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Friday, November 20, 2009

Marley P. Pants Shickadance!

The Lincoln Public Libraries had a book sale!

It was AWESOME!!!

A huge warehouse with thousands upon thousands of books!

For cheap!!!

When it came to the children's books... I didn't know what to grab.

We don't have very many and I have wanted more.

I should having been checking them out of the library but I had been scared that Marley would rip them.

First, I took what was familiar, which wasn't much. Just some Dr. Suess books.

But, I grabbed one book that "looked" cute. I thought it was going to be similar to Fancy Nancy, which I read at my sister-in-law's house...and loved it!

It's not like Fancy Nancy but,
it turned out to be a gem
that I highly recommend.

This is such a cute book with wonderful illustrations.

And the book rhymes...I love books that rhyme!

This is the perfect book for Marley because our family has come up with so many names for her!

Here is a list of all the names Marlayna Joy has been called.

(it started before she was born.)


because of Bob Marley and Baby On Board

Marley Parley

which evolved into

Parley Pants

which evolved into

Parley P. Pants
(similar to Parley P. Pratt, I hope he doesn't mind.)

which evolved into

Marley P. Pants

which evolved into

Marley P. Pants Shickadance

and that's where Nathan put his foot down on that evolution.



This is my personal favorite. We started calling her this because, before she could walk she would army crawl or just plain crawl over to our table and sit with her back up against one of the table legs. She could never quite get right up against the leg so it looked she was slumped like a gangsta or a punk! We didn't want to start calling her gangsta so we started calling her PUNKIE!

And this summer Nathan's mom called her Punkie quite a bit...which I loved!

My sister said I already blogged about all her names...but, I couldn't find it so, I'm blogging about it again...WiTh a book recommendation.


Brian and chelsea said...

So cute!

The Hungry said...

Those are such fun names. Eric had a fun nick name - Squiggly Wiggly. He got the name from infancy - the way he wiggled around. For short I called him Squig. I don't know if anyone else called him that. Sometime around 5th or 6th grade he asked me not to call him that anymore - so i stopped. In high school he got a new name - T. C. He went away to band camp and from then on, to most of the band kids, he was known as TC (stands for trash can - we're so proud) and some didn't even know who Eric Hardester was but they knew who TC was. Evan will probably always be Evie. Ryan will probably always be Ryry. And Claire - there are a plethora of names for her. Nick names are very fun. Sometimes it is fun to hear other people pick up on the names. I have a life long friend who forever calls me Kathleena - no one else ever called me that until we were in college - one of our roommates picked up on it and started using it and it kind of bugged my other friend. I always thought that was kind of funny.

Natasha said...

Such cute names. I'll have to check out that book from the library- it looks too fun!

Marlayna Wiley said...

I like little Layna personally.

Chris said...

Parley P. Pants is my favorite.

Julie J. said...

You forgot Parsley! She is such a character and that is how she has earned so many nick names. I just LOVE her.