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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We Are Off!!!

Today we are off to St. Ignace. 
Nathan has a training down there.
Marley and I have some friends to hang out with there, from our branch.
 We will be hanging out with Elizabeth (the mommy) and Jessica (the daughter and Marley's Nursery buddy). 
The Sisters that live down there get together for lunch every Thursday. This week they changed it to Wednesday just so Marley and I could join them. 
(When I say "The Sisters" I'm not sure how many people that is...maybe only 2...since there are only about 6-7 in RS on Sundays...I'll let you know.)


Ooo! A quick lesson we learned this week...I'll share it with you. 

So, there's Mackinaw City just south of the Mackinac Bridge. And Mackinac Island is north east of Mackinaw City and east of Mackinac Bridge.
Up in these parts there is the old highway which is called Mackinac Trail. 
So you see, Mackinaw City is the only place with the spelling Mackinaw....
They are all pronounced Mackinaw! 
That's right,  
Mackinac is pronounced Mackinaw!

My friend Noel, very sweetly, educated me on that last Friday when we went garage saleing together and I kept saying Mackinac Trail...you know the way it is spelled. She explained that it is a world like Sault...not said the way it is spelled.

I was actually REALLY relieved to find this out, I always felt silly and a little stupid everytime I said Mackinac (the way it is spelled).

Now I know why!

I educated Nathan on it later that day. 

Then he found, online somewhere, that you aren't considered a resident of the Upper Peninsula until you learn that they are all pronounced Mackinaw.

Consider us...

(though we still haven't ventured over to Canada yet.)

No one ever mentioned if it was top secret unless you have moved here and figured it out...
so, don't mention me or this post if you are questioned.  


Today at around 3:00 we will head down to Lansing to a very fun event, which I will post about tomorrow.

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