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Life is great!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


There are words Marley says wrong and it's just so cute I never want to correct her. 
I want her to say these words wrong for the rest of her life. 

Marney = Marley
Jarbage = Garbage
Skipchurs = Scriptures
Kee-El-See = Kelsey 
(ya, she makes 2 syllables into 3)
There are more but that's all I can think of right now.

Also, whenever she says the blessing on the food she says, 
"....thank you for PrimareE" gets high pitched at the end
"...gwateful for this food, pweeze bwess it and pweeze pass it." 

She always prays for the food to be passed.  SO funny!


Tonight we watched Ponyo.
Have you seen it? 
It's an anima Disney movie.
Nate and I didn't really want to watch it but, Marley did.
As it began I was seeing so many names I recognized.
Liam Neeson
Cate Blanchett
Tina Fey
Lily Tomlin
Cloris Leachman
Betty White

Weird that it had such a cast full of big names.

Even weirder...the movie. 


But EXTREMELY weird.

Especially, the guy Liam Neeson is the voice for. 

He looks like he belongs in Jem and the Rockers.

Or maybe in the Misfits.

(I tried to provide pictures to prove it, but blogger is stupid.)

As soon as the movie ended I started calling Marley Ponyo. 
She kept saying, "I'm not Ponyo, I'm Marney." 
I just kept doing it and finally she looked at me and confessed with a smile, 
"Oh ya, I am Ponyo." 


I have more crust.
And since I'm not the author of Crusty Mondays I'm just going to throw it out there.

You know Sterilite?
They make bins and all sorts of organization products.

Well, I have 9 of their 56 quart bins and almost all of the lids are broken.
Bins = fine and sturdy.
Lids = cracked, broken and crusty...as in useless.

And so far I have not been able to find anywhere you can just buy the lids!
If I can't find lids for sale somewhere, I'll be stuck with bins with no lids....how useless!

And then, I may have to boycott Sterilite.


Alissa said...

I love little kids speaking. It just brings joy to my heart.

Thanks for the tip on Sterilite. I NEED to buy bins but haven't. Good to know what not to buy.

Emily said...

Ponyo ponyo fishy in the sea!! My kids loved that movie, I actually kinda liked it too.

Sandy said...

Write to Sterilite and let them know the problem. Perhaps they will have a solution or send you coupons to buy more. Remind them that Tupperware replaces all damaged goods.

Anonymous said...

Ponyo is a favorite in our house. Maya even has a Ponyo stuffed toy. At one point, we watched it twice a day for probably a month. And I echo Aunt Sandy's advice, write them.

Julie J. said...

I've never seen Ponyo, but now I'm thinking I should make that a priority.

pillingfamily said...

oh yes. jem and the rockers. i remember you well. oh wait. i still have the lunch box. and i laughed out loud when marley told God to pass the food.