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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Tiffany is a seven year old girl, from my stake in American Fork, who has a mystery illness. Tiffany is my good friend, Kerra's little sister. I had heard quite a bit about Tiffany from Kerra but, just met her this summer at Kerra's wedding reception.

Tiffany is a light! She was so happy for Kerra. She graciously greeted people as we all waited in line to congratulate the bride and groom. Friends came and moved Tiffany's hands for her, so should could wave at all of us. Tiffany has a great smile.

Well, why am I writing about Tiffany? Kerra sent out an email to all her friends in mid June, telling us about the website for her sister. This website is to raise awareness and potentially gain information about what Tiffany is suffering from.

I was never able to get the site to work from the link in the email but, I always wonder how little Tiffany is doing. My curiosity got the better of me today and I googled Tiffany's name and found her website! It is a great website that tells Tiffany's story in detail, including information about all the tests that have been done to find out what is afflicting her.

I was also happy to learn from Tiff's website that her family has sent in an application to ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition! They totally need it, so Tiffany's home can be more accessible to her. I really hope and pray they are chosen for a home makeover!

Please check out her website. Every single link is touching and informative. I love love love their application video! And if YOU are looking to a good cause to donate, this is a great one! They have many many medical bills. Also, if you have any ideas as to what Tiffany might have the family is open to suggestions.

Help Tiffany!

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