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Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby Got Blessed!

Marlayna Joy Freitas got blessed on Sunday. It was a great day!

Nathan's mom, Lynette, made Marlayna's blessing dress. It's a pretty cool story.

I bought a temple dress just after my mission and was really good about going to the temple every week. My cousin Amy helped me keep that goal going when she moved to Utah after her mission. We visited every temple in Utah except for two, Vernal and Monticello because those require an appointment and we just never made one. I also wore that dress in the Las Vegas, San Diego, and Oakland temples so it got a lot of use.

Just before Nathan and I got married my dress started to rip at the seams, it was getting worn out. It had seams vertically down the front and back. The seams in the back were the ones busting. My mom sinched the back seams in to try to stop the ripage and I was able to wear that meaningful dress when Nathan and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the Mt. Timpanogos temple a year and a half ago. The holes came back though and I got a great idea! I could make a baby blessing dress out of my old temple dress!

Problem. I'm not a seamstress. My mother-in-law loves to sew and she is REALLY good at it, so I asked her if should would make a blessing dress for Marlayna out of my old temple dress.

It is beautiful!!! Her nephew Sam kept saying "She looks like a Queen!"

Here are the pictures of it!

It's hard to get pictures of her without her binky. She just loves to suck. Below is a picture of us trying to get a picture of her without her binky.


Joe & Lisa said...

Oh! She looks so sweet! Thanks for bringing her into work to show her off! She was such a little cutie! :) Can't wait till you're back! :)

Jared & Shantell Vidoni said...

Becky she looks beautiful! What a specail dress! You are so smart to have your mother-in-law make that for her. That is going to be such a great story to tell. You'll have to have the dress packed away in a special place. It was so good to see you. We'll have to have a play date again :)

Reno Wells said...

Marlayna has a binky, you had a thumb - mother and daughter.

Adam & Sarah said...

My fave is the one with her screaming! hehe! She's so dang cute! And no one told ME about the blessing dress story, that's way cool for you guys!

KordelandHeather said...

Wow, what a little princess! I'm glad everything went so well! She is soooooo cute!

Meesa said...

Becky, She looks like a little doll. She is so beautiful and the dress is amazing. That was a sweet way to create an heirloom. Did you make her head band? We are blessing Mya in a month and I have been trying to find the perfect band. Hers looks perfect to me? Will you let me know, thank you. Melissa

Tiffany C said...

what a great idea for a blessing dress! She is adorable. I love her dark eyes!

Brian and chelsea said...

Ah! She is such a doll! Binky and all.... so beautiful. Im not a seamstress either, but my motherinlaw is, so I empathize.
BTW - we live in Vernal, and the temple doesnt require an appointment. They have sessions every 90 minutes. Maybe thats a new thing though.
Its tougher to do temple trips now with a baby, eh!
Youre lucky the blessing went well.... at Briannas blessing, her binky fell OUT midway through... so she cried through the last half of the blessing! I joked afterwards that she must have just been overcome by the spirit.

Autumn said...

Hi Nathan! I found your blog somehow! Congrats on the new baby! Dustin and I just had twins in December. They are so much fun! My blog is private if you would like a invite send an email to auttie3@yahoo.com. Your little one is beautiful!

Autumn Rasmussen Jensen

Emily said...

HELLO!!!!?!?!? SHE IS sooooooooo cute!!!! I want one!