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Life is great!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Juuullliieeeeeee. Look what I got!

Works like a charm.
 I think you know what's in there.
 Got this gently used sugar shaker for $.50 at a rummage sale last week.
 Pancakes and Strawberries with Powdered Sugar!
Tomorrow I shall try it with French Toast...My favorite.

Too tired to post about the event we went to today. Some other day.


Emily said...

Not to burst your bubble, but I think those are for Parmesan cheese. The sugar ones have more of a screen-like mesh...

but hey, if it works, right??

the strawberry french toast looks delightful though... i'm uberjealous!

Today's Gift said...

What a deal! I love those sugar shakers. And pancakes and french toast with strawberries.

Btw, I was looking through your list of blogs and came across a blog called "The Green's Gable" and clicked on it. How do you know Julie Green?! She is in the Stake RS presidency here in Lexington. Such a small world!!

Becky said...

Emily - I did know that this was not exactly for sugar but it was the right price and Julie and I have been talking about wanting something to shake sugar onto our breakfast goodies.

Natasha - I know Julie Green from when we lived in Lincoln. Seth and Nate both went to UNL. Such a small world! Especially in the church.

Julie J. said...

Awesome!!! I got one too, I'll blog about it!