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Monday, May 23, 2011

Crusty Mondays - Ever heard of 'em?

My friend Emily's Monday posts are reserved for complaining, moaning and sprinkles of pessimism.
She has lovingly labeled them Crusty Monday. 

I love them.

Isn't Crusty the perfect adjective for Mondays in general?
It is for me...laundry day.
I mean that in the end of the weekend sense, NOT in the crusty underwear sense.

I don't even know when she started Crusty Monday posts or if she explained why she uses Crusty to describe her moans and complaints?

I always assumed it was because when something is crusty it's not usually a good thing.

Crusty dishes from last night's dinner.
Crusty underwear.
Crusty food on the back seat of the car.
Crusty anything really, is not a good thing, right?

But what about when someone gives you a Crusty?

You know a dirty look?

Maybe THAT is Emily's "Crusty" Monday label meaning?

Either way, it works. 

I'm finding Crusty Mondays are like Ogres and Onions.



Now that you know what a Crusty Monday is....

Here is mine:

Crusty Monday Buyer Beware

We, both me and Nathan, love the internet - especially to research product and service reviews. 

There have been a few (2 or 3) times that we have not researched and we have gotten burned.

We have recently learned of a service that provides captioned phone calls. Isn't that a dream!?
 We thought we needed phone service through the internet, but it turns out we just need high speed internet, a regular phone line and a caption phone. 

Thank goodness!!!


Failing to do any background checks or consumer review consultations we signed up with


They claim the first month is free.
It wasn't for us. Plus! They OVER charged us.

Once they did that I searched out the reviews and boy did I find a TON of people giving Lingo.com Crusties. Miss charging. Over charging. Bad, unreliable service. Etc.

After reading all the reviews I could find online regarding Lingo.com and only finding 1-2 that were positive. We wanted out! 

We didn't even accept the Lingo hardware they sent us.

Without dragging you through ALL the details of SEVERAL phone calls with SEVERAL different people....

I'll summarize by saying...it was SO annoying, SO inconvenient, and SO stressful. 

If you're looking for any of THAT in your life...definitely sign up for Lingo.com phone service.

If you're not looking for THAT....steer clear.

We did FINALLY get it canceled. And we FINALLY got reimbursed.

And my advice is:

I'm sure you all know that already.


Julie J. said...

Thanks for the Lingo.com advice and for the graphic description of your underwear on laundry day. I knew there was a reason why I liked you so much.

Emily said...

I'm feeling the crusties right along with you today...

and wouldn't you know it... i failed on my crusty mondays yesterday... I thought and thought about it and just never came up with crusty anything worth telling the world

but i'm feeling crusty today, but crusty tuesday doesn't quite roll off the tongue!!

and is it just me, but when i'm mad at a company or myself for putting my trust in some random service, it seems to take me over and i just feel like MAD and cant sleep and just want to be loved :(

okay i'm done!