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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Its berry time,well soon anyway.

Once again Becky has put off blogging too long and this time has no backup because she is supposed to be preparing for speaking and teaching at church tomorrow morning. She thought that I, the farmer, would make a good guest blogger. Which leads me to the topic of today's blog. This being a farmer's wife blog it should therefore discuss more farmer things, like strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

Since we have moved to the U.P. I have been somewhat excited about berry picking and not from a cultivated garden too.Our backyard has wild strawberries growing everywhere and they are in bloom now. Soon there will be strawberries. There is going to be competition too because as I said these are wild strawberries. The wild knows about them too. Have a look at the facts here.Source: http://www.wildernesscollege.com/wild-strawberry-plants.html

Like this image wild strawberries are sure small, but really sweet.

Blackberries will ripen next and are (in this farmer's opinion) the best berries. There is nothing small about wild blackberries and they are often considered a weed and invasive (this shocks me). I think native wild blackberries are given a bad rap because of their agressive cousins who have been introduced from foreign parts. Whatever the reason I have room for blackberries anytime and anywhere. Read all about it.

Blueberry foraging will be attempted around the end of July (If you are reading this mom you need to plan accordingly if you want to join us in blueberry picking). We will probably be competing with the black bears here, not intentionally mind you, and all the other critters too because this is where it is at (after blackberries). Back in Utah, when we lived with Grandma Nette and Grandpa Pete, Marley would eat all of the blueberries off of Grandpa Pete's small bushes without any qualms that no one else got any. I don't think she will be any help when we forage this year either, but she should be full and satisfied when we come back from picking. The real nitty gritty here.

I could try and write about all the antioxidants and amazing effects of eating these fruits but I really don't care about those things. That they are fruit and they taste good is good enough for this farmer. And this concludes this guest spot because the wife is anxious to see what I wrote about her. Tell her it was about her attempt to capture and cook a pheasant for dinner. That should be a good story for her to explain.


The Hungry said...

I think Nathan should be a regular guest blogger. He makes capturing and cooking pheasant sound so exciting.

Love you church lady. Love you all!

Jill said...

I enjoyed the guest blogger. I think there must be a gene that gets one excited about plants and it must run in our family.

Julie J. said...

Great post! I wish I could come and pick berries with you.