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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Lovely Sunday

Today, instead of going to our little 35-40 person branch meeting in the Soo, we went to district conference in Cheboygan.
Our little branch meets in an office building with a long room for the chapel, a little kitchen, and a few classrooms. There haven't been more than 6 or 7 sisters in Relief Society. It is small!
The Cheboygan branch meets in a little church building and I think their chapel is smaller than ours but there were a good 50 or 60 people there. It was packed!
We were told that we would watch the meeting broadcast from somewhere else. I thought it was going to be from somewhere else in Michigan but it came from Salt Lake.
Bishop Richard C. Edgley conducted, and he was the first speaker. 
When he was opening he said that it was being broadcast to 64 stakes and 1 district. 
Our district!
And when he said that, President Schemm our Branch President who was sitting in the front row raised his hand above his head in a fist! We all laughed but, I think we all wanted to clap and cheer because our little district was recognized. It was cool!
Bishop Edgely spoke, then Sister Cheryl A. Esplin, then Elder Ballard and then President Eyring.
The meeting was great! 
President Eyring spoke about being optimistic. I feel like I used to be so optimistic and positive but, I think I should work on that. 
Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? I really am so grateful. 

The ONLY down side to traveling to Cheboygan is that we have to cross the Mackinaw Bridge and the ONLY down side to that is it costs $3.50 each way! It used to be $3.00 but it must change by the season. The bridge is beautiful and pretty fun to cross...but the fee....both ways....ppphhhttt!

Before we left Cheboygan we drove around a little. We stopped at the locks and dam. It was fun to watch the water gush but it was a bit windy so we didn't stay long.

Want to see what Marley wore to church?
She got this VERY cute dress from our friend Noel. She is getting spoiled by all the grandparents that live up here and don't have their own grandchildren nearby. She wore the doo-rag around her waist like an apron for church.

She also got the leopard bowl from Noel too. We call her Sister Noel (she's a member of our branch). 

See you tomorrow!


Julie J. said...

That outfit is so stinkin' cute!!!

Today's Gift said...

The dress is so cute! I agree, it was a really great conference- we were one of the 64 stakes participating.