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Life is great!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mid-day Nap

When I put Marley to bed I used to read books to her. She loves to turn the pages and look at the pictures and listen to the stories. She has even started calling/requesting books by their title or topic or main charcter, which is cute. I love to hear her say, "erella." (Cinderella), "ambi" (Bambi) and "spiher" (Mrs. Spider's Tea Party).

But, for the past month I have been singing Primary songs and rocking her in the glider. She loves it! She has been going to bed easier too. After each song she says, "Song?" which means she wants another one, and I say, "Okay, how about?" and then I start singing another song. After I have sung 3 or 4 or 5 I say, "Okay, one more." And she pulls one hand out from under her blanket, puts it up by her face and puts up her index finger, nods her head and agrees to "One more." She has just started in the last week to say, "Song? How abooouuut..." so, I'm trying to give her a key word for each song so she can tell me which one she wants next. It's a really fun ritual.

When Nathan puts her to bed he still reads to her so she gets her own special routine with each parent. I also read to her throughout the day, whenever she brings me a book and says, "Book?"

Marley just fell asleep in my arms while I rocked her and sang to her and played with her wispy hair. I think the trick was playing with her hair. Slammed those eyes right shut.

I love her. I love being her mom-mee. And I love it when she takes a nap...what shall I do? Take a nap too!?!? No, I better finish planning the menu and make the shopping list.


Sandy said...

Don't forget to sing "Sing a song of sixpense" YOu all loved that one.

Anonymous said...

So today was one of the very few times I actually took a nap with Maya. It was lovely, it also helped my headache. Maya and books...oh boy, she loves them...she is definitely her grandmother's grand-daughter. She'll open the book and clap. It's pretty cute. Marley Farley is one of those people I miss the most...including her mother!

Becky said...

Mom, one of the songs is Sing a Song of Sixpence and I even made up motions to it because she loves motion songs like Popcorn Popping and Patty Cake so much. The actions are lame but, she likes them. Especially taking about bite out of her own hand when it says, "The Queen was in the parlor eating bread and honey."

Corn Husker said...

Reading with kiddos might just be the most wonderful thing ever. I love it. I'm glad you both enjoy it so much. And I agree - we should go jogging together sometime, and also antiquing.

Julie J. said...

I love that she fell alseep on you. She is such a cute girl.
And she better love books or she is in big trouble!

Sconierson said...

Glad that you are alive and doing better. I missed you at the gym this morning and Sally was asking where you have been. So obviously the gym misses you.

The Hungry said...

Lucky day - or minute - I can log on!

This is so sweet. I loved reading to my kids - and I just heard on some radio program people talking about the importance of reading/communicating with our tiny people. It is a big factor in educational success - is how many words kids are exposed to at the earliest ages. I'm sure that's old news.

And singing - my children did not always like me to sing. But sometime or other, Claire did and she would have me sing "You Are My Sunshine" to her every night. She had this darling little sun/flower type plush toy that our home teacher gave to her and there was a button inside you could push and it would play that song.

Later years, she became a collector of Panda's and one day in a Hallmark store we noticed a snowglobe music box with panda's inside - we twisted the key and it played "You Are My Sunshine" We both looked at each other with big eyes and she said "I'm going to get that for Christmas aren't I." And she was right.

pillingfamily said...

i love nappy time and story time. darn that shopping list. just go take a nap.

Adam and Sarah said...

Ah! So dang cute! I can't remember the last time Amber fell asleep in my arms. :( She's getting so big now.