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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So, my mom wants this Bosch real bad!

Deals to Meals is giving this mixer away! My mom sent me the link for the give away.

This is exactly what she said:

"Enter to win this Bosch bread mixer. I have seen them and they are wonderful and very expensive. Follow the instructions. It looks easy enough to me. Then you can sell it to me at a reduced price if you don't want it."

Sell it to her!?!?! Why would I NOT want this mixer? She's loco!

But, mom, I'll let you use it...sometime....if we live close enough to borrow stuff. Which, I hope we DO!

Even though, it will make my chances of winning - LESS, you should go enter to win. Go ahead....I never win anyway. PS - Tomorrow is the last day to enter to win!


Natasha said...

I entered when she first put the post up. There are so many people entering, it's ridiculous!

Sandy said...

Thank you Becky, dear.

ashley wright said...

ooohhhh... who wouldnt love one of those babies?? Sometimes i get lucky and win something... so i think i might do it! thanks becky :)

you shared good news with me... here's my good news for you...
once upon a child is having a spring/summer clearance... um, its awesome!! everything that WAS 30 percent off, is now only A DOLLAR.a whole DOLLAR ! i got tons of stuff today for like 7 bucks. So... if Marley is needing anything, you should check it out :) just wanted to share ;)

McKell&Janeene said...

I have that Bosch...and I LOVE it... I hope you win!

Julie J. said...

Why would either one of you need that when you both have kitchen aid mixers, which are the bomb!

The Wells said...

I would like the Bosch. It will make a larger amount of bread dough than the Kitchen Aide does.