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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Where oh Where is Spring?

We have only seen small glimpses of Spring. 

In fact, the weather has been a giant wrestle.

A FIGHT between Winter and Spring. 

Winter..."NO!!! I DON'T WANT TO GO!!!
I still want to rain and sleet and snow!!!
I want it to look like Christmas time still. 
I still want to hide the sun and make things snow covered, cold and dry and dark!"

Spring..."Winter! These people need the sun!
They need to be able to go outside and feel warmth on their faces. 
They need the vitamin D. 
They need to smell the damp earth. 
They need to see blossoms and green grass and bright blue sky and white puffy clouds. 
They need to be able to walk and get exercise.
They need to feel a cool breeze....enough with the harsh cold wind.
They need all things Spring!
Go away!"

I am SO glad Spring is fighting for us. 

Spring pictures....so far.

 Last Thursday we finally made our way southeast to Barbeau and went to Cozy Corners...
a restaurant that has all you can eat wings on Thursdays.

 I don't know about this booster seat.

 Must. Stare. At. TV. ALWAYS.

 This place has TONS of taxidermy animals. 
Many looked local.
Many looked African.

 Cozy Corners is very near the waters edge. 
Behind Nathan's head, out the window, you can see snow, then a thin blue line. 
That that is the water...I'm not sure if that is still the Saint Mary's river or if it is called by another name,this south. 
But the Saint Mary's flows into it and then it flows in the Lake Huron. 
 Out the window, beyond the blue line you can see land.
That is Neebish Island.
One of several islands up north, off the Upper Peninsula.

 What? I'm not dropping anything?

 This area is SO beautiful!
 Marley took this picture (below).

 Marley took the majority of the rest of these pictures.

 Isi is dancing. 
She LOVES to dance.
 Now she is trying to attack Marley.
She LOVES to attack.

 "Marley? Why you run away?"
 Isi LOVES this bear. 
Grandma Alger gave it to Marley a couple of years ago.
Marley liked it but rarely played with it. 
Just after Isi was born Marley said we could sell it.
We sell stuff at a local consignment shop. 
I suggested we let Isi have it. 
She said, "Okay! I will share it with her!"
Can't just GIVE it to your sister. I guess.

We haven't used the baby carseat for months but we keep it in Isi's room. 
I used it one day, when Marley was at school and my friend came and picked me up. 
It was convenient. 
Since them the carseat hasn't made it back into the closet.
But Isi is made to sit in it from time to time. 


Spring break....
 March 30 - the snow is melting!!!!!
 March 31 - POOT! It's snowing!!!
 April 1 - No Joke. Still Snowing....why is she smiling???
 Shoveling in April stinks!
 Several pictures by Marley.

 Marley likes to play with our Cranium game and then it is SO hard to clean it up.
For her anyway.
It takes forever.

 Sometimes we like to relax with cucumbers on our eyes.
 This really feels SO good!
Have you tried it?
 Then Marley likes to eat them.
Which is think is weird and kinda gross.

 Seriously...it feels SO good!
 Marley even eats the ones off my eyes.
Oh well, whatever.

It snowed April 2...no picture.

THEN on April 3 it was Sunny and CLEAR and....
cold but, beautiful!

Forgot to take a picture.

April 4
 Huge flakes all day.
Keep fighting!!!


Julie J. said...

Marley is such a wonderful photographer!

Michelle said...

Marley is beautiful, my favorite is the pic of her watching TV! And Isi is beautiful too, love her hair!!! These girls definitely take after their beautiful mama :)

Shauna said...

How do you get so many pictures on there? They are all so precious.

I guess spring is pretty much here. I'm a bit dissapointed we didn't get more rain. The ten day forecast shows no weather being under seventy degrees here. Happy and sad. I hope we have a few more rainy and cold days...for California that is.

Becky, so glad you are blogging again. Love you,

Shauna xo