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Life is great!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Silly and Crazy

I was never a formal cheer leader.
But, I learned to cheer from the best...or most hilarious.
SNL's Spartan Cheerleaders.

I modified one of their cheers and I always sing it to Marley. 

Their cheer:

You ain't got no alibi!
You Ugly!
You Ugly!

Way harsh, right?

Here it is modified for Marley:

You ain't got no alibi!


You ain't got no alibi!
(I used to sing that one to my mom all the time. Remember Mom?)

When I mentioned above I always sing this to Marley...really, at LEAST once a day. 
Here is evidence of when I sang it to her today.

{Me Crying}

Blogger says I've used up all my free space for uploading pictures to my blog.
I even went back to other posts and deleted some of the excess pictures.
Still won't let me.
What am I going to do?!?!?

{Going to Cry Myself to Sleep}


Julie J. said...

What? I have never heard of this, how can this be?

My Everythings said...

No more picture space?!!! What is up with that? U.G.L.Y Blogger ain't got no alibi! For real yo, that's messed.

Michelle said...

I just ran out too, last week!! We paid $5 (per year) and got a TON more space.

Sandy said...

You Sleepy,
You Sleepy

Emily said...

Yeah, I'm at 99.8% I actually thought we'd hit it a LOT sooner.

We are also going to pay the $5 a year.

love the song ;)

Christina said...

It takes awhile, but if you upload your photos to a site like Photobucket first, and then post the links in your post I believe it doesn't use space on Blogger.