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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Celebration of Mother Earth

Earth day is April 22 but, it's still too cold in Michigan, to celebrate Mother Earth in April....so we celebrated it today! 
Nathan's department actually put on a little Mother Earth Day Festival. 
We went.
We got sunburned.
And we had a great time!

Marley made a tiger at the Bayliss Library table. 
That cutie pie behind Marley is her best friend Lills.

 When Marley was done she marched right over to her daddy to show off the tiger she made.

 Honoring Mother Earth
Have I told you Nathan works for the Sault branch of the Chippewa Tribe.
 In the Environmental Department.
 They raffled off an adult bike and a child bike.
 This guy was ALL over library booth. Doesn't he just LOOK like a reader with such an interesting hat on?

 Marley and Lills played all day. 
They ran.
They chatted.
 They discussed.
 Looks like Lills is about to hit Marley for whatever Marley said in the last picture.
 But, no they were just having an absolutely important and in depth conversation about Lills' bandAid.
 They collected A LOT of rocks and put them in their pockets, thank goodness. Phhht!
 This is Kathie, Nathan's boss. (very nice woman)
 Nathan taught a workshop on composting and demonstrated, with the help of participants, how to build your own composting box out of pallets.

 While I helped Nathan with his workshop, Marley attended the song writing workshop. 
And that lovely lady in the purple sweater is my friend Robin (Nathan's coworker and Lills' mom ;-)

 Marley and I became certified tree planters. We really got a certificate saying so.
 And of course once the composting box is done...who wants to get in it?
A highschool kid.
And Marley!
 And once the highschool kid came to his senses.
Lills came along and wanted in!

 This guy is Joe Reilly. He was great! Not only has he written great, fun, original songs, he's a great performer. He just did a tour of the Eastern U.P. at all the elementary and middle schools. It was called "Bringing the Love Tour." Cute! You can check out his website here.
We tried to buy his CD but he ran out with one person ahead of us.
 He taught the song writing workshop and then he and his song writers sang the song they wrote. 
Watch Marley in these pictures.
Sittin' on the stage.
 Helpin' myself to Joe's egg shaker.
 And dancin'
 And shakin' and dancin' all over.
 Oh yea!
 Now the poser.
What? You don't think she's posing?
 She is.
 No really.
 She loves to pose.
 Not in the poses I want her to but....
 she loves to pose.
 Now do you believe me?

 This is the view across the street from Nathan's work. 
Beautiful right? 
There's the street.
There's a little camping area.
There's water. (Saint Mary's River)
And then Canada.

This is a tree and it's buds. Ha ha!
Nathan wanted a picture so he could identify it.
Beautiful, right?

This is Saint Marie's Canal. Or something like that.
There are five or six little bridges in the Soo. 
They built a big canal through downtown. 
It's for the power plant. Interesting, yes?
And we're not sure if they still call it the Saint Mary's River or if it's the canal? 
ANYWAY, this is a picture taken on one of the bridges.
 The other side of the bridge. 
A dude fishing.
And the power plant in the background.
That power plant building is beautiful and looks OLD.
 This evening when we got home we wanted to eat a yummy delicious dinner. 
We thought and thought.
It shouldn't have been too hard because we just went shopping yesterday.
We came up with Grilled Chicken and Veggies and Angel Hair Alfredo.
Was it good?
 Looks like an Iron Chef made it, no?

We're beat.


Anonymous said...

I love you!

Jill said...

Sounds like you had so much fun. I miss you! and love you!

Julie J. said...

What a fun day!