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Friday, May 9, 2008


Nathan's mom gave him a toolbelt which included all the essentials for changing a diaper. It included, tongs for carrying the soiled diaper to the garbage, wipes, diapers, goggles to protect the eyes from the stinging smell (or if she was a boy, from wiz).

Lets see...oh! a clothes pin for his nose, rubber gloves and baby powder. She also wrote a very cute poem to go with the toolbelt which I have included below.

This was the first present I opened at the Freitas baby shower. Lynette handed the wrapped box too me and said, "Open this one first. It's actually for Nathan but opening it here is part of the entertainment." When she said that, I was thinking of what could be in there to contribute to the entertainment at a baby shower and was not expecting this. I opened the gift and caught a glimpse of the toolbelt and the poem sitting on top of the toolbelt. I was instantly emotional (crying).

My family members give good gifts but there is something about the gifts my in-laws (all of them) give, to us and to each other. Often times they MAKE very useful gifts for eath other. Many times Nathan has taken a great deal of time thinking about what to get a sister for Christmas or what to get his mother for mother's day or father for father's day. He always comes up with something useful that they would love and could use, or something to MAKE them that that is thoughtful and sentimental. And when we receive gifts from them, I am touched by their thoughtfulness.

Maybe it's just because the gifts they give are actually wrapped in wrapping paper? I come from a family where we usually give gifts in the bag they came in. Not that that is bad...it's just different.

Anyway, it was kind of awkward when I couldn't stop crying to read the poem...I mean, everyone was probably thinking...why is she crying when she hasn't even read the poem? However, being 9 months pregnant in a room full of women, most of which have had a least one child, they all seemed to understand my emotions, despite the seemingly nonsense of it. My sister-in-law, Sarah read the poem aloud for all to hear, which only made me more emotional.

Though the gift was funny, the thing that touched me about this gift is, that Nathan loves working with tools. He could definitely use a toolbelt. He's a new dad and could definitely use a good laugh about this major aspect of taking care of his new baby. It just seemed to incorporate the event, of receiving a new baby, and Nathan's interests. AND there was a cute, specially written poem! So thoughtful!


First clip the clothespin to your nose...
This is just the beginning of your woes!
Carefully pull on each surgical glove
Remember! you do this out of Love.

Don the goggles and you're ready,
Oh, the things you do as a Daddy!
With tongs and diapers, head for the trash
Setting a new record for the 3 yard dash!

Now those wipes will come in handy...
Just a little swipe and all is dandy.
Then sprinkly on a little sweet powder
And you just couldn't be any prouder.

Oops! Hurry and cover that little tush
Before you have a fountain of gush!
And now your reward is one of bliss...
A great big slobbery hug and kiss!

So, I thought I would just share our diaper changing woes. One time, I was changing Mara's diaper...I was taking my time because she was so content, and I was taking extra time to give her an EXTRA good cleaning since she wasn't squirming. Well, she sneezed and blew runny poop all over my leg. NASTY!!!

She has urinated a couple of times when Nathan was changing her. As we change her we have learned to put the clean diaper under her before we even take the soiled diaper off of her. Nathan wishes she would pee before the soiled diaper is removed but, she usually waits and pees in the clean diaper as soon as the soiled diaper is removed.

We love her so much!


Adam & Sarah said...

Yes, it was rather comical when you started bawling at the poem. But most of us understand retarded pregnancy emotions. So no worries! :) We still love you. But to be honest and truthful, when you started getting all emotional and teary, so did I. I cry when people cry. So I was all teary eyed & trying not to cry with you!! ha! So I'm even more retarded, and I can't blame it on pregnancy!!
Love the pic of Nate in his battle gear. It's perfect!
Miss you guys!

Reno Wells said...

After reading this, Jason was reminded of his first "blow-out". Allynn was maybe 2 weeks old. We were at the doctor's office waiting to be seen. We started to smell something. I was filling out paperwork, so Jason took her into the bathroom to change her. He said he had a horrible time changing her in the very small bathroom. She smelled REALLY bad and it was all up her back and down at her feet. He has a very sensitive gag reflex and had a hard time. He made it though and has now had a similar experience will the other three that have come along. Welcome to the world of smelling, cute babies!!!

Julie J. said...

I cried too, but like Sarah, it was because you were crying. And that tool belt was dang cute!

Kim said...

Yeah, well I cried too... for the same reason Sarah and Julie did. I'm glad I'm not the only who cries when other people cry. My problem is stopping once I've started. I couldn't have read that poem Sarah; nobody would've understood what I was saying!

Brian and chelsea said...

I have to agree with the title of your post.... i have told my husband that there is nothing sexier that he can do than take charge with his daddy-duties. id rather see him on the ground covered in messy wipes with poo stains on his hands than just about anything else.

Sidenote - isnt it amazing how bodily functions are just a normal part of conversation these days?!

Jared & Shantell Vidoni said...

Hi! I've tagged you. Check my blog :)

Joe & Lisa said...

Haha! It sounds so fun to be a mom! :) When do we get to see her!? Everyone at work is asking! :)

Tiffany C said...

A diaper changing toolbelt...that is an awesome present! It sounds like you married into a fun family. I talked to Leah yesterday after an eternity of her missing in action. We should get together sometime for dinner or something. I would love to meet your new little one.

Emily said...

so cute becky! you're awesome!