We're livin' it up on the U.P. - that's Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Punkie is 6 and LOVED Kindergarten! Isaboo is 2 and she's a smiley whirl wind. We also call her Busy-Isi. This year we welcomed little Lorenzo to our family.

Life is great!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rain Rain

Go away.

Sorry. I know that moisture is good for the environment and for our water sources, etc.

It ruins my plans.

We were supposed to have a garage sale with our friends today.

It got rained out.
We ended up driving to a near by town seeking donuts.

We roamed, in the car, through beautiful country...there's a lot of country around us and we love to explore.

We sat in the car and watched a freighter float passed.

We checked out the Pine Bowl pathway and one day soon we will bike it. 

We did get to meet up with our friends to have yummy yummy hamburgers.

We still had a good day. 

How does that rhyme go? 

It's raining it's pouring
The old man is snoring
Bumped his head....


Julie J. said...

The U.P. is like the perfect place for you guys... If it would stop raining...

Shalantie said...

I love you becky and I love your blog. I wish I could speak and write the way that you do. I wish I could be as jolly and fun as you are. I could read your posts all. day. long. It's so entertaining.