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Friday, May 6, 2011

No Flashback Friday Today!

I really like it when blogs have a theme, like once a week. I thought flashback Friday would be fun. But, I'm already slackin'. I may post one later today, if I have time...but, right now, I do not have time.

By the way, I'm feeling MUCH better. I blew my nose as much as possible, and sprayed my throat with Chloraseptic none stop...ok like 4 times yesterday. No more soar throat!

What's on the agenda today?  The list? We've got to get to The Soo for playdate and shopping!  And then pick up Nathan from work.

Nathan gave me permission to buy my own Mother's day gifts.  Before you get bad feelings toward him...that is my preference. He asked me if I had any requests for gifts and I said a new skirt and new Sunday shoes. When it comes to clothes and shoes he just hasn't had very good luck picking out the right sizes for me. So, I get to pick them out!

Then grocery shopping.

I always love the day AFTER grocery shopping.  It's done for at least a week.  Everything is put away. The shelves and fridge are stocked with a variety of foods...plenty to choose from.  The day before shopping...it's so hard to think of something for dinner. Last night, we lucked out and we had grilled pork chops and sweet potatoes!  It was so good! But it took us a while to think of that combo. Marley and I love our baked sweet potatoes with butter and cinnamon and sugar...Nate just likes butter on his.  He's not into sweet stuff on his savory stuff.

I was hoping we'd get to go to the park today but it's a little gray and I can hear the wind gusting outside....no park today.  We got to take nice walks yesterday and the day before, so that's good. Today is looks/sounds/will be a great day for the Library!

Miss Soo! Here we come!

Mother's day shopping
Grocery shopping
Pick up Nathan


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the library on those dark and windy days. It's been like that for us today too. I'm thinking the weather is very similar in The Soo as it is in The Rex. On a lighter note, from here we're 300 miles closer to you than from Utah. Maybe we'll come visit??!!

Julie J. said...

Yea! for the library! I love sweet potatoes, but I like mine plain with salt and pepper.
I'm glad you are feeling better.I have a theory that sore throats come from sniffing back snot. Matt says I'm wrong, as usual, but good for you for blowing it out.