We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I got a job!

So, last week I had that interview and it turned out it was an orthodontist and not a dentist.  Nonetheless, I found out this afternoon that I got the job at the orthodontist office!  I start tomorrow at 8:30am.  Booyeah!


Monday, September 20, 2010

We Share Our Bathroom with Ants

Anyone else have ants?  I hate them.  As soon as I clean the bathroom and sweep up all the dead and living ants....they are back in no time.  And the bathroom seems totally dirty and icky again.

Which is worse? 

Sneaky, sly ants that you don't even know they are there until you accidentally smash them and then you can SMELL them!?!?  Ewww!  I hate odorous ants!


Carpenter ants?  They have WINGS!!!  EWWW!!!!  But, the majority of them don't even know how to use their wings.  Idiots!  They pretty much stay in one half of the bathroom....not every sneaky, sly hiding place in the house.  And they are so stupid they usually end up drowning themselves in little puddles of water. 

So, I think odorous ants are the worst.  But, ants being ants, they ARE where they AREN'T wanted!!! 

"Go away ants!"  ~ Marley

And to any fly that buzzes near....

"Soo fy don boffer me!" ~ Marley  ("Shoo fly don't bother me!")

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yo! Here's a little update and a plug...

We are doing well.  All our fun trips of summer are done.  I will be posting about each, probably until next summer. So many pictures! 

Here's the update.  I am looking for a little part time job while Nathan continues THE BIG HUNT.  We are pursuing some promising avenues to get Nathan THE job in THE organization he really desires. 

The down-low on the part time jobs.  Places I applied (in order of where I want to work):  Dental office, Home Depot, Fresh Market, Walmart, Taco Time.  And wouldn't you know, I filled out the Taco Time application yesterday, she had me come in for an interview yesterday, and this morning she offered me the job.  I had to decline because they could only start me out at minimum wage - $7.25.  If it was in our town I would probably have done it, but since it's in the town about 15-20 minutes away....after taxes, tithing and gas....it just didn't seem worth the energy and time.  About 15 minutes after I declined, the dental office called and wants to interview me next Wednesday at 4:30!  I hope I get that! 

Our immediate families have decided to fast for us to help us in securing a job for Nathan.  We will be fasting too, of course.  If anyone else out there would like to join the fast we are doing it this Sunday (the 19th).  I love the law of the fast.  It's hard when you don't have a purpose in fasting, but when you do it is so rewarding! 

Ok, here's THE BIG PLUG.  My cousin Amy and I stared a weight loss blog.  It's mainly for us.  We hope to inspire others.  The blog is open to public viewing so if you want to check it out and show us support by visiting and commenting and sharing suggestions, please do!  Secret: If you wanted to join us, I'm pretty sure we'd let you.  But, I'll have to discuss that with Amy, after you fill out the application and send in your resume.  (hee hee!)  It's called The Weight Is Over.  Go check it out! 

PS - I've got the blogging bug again....I promise to post more often....lots of fun and interesting posts to come!