We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Here is me just blogging...Thank you!

Thank you to everyone that eased my fears and made this blog possible. I'll just jump right in. Again, sorry for the pictures...they are ALL out of order as usual.
This is Marley with her first attempt at eating spaghetti. I think next time I will cut the noodles smaller. But, she liked noodles!Oh! And you can see our handy dandy new "high chair" it clamps right onto our table. It's nice with our little apartment. We figured this kind is good for now and when we have another in the future we will just buy a booster type "high chair" that straps on to our chairs.
Here is a picture of Marley's new Christmas pj's. They are bright pink and they have curious George on them. Appropriate for her in every way.
Here is Marley with her pink Pooh hat on and she is the boss of under the table. I'm convinced she has special conferences under there with all those little tables (chairs).
Here is the cupboard. I've shown you pictures of her digging through this cupboard before but this was the first time she has ever actually climbed in and sat. We put yogurt and butter tubs in this cupboard so it can be HER cupboard. And she loves it! You can also see that our rice maker is in there too. Our kitchen is too small for Marley to have a WHOLE cupboard to herself.
She loves the exersaucer but mostly just to walk around it and play with the toys. She doesn't like to be IN the seat anymore...just around or under.
This is a picture Nathan took. I liked it a lot.
Nathan's mom gave him a disc shooter for Christmas and Marley loves to put the discs in her mouth and go about her business. It's super funny. I know, I know...it's probably a choking hazard so we took pictures and then put the discs away. But, oh so cute.

While we were in Utah we got to see just a few friends. This is Marlayna and Marlayna!

Here is Leah and Marlayna.
Here is Sam (my nephew) in a predicament. He tried to walk across my parent's yard, in the snow. Well right in the middle of the yard he lost a shoe in the snow. He hopped around and tried to pull his shoe out. It was quite a sight. He was pretty mad that Julie and I were laughing. We're jerks.

Marley loves to try and help with everything. Here she is helping her dad push the grocery cart. She gets so proud of herself when she does big people stuff.

This is Sam, Julie and Marley enjoying their craziness.

Yeah, out of order. Sorry. Here's the tale end of her proud face. Look at me! I'm doing something big!
Here she is Christmas morning with her toys and the Pooh hat on. Grandpa Alger gave her two little hats. They're so cute!
Daddy and Marley opening up presents! I really thought she'd be all into ripping the paper and stuff, because she loves ripping paper out of books.....not that she has done that a lot but, she tries! She wasn't really into the whole present thing. Maybe it was just too early...even though we let her sleep in.
I just thought this picture was hilarious. I can't remember what was going on or why I was taking this picture but Marley kinda looks disgusted or something.

We took a few pictures of Marley with this nutcracker in front of my mom's tree and then we used the pictures for some presents we made. This one was my favorite but, it's kinda fuzzy.

This is a picture of Marley on her second airplane. Her first airplane was from Omaha to Denver and it was full so we had to check the car seat and Nathan held her. She did great! There was a kid that sat next to us that was about 15 or 16 and it was his first time flying. He was flying to Denver to go snowboarding with his cousins. He was way excited. He totally reminded me of my cousin Steven. Steven is in Spain on a mission!
Anyway, back to this picture of Marley on her second airplane. She did great on the second airplane too. She liked being in her car seat and looking at both of our faces, right next to her. And this picture is full of binky! Marley said bye bye to her binkies this past Monday. It's been a little rough but she is pulling through.

Here is the picture of Marley on her first airplane ride. And you can see that kid that sat by us. He was a nice kid.

Well, that's all for now folks. Natasha, I haven't forgotten about the Renaissance Man post...it's coming. It will be about Nathan again, so I'll wait a little bit. Thank you again for all the good suggestions and encouragement. We love you all so much!!!


Julie J. said...

We miss her sooooo much!!!! COME BACK!!!!

Julie J. said...

Oh, and we miss you guys too.

Shantell said...

You got ride of binkies ALREADY! Wow! you are brave. Ethan only gets his durning naps and at bedtime so I don't feel too bad that he still has his. this was a great post.

Michelle said...

Good job Becky- I loved every picture and every word. I finally feel like part of your life again!

Reno Wells said...

You know, you can take the seat out of the exersauser and then she can climb under and poker her head through the middle when she wants. Just a thought. Fun to see all the goings on!

Natasha said...

Becky, such great and fun pictures! The ones of her in the cupboard and with the hat on are really cute. So glad she likes noodles (I used to call them noo-noos when I was younger). Give her a hug from me, she's sure growing up! :)

Corn Husker said...

I'm glad you bravely jumped back in to blogging. I love the pictures and commentary. I really want to have a chance to talk about Christmas with you. By the way, are you able to access our blog (the Higgins)? I was doing a bit of blog maintenance, and I noticed your name didn't appear in the list of the invited. Let me know if you need a new invite.

Witten said...

She is so adorable! I like the picture of her under the table. It reminds me of when she kept getting her head stuck in the chairs! :)

Petie Pie said...

Yeah! Certainly is a freakin' cute child!!! I, too, am reminded of the time she was getting stuck under the chairs....and how Whitney just sat there and laughed at her. I like the pictures of Marly pushing the shopping cart. That's freakin' awesome! Just make sure that when she's old enough to walk and do it, she's also old enough to walk, watch where she's going, and do it.

Jeanette and Jason said...

What a total cutie. I love her little hat with the ear and the pictures of her pushing the cart. They are all too cute. She sure seems precious. The picture of Leah holding Marley makes me wish I were there with you guys. Did I tell you that your husband was in my dream a few weeks ago? He was walking out of a store and I said, "Are you Nathan?" Then I told him I was your friend. Isn't that funny. I thought it was because I've never even talked to him. You were actually in one of my dreams a few days after that but I can't remember what happened.

Adam and Sarah said...

She's so cute -- and getting so big! Or well, she's not getting big exactly, but she is looking older for sure! Can't believe her 1st bday is right around the corner!
So I had pretty much given up an you since it took you so dang long to make a post. I was like, "Hello! Where is Christmas, Rebecca?!" And finally, here it is. Speaking of which, it was SO good seeing you guys. When are you going to come back? :( We didn't get to chat or hang out with you guys enough! Oh, and random -- did Jill tell you I did the Flying Burrito to her (out of respect for you) on Christmas morning? It was a good time. :)
And lastly, the writing on my page. That's weird that the writing goes into the white, because when I'm looking at it it's not even close to it! But I'll work on changing the color when I get a second. Thanks for the heads up -- I assume that most people are viewing it like you. Well, Amber is spazzing out about something to do with her sippy cup so I better got check it out. Not to mention this comment is freakin' long! Love you!!

proudmamablogga said...

Now you are all updated! I bet that feels nice. Marley is adorable.

rache b. said...

i am glad you are back, missed the nebraska update :)

Marlayna Wiley said...

One day I will tell you how Marlayna saved my life!!

Katie said...

oh you are brave to take the binky's away. avery is way too attached i don't know what we are going to do, maybe this spring. ha ha. i loved seeing the pictures of Marley she is so cute! thanks for the updates on your life, i love to hear that you are doing good!

Meghan said...

Such cute pictures! I miss you! And your little girl is really cute!! I think she looks a lot like Nathan, and then I see another picture and she totally looks like you. Either way, she's adorable! Hope you are doing well in Nebraska!

Sassy Cassie said...

Oh Becky she is so cute and getting so grown up! I love that she is standing, but it makes me sad cause I know Hailey is only a few months behind her! Hope you are doing well! Miss you