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Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm Goin' To Disneyland!!!

So! My in-laws bought us all Disneyland tickets for Christmas! The whole Peter Freitas Family is going to Disneyland for three days at the end of January! I'm don't know if anyone else is as excited as me! Sure, I'm pregnant and can't ride all the rides but, who cares!!! I freakin' love that place!!

I wanted to start a countdown on the side of my blog...but, I don't know how to set up a countdown. I have been counting down in my head since we first set the date to go! The great thing is...for awhile I thought we were going in February so, the count down in my head got MUCH shorter just by realizing we are going in January!!! Twelve more days!!!!!

I am a member of what is called the DPOTD which is a game called the "Disneyland Photo Of The Day." You have to know the game creator or know someone that knows the game creator to get into the game. Don't even ask me to get you in because I've only met the game creator once...so really, I got in by knowing someone that knows the game creator!

Ok, it's not really THAT big of a deal, but it is fun! This is how it works! This woman (the game creator) picks a theme for the week and then sends out an email each day with a picture relating to the chosen theme. All of the pictures are from Disneyland!!! They are so fun and she points out cool things in the picture that I don't even notice until she mentions them in her brief but cool comments! Also, she does a cute recap email of all the pictures for the week and then we get to vote on which one we liked the best! Like I said, it's not a huge deal but it's really fun to look at a picture from Disneyland everyday.

Here are just some of the pictures she has included in the game. These aren't in any theme order like she does them. I just wanted to share some pictures of the things I'm SO LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING AND DOING!!!!

I can't wait to see the BIG CHEESE all over the park with his lovely Minnie Mouse!

Check out the Disney Royalty. Can't wait to run around the happiest place on earth, with MY King!
I love the Characters!!!

Boo and Kitty!

The Handsome Lightning McQueen!

The wonderful thing about Tiggers!
They give HUGS!!!

The Disney Princesses are SO popular! (that mom thinks it's hilarious!)

I could use a swash-buckling afternoon with Captian Jack and Will Turner!

Or a jolly holiday with Mary...and Bert!

Jessie! What a cute pose!

There's always Merlin from Sword in the Stone!!!

She really is practically perfect in everyway!

Rides are great and there are actually quite a few rides I can still go on! Doctor said no rides that have g-force...so basically no roller coasters. So, I can go on Snow White's ride!

And Buzz Lightyear!

And The Underwater Nemo Adventure!
And many others!!!!!

I've never been to California Adventure! I'm excited to explore a new park!
I want to go on the Ferris Wheel, and Soaring Over California and go to the Tortilla Factory!! Oooooo! Fun!!!

I think this ride is called Flick's Flyers...looks fun and interesting.

Ok, so the DPOTD game creator told us that this picture depicts "The Goat Trick". On the ride Thunder Mountain there is a goat with dynamite in his mouth. The train goes right by him, as you can see. If you look back at the goat, after you have passed him the goat supposedly does a trick!!! This is one of the rides I can't go on....so Nathan's gonna go and tell me what happens. I am SO curious!!!!

Night scenes are so cool!!! Hope I can last all day, everyday, we are there because Disneyland at night is even MORE MAGICAL!!!

This is Frontierland! Where are all the people? I hope nobody is there when we go!!! Awesome!

Here is Ariel's Grotto...I don't even know where to find this in the park...but, I'm excited to search it out!

Many believe the best time to go on the Matterhorn is at night! I would agree...however, that's the only time I've ever been on it...I think. I only remember going on it twice! Every other time it has been closed when we were there. I hope it's open...even though I can't ride it right now.

Oooo! I love the castle! Especially at night!

This is the castle at night at Christmas time! I know we missed seeing it like this but, still so beautiful and magical!
Well, that's it for my Disneyland hype! Wait till we get back and you will see US in all the pictures!!!!!


Jeanna said...

Becky, I am so excited for you. Who cares if you can't do the G force rides when there is so much fun stuff for you to do! You got me all excited for our trip, our countdown is much, much longer. I am jealous but so HAPPY for you! Have tons of fun and report back to us waiting folk.

Julie J. said...

I am so jealous!

Reno Wells said...

One of these times we will take you with us to DLand. Ariels Grotto is in California Adventure and is a Charater Resturant. Those are always fun. I am so excited for you. I wish we were goign to be there the same weekend. We will be passing on the road. You will be able to ride everything in Fantasyland and Pirates. Be sure to go to Disneyland.com and see what will be closed so you can metally prepare and not be disappointed when you get there. And people watch. That is one of my most favorite things to do when we are there. And beware, everytime I go through the gate to the main plaza and see the movie posters that line the tunnel into Main Street USA I tear up and my husband laughs and my kids get worried. It is just the best feeling ever. Every time!! Have a great trip. I think Dad gave us this great love for this park. I have great memories of going with him especially the Jazz band trips in High School. Take it easy and use the fast pass system. Fast pass works best for us in California Adventure. Plus it is a good time to go, you shouldn't have to many lines. I can't wait to hear what a great time you had!

Natasha said...

Wow, that is so exciting and it looks like such fun!! I hope you have a great trip!

Adam & Sarah said...

YAY!!! WE ARE GOING TO DISNEYLAAAANNND!! I was excited, but you just got me even MORE excited! 10-ish more days! Are you guys going down to Salina beforehand to shorten the drive? We should watch Disney movies like they're going outta style while we're there to get all hyped up for it (not that YOU need anymore hyping!)! Lynette said you 2 are wanting to drive at night, is that right? That's totally OUR plan because otherwise Amber will scream & scream & scream some more because she is strapped down. If you guys go at night, maybe we should follow each other down for moral support! :) hehe Oh! And I am also VERY excited to see Mickey & Minnie! Amber has a little Minnie Mouse sweatsuit & I wanna find Minnie that day & get her in a pic with Amber! And don't worry about not going on some of the rides, Amber would be more than happy to keep you company! :D hehehe! Ah! I'm pumped, Becky!

Sassy Cassie said...

Those pictures were so fun! It makes me miss living in LA and going to Disneyland!!! I am so jealous now!

Adam & Sarah said...

Oh don't worry! We totally are still bringing the stroller. "PLUS", (I'm making fun of your pluses)my mom says they have strollers you can rent at DL. I know, your sis-in-law is too funny! "I'm not a blog stalker, I swear!" I wouldn't be the one to judge I'm always browsing random people's blogs! :) So maybe I'M the blog stalker?! Hmm...
Oh so I'm sad. Small World is closed for the duration of our trip. When I was 3 (the first & last time I was at DL) it was my FAVORITE, so I was excited to see it again (even though I'm sure it still wouldn't be my fave) and I thought Amber'd really enjoy it. Bummer! 4 more days until Adam & I head to Salina! Wahoo!

Sean and Brittani said...

hey! congrats on the baby girl! this is Brittani Evans (Miller) by the way! I have a blog now too...it's sean-brittani.blogspot.com. And i'm way jealous you get to go on a vacation to California! Have fun!!

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