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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In the midst of a whirlwind...

We have been casually looking for a place to rent in the Soo, for months. 
Mainly because we want to be closer to Nathan's work. 

This was tricky because most of the places we could afford were ANCIENT!
Did you know that Sault Ste. Marie is one of the oldest towns in the U.S.!!!
Because of the fur trade!
So, lots of the houses are OLD!!
And drafty.
So, even if we could afford the rent the landlords were telling us the gas for heating in the winter would get up to $150 a month!!!


Well, we found a perfect place on December 8th and they wanted to fill it right away! 
So we signed! 

Paying double rent in December is CRAZY!
But, thankfully, we were prepared. 

Christmas shopping was done, thank goodness!

We had a lot to do the week of the 8th.
Family Night with a family in our branch (I will blog about this soon!)
Get the utilities in our name.
Giving our current landlord notice.
Policy Council for Marley's school (where I was elected Chairperson and elected to the Headstart Association). 
Branch Christmas party.

Needless to say, we are having an extra busy December.

Here is the low down on the house we are in the process of moving into:

Four bedrooms!
One and a half bath.
No garage :-(
But, it does have a shed that will be just right for our garage stuff, minus the car, of course.

Built in 1994.
Remodeled six months ago. 
New carpet
New kitchen cabinets and dishwasher and counter tops and sink.

AND this is our first place to live where we are not sharing a wall with anyone else!!!

This is big news!

Now for the pictures!

This is on the front door....from the last tenant. 
Cute huh?
Living room. Front door on right.
Living room.
It is heated with what is called "radiant" heating and each "outside" wall has those vents.
It's going to make for creative furniture arrangements.
But we can tell it is already SO much warmer and better insulated than our current place.

 View into the kitchen from living room.
Hallway on left then bathroom through the doorway.
Half bath / laundry room.
 opposite toilet and sink is washer dryer hook ups

 back door
 back door and "pantry" but it's the lamest pantry closet.
 coat rod in the kitchen pantry?
 and that weird little bench?
I think it's for the dryer exhaust...or whatever the dryer emits.
 shed in back

this is looking into the master bedroom. Master because it has the biggest closet.
Going into the door of master
Master closets (bathroom is on the other side of closet.)

Can you tell Marley is excited?
Bedroom on back next to master

We are really excited! 
So close to work, play, grocery shopping, church, friends!

And we just found out, Marley will be able to transfer to the school in the Soo!

We have already started moving random stuff we don't use day to day. 
Every time we go to the Soo we load the car up.

We are packing our Christmas stuff up on Christmas day. 
Then Dec 26-28th we are packing everything in the house.
And by "We" I mean me and some Sister-Friends from the branch. 

Then the Elders' Quorum is helping us move on the 29th. 

It is all working out very nicely.
We feel so blessed.


The Yuan Fam said...

I LOVE IT!! That is such a cute little house...but big bc it's four bedrooms!! What a nice, needed change. I'm excited for you. We had thought floor board heaters and, perhaps the rules are different for you, but we just had to have couches/beds/etc. six inches away from the heaters. Hopefully it won't be too inconvenient losing that space. I love your guts and am thrilled for you!!!

The Yuan Fam said...

( we had thought???) it should read we had floor board heaters. Oops.

Michelle said...

AWESOME- I love it!!! COngrats you guys, it's always fun moving into a bigger space :)

Jeanette said...

Looks really cute. Congratulations on finding a cute nice house! Although you forgot to move closer to me. Oh well. I will overlook that......for now. :)

Shauna said...

BECKY!!! So excited for you all! This is a wonderful blessing. I love the house and the first picture it's so charming. Really happy for you and miss you!!!! Merry, Merry Christmas. Love,

Shauna xoxoxxoxo

Studyvin Says said...

Wonderful, Becky! So excited for you!

Shauna said...

Becky, my dear, wheeere aaare youuuu? :) Just want you to know that I miss you and love you. Hope your new home is working out and that you are staying warm. Much love,

Shauna oxoxoxoxoxo