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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baby Girl!

I'm getting pretty excited for our baby girl! I'm about 29 weeks now. I can't wait to see her. I was looking at the ultrasounds again the other day...so exciting! When my sister Julie saw the one that shows her profile, she said, "She totally looks like you!" I agree, she has a cute little button nose, that's for sure. I hope she has Nathan's eye lashes. He has the most beautiful, dark, thick, naturally curly eye lashes!

We've already picked her name. I love it! Nathan likes it too. We aren't telling anyone what her name is until we tell her....face to face. It drives my sisters-in-law crazy...though I think they just act like it is driving them crazy, to tease me. When she is born and has heard her name I will definitely blog all about her name.

Being pregnant is not half as bad as I thought it was going to be...granted I'm still not done...but, I really thought the whole thing was going to be miserable. It REALLY scared me, before. I thought it would change my body SO much that I wouldn't feel like myself. I know, I know, I'm not done yet but, still the changes that have occurred so far have been gradual so I don't really notice....at least not drastically. I actually like being pregnant...I feel great. Well, I didn't like the first 3-4 months...nausea and throwing up is the pits! And I'm still scared of Labor...but, I've heard that it's not that scary because you just want it out!

Sure, now I get heart burn, which I never had before pregnancy...but, generic TUMS are my favorite...plus, they have calcium which builds strong bones and calcium is something my body needs anyway. (from the commercial. ha ha!!!)

Sure, having to go #1 every hour....including at night is inconvenient but, most of the time I don't mind.

Sure, having hot flashed daily between 1:30 and 3:30 is kind of a drag...but, I survive. And it helps to have the people that sit around me laugh at how hot I am...fanning my self and getting red faced. It varies how extreme it is and how long it lasts but, man! My arms and feet can be freezing and the core of my body (torso, back, bottom and top of legs) bust with heat starting around 1:30 each day. I have decided I need a hot flash "jacket"an article of clothing that is the opposite of a vest.

I found the perfect one....it's on the movie School of Rock. It's at the end and one of the guys in the band that wins the battle of the bands is wearing it. Unfortunately, that is all he is wearing on his top. But, really it's just sleeves...that's what I need. I tried REALLY hard to find a picture of this guy. He is totally hittinng on Joan Cusack in the end....he's really hard to miss...he looks and acts ridiculous. By the way...I love that Joan Cusack! I'll keep trying to get a picture of the sleeve guy.

Back to pregnancy...many times people tell me that I'm not that big for how far along I am...but, I have had no complications. They measure my tummy and I'm exactly the size I'm supposed to be (# of weeks I am in centimeters). I really haven't gained that much weight, only about 13 pounds more than before I was pregnant. But, I lost about 10 pounds in my first trimester so, starting from my second trimester I've gained 23 pounds. The doctor has never said anything about my weight being a problem, so far. Blood pressure is good, so far.

It's getting a little hard to maneuver and change positions when I'm sleeping but, I'm not uncomfortable yet. I've heard that I'll get more and more uncomfortable...sitting all day at work and when I try to sleep at night. So far I've only been uncomfortable a few days and that had a lot to do with bloating and gas...I'll spare you the details.

I love feeling her kick. I've heard of kick charts...but, I don't really know what they are because my doctor hasn't given me one...I guess it's not time yet? Sometimes she kicks A LOT! I love it, EXCEPT when she kicks down...if feels like she kicking my butt and trying to push my bowels out the exit. It's the weirdest feeling. It doesn't actually happen as much as it used to though...she's probably head down now? Maybe.

Anyway, that's the update on my pregnancy....I'll let you know when I'm huge...and having comfort issues.

So, my husby started a wager war for when Baby Girl is going to be born. If you want to participate...let me know. The way it works is, you try to guess the day that she will be born! You wager something...if she is born the day you predict I have to get you what you wager...if she isn't born on that day...you have to get me whatever you wager. The rules are...you can't pick a day that someone else has picked and the wager cannot exceed a $25 value.

16 - Mom Alger - wager Article of clothing (no more than $25) (this is my grandmother's birthday and Baby Girl would be 2 weeks early!)
20 - Liz - wager "Gas money to come to Lake Tahoe! Baby Girl will want to put her feet in the water!" (sister in Reno)
21 - Lisa Bartholomew - wager Baby stuff (work friend, she's sure she's going to be wrong)
22 - Andrea - wager a free night of babysitting. (cousin in China, but she is coming to the Y in the fall. She says, " While this only works one way, lets just hope I'm wrong! ")
26 - Nathan - wager Dinner (this was our original due date...he's counting on it!)
27 - Lindsey Brewer - wager TWIX (work friend, it's HER BIRTHDAY!!!)
29 - Matt - wager King Sized Kit Kat (my brother-in-law)
30 - Cassie Hurst - wager box of Churro mix!!! (work friend, she's the one that got me the first box that Julie and I had fun with, see http://julie536.blogspot.com/2008/02/churros-party-of-two.html)

1 - Katie Merrit - wager Jamba Juice (work friend - she first said the 30th but that was already taken, they're filling up fast!)
3 - Julie - wager a King Sized Snicker (sister - in my rush to post this I neglected to post Julie's prediction. Since Kim picked the 3rd also, and it was my fault Julie wasn't on here...there are two for May 3rd. My bad, I'm sorry!)
3 - Kim - wager my/her favorit carton of ice cream! (Nathan's sister, she's a nurse so she is using nursing logic...one week from my due date, if she doesn't come by today doctor will probably induce. That's a GREAT wager!!!)
4 - Sarah - wager an outfit for baby/or her daughter Amber (sister-in-law, she figures if I'm induced on the 3rd then I could have her on the 4th.)
6 - Sam - no wager because he's under 8 years old. (my nephew - it's HIS BIRTHDAY and Baby Girl will be a week overdue!)

Let me know if you want to wager! I'll fill them in as I get them. First come first serve.


Sassy Cassie said...

You should buy the box of churro mix now while they are on sale! I'll give you my new address dont worry.

Scott and Kim said...

I think you're going to have your baby May 3rd, one week from your due date. Chances are if you haven't had her by then, your doctor will want to induce you...so, I'll wager a carton of
my (your) favorite ice cream.

Adam & Sarah said...

I think it'll be May 4th. I'll wager you an item or clothing/outfit for your baby/Amber (no more than $10 cuz I'm poor!). If he induces you the evening of the May 3rd then there's a good chance she might not come until the next day! :) That was how it was with me. 18 hours of labor, baby!

And I could write you an everlastingly long comment here about pregnancy, labor & delivery. Maybe I'll just have to email you. :) I also didn't mind pregnancy. I didn't mind the changes until AFTER the baby came. And labor scared me, but wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Of course, I took advantage of the epidural (heaven!!). The way I see it is if God inspired someone to invent an epidural you should take FULL ADVANTAGE! :D But that's just me!

Reno Wells said...

I have stuff to send/bring you anyway so I am not sure what to wager. I will have to think about this. But I'm with mom, I think she will come early. My guess is April 20th. Wager just came to me. Gas money to come to Lake Tahoe! Baby Girl will want to put her feet in the water!

Cramer Clan said...

I know that I am WAY behind on your life, but I didn't know you were pregnant! Congratulations!!! I found out you had a blog because Leah sent me hers and had a link to yours on there. I am due the first week of June with a baby girl as well. We aren't telling any names yet either. We just call her Baby Sister for now and Cody likes that. I hope you are feeling well and doing great. I love your guts.

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