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Monday, February 23, 2009

Dude stole our quarters!!!!

Last Thursday we did laundry. When we took our three big bundles of laundry down the hall and up six stairs to the laundry room with coin operated machines, all the washers were in use. Great! We didn't want to carry our bundles back so we left our bundles on the table in the laundry room. No problem, we've seen other people do that before. Besides who wants other people's dirty laundry? We took note of how much longer each machine had (nice that they show how much time is left) and returned at the appropriate time.

When we returned all of the washers had stopped but only two of the washers were open and we usually need about four. No problem. We got two loads started and while we were doing that a young man came in and moved some clothes from one of the washers to one of the dryers, so then we had yet another washer to use. Nice!! We took note of the times again and figured out when we needed to return.

Upon our time to return we realized we couldn't find our bag of quarters in our apartment and questioned whether we had left them in the laundry room. We knew that would have been a bad idea because what is the most valuable thing in a coin operated laundry room? QUARTERS!!!!

We didn't look too hard in the apartment...thinking that we must have left them in the laundry room. But, just in case we grabbed another roll of quarters from our secret stash. Thank goodness we did because our quarters were nowhere to be found in the laundry room. And that young man had come to get his stuff out of the dryer...but, still nobody had come to move the clothes in the other washers. So, we moved our three loads to three of the dryers and then started our last load of wash.

I didn't want to think bad of that young man. I had never seen him before...didn't know him, and though I was nearly exactly sure he was the only one that had been in the laundry room since we had left the quarters in there; I wasn't sure if we still had the quarters somewhere in our apartment.

When we returned to our apartment I looked more closely and did not find the quarters. My heart became distraught because this was not the first time I had inadvertently left something of value in an apartment laundry room, and returned shortly after to find it had been stolen.

[FLASHBACK] On my mission we had a similar laundry room in one of our apartment buildings. There was a lounge area connected to that laundry room and one p-day my companion and I had decided to read in the lounge area while we did our laundry. I had taken my camera out of my bag and set it on the floor near the chair I was sitting in. When our laundry was done we packed up and I forgot my camera was there. We only left the camera there unattended for about 10 or 15 minutes before I realized I didn't have it, but when we quickly returned it was gone. I was SO disappointed!

Back to last Thursday...We finished our laundry with out any other problems but I really think that dude stole our quarters! Even though I tried not to jump to conclusions at the time it really bugged me. If those where our only quarters we wouldn't have even been able to finish our laundry...and that dude new it and took them anyway. Since then I have tried to let it go because I think there was only about $4 or $5 in the bag anyway. That's a lot of quarters when it comes to laundry but, it's not really anything to dwell upon. Right?

Anyway, I have decided to forgive that dude...if he took our quarters. He must have thought he needed them more than we did. And I think he MUST have needed them more than we did if he was willing to take what was not his.

SO, why am I bloggin about it...who cares? Well, I just felt like it. And if I can warn the public about how risky it is to leave valuables unattended in a laundry room than it was worth bloggin about.


Corn Husker said...

I'm so sorry. I agree, sometimes it is just better to let something like that go, but I think the reason it is hard to let it go isn't the $4 or $5, it is the disappointment that sometimes people don't treat each other well.

Julie J. said...

That would really be disappointing to think one of your neighbors stole from you. It's a good thing you had more quarters and didn't have to wear dirty clothes this week.

Emily said...

I HATE getting ripped off. I feel like I work hard for what I have... why should someone else just be able to swipe it out from under me without lifting a finger....

Small or not, you have a MUCH better attitude than I!

Jeanna said...

I've often wondered to myself what my soul was worth. Is it worth $4-5 from a laundry room? No the heck way! My soul is WAY more valuable than that!

But, as you said, someone thought they needed them more than you. Sad commentary really.

But, Becky, get yourself a cute fanny pack and harbor quarters in your safe place! :) (Come on, you gotta love a sweet fanny pack!)

Shalantie said...

hahaha... Guess what, those pictures were taken around the same time. We went golfing in utah in the middle of march. So it's only like 2-3 weeks difference. Anyway, I can't believe that guy took your quarters! Punk!

Brian and chelsea said...

You're a better person than I am... I would've hunted the thief down and stabbed him in the kneecap with quarters.