went to the Locks.
We watched a freighter get raised and go through one side and watched a tour boat get lowered and go through the other side. 

 Marley was such a trouper the whole time.  She barely touched anything in the gift shops...but asked for everything. I usually respond "Maybe someday." And she walks away content with not hearing the word "No." and that maybe someday she can have everything...healthy right? 
My other usual response to "I want to get that!"  is "Mee too!! But we don't have the money for that."
More realistic.

  She walked the whole time...except for the last leg back to the car around 3:30.

We had such a fun day just hangin out together. 
Shopping, sightseeing and walking. 


This morning around 4:55 a.m. Marley busted out of her room woke me up to help her go potty. She can't reach the light switch. Though she often wakes up with a dry pull-up this is the first time she has gotten up to go to the bathroom in the night. After, she went right back to bed and so did I. 

Nathan left this morning and I slept in.


Either I get up and Marley is still sleeping. 

OR she gets up and comes to wake me up. 

Today she woke up. Quietly pulled all the blankets out of her closet and made a nest on the floor. 
I don't know when she woke up but when I woke up at 8:30 I was so excited to sneak downstairs and read my blogs and get a post started for today. 

I was surprised to find her door was wide open. I peeked in and saw her laying in the nest of blankets on the floor wide awake and completely silent.


I gave her a flying burrito and she loved it!

Today we are doing the laundry.

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Julie J. said...

So, Marley is finally making her BOOM BOOM in the potty. That's great. Did you know there is a rapunzel barbie. She would love it and it's not the real thing so it's more age appropriate.
I wish I could come see the locks!