We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our House, In the Middle of Our Street

Ok, our house isn't really in the middle of our street. 
But, that is a favorite 80's song of mine - Our House by Madness - go look it up, you'll recognize it. 
If I remember correctly our house is on the corner of our street.
 And technically it's a duplex not a house.  ;-) 

Here goes the virtual tour.
The pictures are courtesy of our landlord.

Let's start from the street, shall we?
It looks really snowy because... well...they say it is. 
That is our front door, actually it's a porch/breezeway door...not the actual front door.
That white fence in the back is our back yard and no one is in back of us.

This is a view of  the porch breeze way door from the inside.  The door on the right is the door to our garage. If you turn to your right, you will see.....

The breeze way between the garages and the houses. That broken washer is no longer there. However, almost directly across from the washer is another front door.  We have the porch door, the front door and then that kitchen front door across from the washer. Does that even make sense?

Now here is the front door from the inside. In the entry we have (on the left) a utility closet/room with the water heater and stuff. Then a coat closet and then the stairs which are on the other side of that left wall.
We'll go up the stairs later.

That little door is a cubby that is under the stairs.  Marley will love playing in that.

If we we back up a little we get a nice view of the living room, which is carpeted.
 If we take a few steps to the right and turn to our left we see the living room windows.
Just out of view on the left is the back door, which also has a window in it.
If we turn around and back up we have a nice view of the dinning room, tile floor.
Back door to the right of the dinning windows.
If we walk forward into the dinning area and turn left, there's the kitchen!
This is a good view of the inside of the kitchen front door.
The fridge is right there at the left edge of the picture.
So if we take a few side steps to the right and turn slightly to the left we see the fridge, stove, cabinets and sink.
If we walk into the kitchen and turn around we see....the laundry area!
My mom and dad just purchased a new washer and dryer just so we could take their old ones!
That is such a relief for me!
Then if we turn to our right, here is another view of the kitchen.
Kitchen/laundry...who's ever heard of that? 
Well, now we have!  ;-)
Now let's go up the stairs!
At the top of the stairs turn left and you see....

The built in linen cabinet and drawers. Just left of that is the bathroom.
Upstairs we have three bedrooms.
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
And the master bedroom with linoleum tile! Fancy huh!?!? ;-)
Master bedroom closets.
View of the hall from the master bedroom.
Now back down the stairs.
Here's a garage view.
It's a one car garage but it is pretty long so I think we will be able to store some stuff and park our car in it.
Here's the backyard.
There is a cement tile patio outside the door that runs along under the back windows to the right.
And see that circle of rocks in the snow? That's a fire pit! There is a bench turned over on the right and we can have a little garden between the patio and the side fence.

Here's the lattice partition between the houses.

Nathan moved in today with his luggage, a sleeping bag, a pillow, some towels and all his clothes.

He had dinner with some members of the branch and the missionaries today.

I miss him so much! I can't wait to join him there.

My last day of work is tomorrow.

We pack an ABF semi trailer on Saturday.

My dad is driving out with me and Marley.

We leave at 4am on the 30th and plan on getting to the U.P. (upper peninsula) around 9pm on the 31st.

Then my dad will take the train home. He is SO excited!

Marley is missing her daddy and can't wait for me to take her to Michigan.

She frequently asks, "Daddy in Missigan?"


"Mommy? You take me to Missigan wis you?"

"Yes! In about 18 days we'll be in Michigan with daddy!"

"Yea! I love Missigan!"


Melissa Bond Davis said...

Becky! its beautiful! how fun, a little room for Marley, hee hee. Congratulations on finding a place and moving!

Meghan said...

Fun! I love the little room under the stairs and that you have 3 bedrooms. Nice. Good luck with the move!

My Everythings said...

Awesome! I am so excited for you guys and your new adventure in life.

Jeanna said...

I got all weepy picturing Marley saying "Yea! I love Missigan!"

We'll miss you around here. :( But, I know this is the perfect thing for you right now. The best of luck and never slack off on the blog!! :)

Today's Gift said...

Aww, the house looks cute. Too bad KY isn't between Michigan and Utah then you could stop and visit on your way there. I hope 15 days goes by fast for you.

Adam and Sarah said...

I'm lovin' the linoleum floor in the Master Bedroom. Seriously, who does that?! lol The place looks really nice though and it's big! You'll love having all that space. But I'm still going to miss you. A lot. :(

pillingfamily said...

yeah!! you're getting there. finding the job and a place to live is the hardest part. check and check.
p.s. we had our laundry in the kitchen too when we lived in kentucky. must be an eastern thing.

Studyvin Says said...

Sounds wonderful, Becky! Your branch will LOVE you. Are you going through Missouri on your way? If you need a place to crash for a few hours, let me know.

Laurie said...

Just a side comment, you are hip like Europeans. All the apartments in europe have the laundry in either the kitchen or the bathroom, but more often it is in the kitchen! I learned this by watching House Hunters International!

Brendan & Jessica said...

Thanks for the tour of the house! Congratulations! I'm glad the move went well.